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Ali is Haq

Shia Urdu Tafeer Quran Online

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Dear brothers and sister There are many websites of Sunni Muslims on internet like www.quranurdu.com on which complete Tafseer e Quran in Urdu are present link in this website Tafseer Tafheem Ul Quran ÊÝÓیÑ ÊÝÀیã ÇáÞÑÂä by Molan mododi ؕãæáÇäÇ ãæÏæÏی and Tafseer Ibn Kaseer ÊÝÓیÑ ÇÈä ˜ËیÑ by Hafiz Ibn Kaseer ÍÇÝÙ ÇÈä ˜ËیÑ are present same like them is their any website of Shia Muslim where Urdu Tafseer e Quran is present ?

And in Suni Muslims these two Tafaseers are very famous and among us which Urdu Tafseer consider as best?

Tell me please some website of Shia Tafseer e Quran in Urdu please

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