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Dajjal & USA One Dollar

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    • This does not need any opines from me.  Another Clinton Cash Story  Russia, money laundering, domestic kickbacks, uranium, covert action, speaking fees, ... Solomon and Spamm of The Hill  broke this, 0600EDT, 17Oct17 http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/355749-fbi-uncovered-russian-bribery-plot-before-obama-administration#,WeYE4DpXq3s.twitter  The conservative National Review  ran a sub-story following these revelations: http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452776/russian-nuclear-scandal-what-did-hillary-clinton-know   
    • ^ I hope that is a rhetorical question. You are a guest and we barely know ye. See this book for knowledge about Imam Hossein AS and inspiration: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235043555-the-revolution-of-imam-al-husayn-a/
    • Each person get more emotional when it comes to different subjects. Just because you have trouble crying or can't cry for Imam Hussain doesn't make you a horrible person. And if you truly think you're a sociopath, please consult with a certified professional.
    • Since talking loudly is not listed does that mean that I am exempted from performing sajdah sahv? Also, if I said Sami Allahu liman hamidah after Sujood would I need to perform Sajdah Sehv? 
    • I wish it was true, but honestly I don't think chi/prana/chakra exists.