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millions of african converts to shiism?

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40: http://www.futureofmuslimworld.com/research/detail/tashayu-conversion-to-shiism-in-central-asia-and-russia (Conversion to Shiaism in Central Asia and Russia)

41: http://www.futureofmuslimworld.com/docLib/20090603_CT8final(post).pdf (Shia Influence increasing in Muslim world book by Hudson Institute)

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List of the names of those Ullema who converted from the Sunni Schools of thought to Shia'ism:

Maulana Wazeer Turabi - From Bhawalpur who was ex Deobandi, he has converted scores of people including Sunni Mullah's to Shi'asim

Muhammad Tijani Simaoui - A Sunni Aalim born to a Sunni Aalim.

Maulana Ismail Deoband – Ex Deobandi converted to Shi’a. Was a big time debater and was responsible for converting entire villages to Shi’a when defeating their Mullah’s in debates. He also converted scholars to Shi’a when they lost such as Hafiz Sayfullah (Wahabi) and Saeed’ur Rahman Alavi (Deobandi). Killed when his car brakes mysteriously failed (Lanatallah Aley On The Nasibi Wahabi Kuffar!).

Hafiz Sayfullah - Read above

Saeed'ur Rahman Alavi - Read above

Maulana Ghulam Husayn Naeemi – Ex Deobandi debated in Punjab Martyred by SSP (Lanatallah Aley On The Nasibi Wahabi Kuffar!).

Allamah Talib Husayn Kirpalvee (ex Barelvi) – wrote over 50 books on the life of Rasul (s), Maula ‘Ali and Ahl’ul bayt . Martyred by SSP (Nasibi Wahabi).

Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq – Ex Barelvi authored 40 books refuting Nasabi lies against Shi’a – appealed to the common man, converted many to Shi’a. Martyred by SSP (Nasibi Wahabi).

Allamah Shah Zaeem Fatami – was a Deobandi, infact the son in law of their leader Ataullah Bukhari, authored ‘Purdah ut tha hai’ [veils are lifted] when he converted. Was poisoned by his family (Laanat on Dushman-e-Ahlul Bayt).

Abdul Qayum Alavi – He was not just a Wahaby but was infact the side kick of Maulana Ghulamullah of SSP. He wrote one book when he was Sunni but exposing the Wahaby’s – Tareekh Nasabi, and then wrote Tareekh Nasabi V2 when he became Shia. (Slap on the face of the Nasibi Wahabis!)

Maulana Tawakkul Husayn – Ex Deobandi – alive and kicking Ex Deobandi, very harsh volatile speaker

Maulana Hafiz Younis Gujjar – Ex Barelvi he is quite popular amongst the Punjabi speaking audiences.

Maulana Tajideen Haydheri – Ex Barelvi, converted in 70’s and a major debater, defeated all these Nasibi Mullah’s and was the lone Maulana who appeared in court in the 80’s (Karachi) when SSP filed a petition to declare Shi’a Kaafirs (Laanat on Dushman-e-Ahlul Bayt).

Hafiz Muhammad author of the famous Fulq un Najaath – A Sunni Maulana who authored this to counter all the Hate mail he’d received when he became Shi’a

Allamah Haroon Gilani - converted four years ago from a Sunni family of Ulema and Pirs.

Maulana Abdul Saqi – Ex Barelvi scholar I heard when he was Sunni and after he was a Shi’a, good speaker really knows his stuff.

Maulana Zahid-u-Rashdi - General Secretary of SSP (Sindh area) who became Shi’a in Prison – I heard him speak in Rawalpindi but his name has slipped my mind.

Maulana Imran - One of the SSP leaders stationed in Rawalpindi.

Hakeem Syed Mahmoomd Gilani - Ex Ahle-Hadith became shia after research of famous books - wrote famous books : Aylia, Ohm aur Ali etc - He was Ahle Hadith before. from Sialkot.

Danish Alvi - Big name from Charsada N. W .F .P, recently killed by SSP (Lanatallah Aley On The Nasibi Wahabi Kuffar!). He was a very learned man who converted 100s to Shia'ism.

Shaykh Marwan Khleefat - author of 'Raabtul safinah' (I boarded the ark of salvation)

Shaykh Mutasim Sayid Ahmed author of 'AlHaqeeqa AlThaia' (The lost Truth)

Maulana Osama Al Mughani - Washington, USA, became shia from sunni, converting most of his family too.

Sumiaki (Ruhollah) – Religious researcher and computer engineer (Japanese)

Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Ali – Imam of a mosque in the province of Al-Anbar, Iraq (Iraqi)

Leonard Peter Surenson (Dutch)

Crystal Edwinson (Swedish)

Doris Cluzin – Music expert (German)

Professor Lekenhowzin (American)

Professor Istwili Claude (French)

Hassan Shuhata (Egyptian)

Roberto Arcadi (Italian)

Dahir Hassan (American)

Roberto Raico (Italian)

Dr. Ali Linistad (Norwegian)

Dr. Ali Kruger (German)

Dr. Hussein Labiyal (German)

Dr. Abdul Khaliq Aiman (Egyptian)

Dr. Harish Waldman (Austrian)

Amer Abu Tariq (British)

Salih Al-Wardani (Egyptian)

Yusif Kabisof (Russian)

Ahmed Hanif (Canadian)

Abdul Salam Al-Lagmish (Belgian)

Fujiro Lumunuku (Italian)

Abdul Wahid (Russian)

Hassan Shamsuri (Malaysian)

Ibrahim Zinco (African)

Michael Buth (American)

Dr. Ali Al-Shiekh (Iraqi)

Abdul Baqi (Algerian)

Mohammad Nadhim Zainalof (Russian)

Shams Al-Arif (Indonesian)

Mrs. Kazrum (Fatima) (Russian)

Mrs. Hasina (British)

Mrs. Nosrat bint Mohammad Isa (Malaysian)

Mrs. Zainab Al-Hisi (German)

Sheikh Hussain Al-Durghami (Egypt)

Sheikh Hassan Shehate (Egypt)

Sheikh Atallah Al-Saeed (Egypt)

Sheikh Qandil (Egypt)

Sheikh Mahmood Rajab (Egypt)

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Muhran (Egypt)

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Bakr (Egypt)

Sheikh Mousa Saleh (Egypt)

Sheikh Muhammad Abdulhafiz (Egypt)

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Antaki (Syria)

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Antaki (Syria)

Sehikh Jamal Al-Halabi (Syria)

Sheikh Seed Dahdooh (Syria)

Sheikh Abdulmuhsen Al-Serawi (Syria)

Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Qaderi (Syria)

Sheikh Hussain Al-Raja (Syria)

Sheikh Muhammad Naji (Syria)

Sheikh Abdulaziz Kan'an (Syria)

Sheikh Yaser Al-Hasaani (Syria)

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ghezali (Syria)

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Tijani (Tunis)

Sheikh Mubarak Beghdash (Tunis)

Sheikh Ahmad Saleh (Tunis)

Sheikh Hamad Al-Reeh (Sudan)

Sheikh Mutasem Sayd Ahmad (Sudan)

Sheikh buqroon (Sudan)

Sheikh Ali Al-Hashemi (Kuwait)

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Sehil (K.S.A)

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Rabeei (K.S.A)

Sheikh Dr. Marwan Khalifat (Jordan)

Sheikh Hassan Al-Saqaf (Jordan)

Sheikh Mustafa al-ordoni (Jordan)

Sheikh Dr. Isaam Al-Imaad (Yemen)

Sheikh Zakaria Al-Hadhrami (Yemen)

Sheikh Hassan Al-Aeidroos (Yemen)

Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Mughli (Algeria)

Sheikh Abdulbaqi Gerna (Algeria)

Sheikh Mousa Shaki (Morocco)

Sheikh Al-Maqdesi (Palestine)

Sheikh Muhammad Shehada (palstine)

Sheikh Alawai Al-Atas (indonesia)

Sheikh Eidroos Al-Saqaf (indonesia)

Sheikh Hussain Al-Kaf (indonesia)

Sheikh Uloomaldeen Saeed (philippine)

Sheikh Ahmad Qaemi (Turkey)

Sheikh Muhammad Al-Amedi (Turkey)

Sheikh Murad Bazkin (Turkey)

Sheikh Hassan Kooni (Burkina Faso)

Sheikh Hussain Sorabi (Burkina Faso)

Sheikh Shareef Ahmad (Burundi)

Sheikh Alfa Umar Bah (Ghuinea)

Sheikh Ahmad Kolibali (Mali)

Sheikh Tijani Malem (Niger)

Sheikh Idrees Tijani (Nigeria)

Sheikh Abdullah Naser (Kenya)

Shaykh Isam Imad, he had a debate with the Wahabi sheikh and compulsive liar Uthman AlKhamees which ended in Uthman AlKhamees pulling out of the debate. This is the link for the debate,




Sheikh Abu Muhammad Ordoni - Previously a Wahabi scholar wrote the book 'Fatima the Gracious'.


This is online in english, http://al-islam.org/gracious/


Abdul Hakeem Buturabi - Converted from Sunni to Shia

Ghulam Abbas (Spanish lawyer) converted to shiaism – first he became sunni then he converted to shia after reading Ayatullah Shaheed Mothari articles on web.

Idrees AlHussainy - Author of the book 'Laqad Shayyaany AlHussain' - 'Hussain made me a Shia'

Maulana Abdul Hakeem - from Sunni to Shia

Maulana Abdul Hakeem Carney - American Christian to Sunni to Shi'a Aalim

Allama Muhammed Basheer more popularly known as "Fateh taxela who converted the full village of Taxela to the Shia'ism.

Sheikh Jihad Ismael from Sydney reverted to Shiaism.

Professor Ali Ibrahim - From Hindu to Sunni to Shia.

Maulana Waheeduzaman - The first person who translated Sahih Bukhari to Urdu, a big Wahabi aalim, converted to shiaism in his last days.

Shiekh Ali Grant - Argentinian, Sunni to Shia, His lectures are available at:




Sakhawat Hussain - Recites majalis in Canada and America.

Shiekh Hamidu - South Africa, Sunni to Shia

Shiekh Safiyullah Khan - South Africa (former student Al-azhar), Sunni to Shia

Shiekh Shaheed Matti - South Africa (former Al-azhar Student)

Shiekh Usama Abdulghani- Was a sunni, then became shia Alim -USA

Dr Hamid Algar - An author and speaker, he become shia after converting from chritianity to sunnism.

Moulana Zakariya - from south africa

Sheikh Abdillahi Nassir - An East African Sunni scholar/'alim became a Shi'a.

Juma Omari Mayunga - a staunch Wahabi scholar became a Shi'a and has written tafsir of Qur'an with commentary in Kiswahili.

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