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Urdu Shia Web Sites

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Please Tamam Momineen orr Mominaat Urdu Shia Web Sites orr Forums share karain.

Some Important Urdu Shia Web Sites


http://www.shiasearch.com/urdu.htm (Links many Urdu Shia Websites)





http://www.urduseek.com (English-Urdu and Urdu-English Dictionary)

http://www.mehrnews.ir/ur/Default.aspx?t=home (Urdu Section of Iranian News Agency MEHR)


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aabiss bhai kiya urdu font ka koi alag software hota hai

i mean

jo sites ap ne batai hian woh open to ho rahi hain


bohat bareek bareek hain

parhne ma muskil lagta hai

is there any software or anything which i can install so that writing becomes clear? or bold?

thanks in advance

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ap yahan check karo

sahifa-e-kamila,translation by mufti jafar hussein


toocoool66.................aap ka shukriya ada hi nahi ho sakta kay alfaz hamari duaaon ki bhi sahi terjomani nahi ker saktay es waqt.

download tu ker liya tha laikin open abhi abhi hova. aap andaza nahi laga saktay k aap nay kitna sawab kamaya hai es waqt. dilly duaain nikli hain jo yaqeenan pori hon gee.

Perwerdegar, aap kay waldain ko taa deir salamat rekhay aur wo hamaisha aap ko sehat say, kaamyab aur khush dekhain. ameen summa ameen

hum ko yaqeen hai k aap ki ye khidmat Sarkar e do Alaam [pbuh]nay note ker li ho gee. dua hai kay WO[pbuh] hamaisha aap kay shamil e haal rehain es duniya mien. aur roaz e mehshar aap kay hami o nasir hon. Elahi ameen

Maula Ali[as], ba hukm e Khuda, aap ko Ilm ki dolat say nawazain.

hamaisha khush rehiyie


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apki dua ke liya bohat bohat shokriya

mola ap ko bhi salamat rakhe

is ke ilawa kuch duas ki sites ye bhi hain

yahan bhi zaroor check kare


oor is site ka shaid apko pata ho


mola sab momineen o mohibeen-e-ahlubait ko salamat rakhe , oor unki dili murad pori kare


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