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Names and Titles of Imam e Zamana

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Titles of Imam Mahdi (a.s)

The Holy Imam is endowed with numerous titles, some of which are as follows:

– It is the most popular and well-known title of the Holy Imam (a.s). It is due to the fact that he would guide the people in truth and in every concealed affair. That is why he is given the title of “Mahdi”. The same title was once accorded to the Messenger of
, (a.s). The distinguished poet, Hisaan bin Thabit has worded the following couplet at the tragedy of passing away of the Holy Prophet (a.s):

“What has happened to my eyes that I cannot sleep

As if in my eyes is the Kohl of sleeplessness.”[2]

In the same way, the Prophet of
(a.s) says in his supplication,

, embellish me with the embellishment of faith. O
! Make me of the guided ones.”[3]

This title was also associated with Imam Hasan (a.s). Sulaiman bin Sard, one of the prominent penitents of Kufa says, “O
, have mercy on Hasan, the martyr, son of the martyr, the Mahdi, son of the Mahdi.”[1]

However, this honorific is specially associated with the Awaited Imam in such a way that its application to any other personality is very rare and any reference to it is without fail associated with Imam Mahdi (a.s) as mentioned by Ibne Manzoor[2] and Zubaidi[3], the well known lexicographers and experts of Arabic.

(One who rises). This is also a title of the Holy Imam Mahdi (a.s). It is due to the fact that he would arise for truth.[4] And he is also referred to as the Qaim of the Progeny of Muhammad (a.s).

[5] (The Awaited one). As the believers are patiently waiting for his reappearance.

[6] (Proof). This is because he is the Proof of Almighty God upon His creatures and servants.

(the best and the righteous Successor), because he is the heir of the greatest families of the Islamic world…


6. Mansoor

7. Baqiyatullah.

8. Gharim [The One who Seeks]

9. Mo'ammal [The One who is hoped for]

10. Muntaqim [The Avenger]

11. Al-Maa al-Maeen [The Flowing Water]

12. WaliAllah [The Friend of

13. Saheb al-Amr [Master of the Affair]

14. Saheb az-Zaman [Master of the Age]

15. Saheb al-Asr [Master of the Time]

16. Gha’ib [The Absent]

17. Hujjatullah [The Proof of

18. Khalifatullah [Caliph of

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There are 182 Holy Names of our Maula Kareem ajtfs used in Islamic books and if we count the names used by other religions, the total becomes 600+

182 names with a brief explanation are written in an Urdu book "Alsirat us Sawi fil Ahwal ul Mahdi ajtfs"

There is an Urdu book inn 3 volumes, " Nehjul Maarifat fi Asma ul Hujjat" In this book we find some extremely miraculous tafseer of about 80+ Holy Names of Maula ajtfs. I havent seen any book in Arabic, Persian, English or Urdu which explains Holy Names like this book. Luckily this book is available on the net.http://www.jamanshah.com/Books/Asma/Feh-Asma.htm

I heard about a caligraphy by an Iranian artist for about 400 Holy Names of Maula ajtfs, I wish to see, if some one can help.

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