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Aboo Fatimah

A man and his seeds

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A man sits at a table with a bag of seeds, and he tosses the seeds in front of all the scholars, and says look.

The scholars say what will grow from these seeds?

The man says only Allah knows.

He says take one seed and try to destroy it, so the men try to destroy it. It is of no avail.

He says now plant these seeds, so they plant the seeds and a Date Palm tree grows from them, and a orange tree, and some flowers.

The men say this is not anything but a Date Palm tree, and an orange tree, and some flowers. We have plenty of those around the palace.

The man laughs and says it is not about what has grown from the seeds, but what is in the seed that makes them grow.

All of you around me are nothing but seeds, who forgot your origin. Like those seeds what makes them grow makes you grow. It wasn't long ago that you were not anything but a seed. But you we're fashioned into a man by the growth of your seed. Find out what lies deep within you, and you will understand the mystery of all.

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