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I have a question about breast feeding while pregnant, is that allowed?

A sheikh once said that it can cause difficulties for the fetus.

It would appropriate to look to a gynecologist for the answer rather than a sheikh

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The more I read this thread the more I miss a Janu for me :blush:

Awww bless, Inshallah u'll find one :P

It looks like www.shiamatch.com is the one for you--- hehhehe :D :!!!: (try it out, hehe n tell us if it works, (jk))




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I am new to shia chat so apologies in advance.

My sister in law just had a baby and our mother in law told her not to let her husband near her breast otherwise he will becomes their new borns brother - is this true? Does that mean your nikkah breaks if your hudband accidentally has your milk?

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Your mother must know about the fact that when a baby under the age of 2 years breasts feeds from a woman who is not his/her mother her children become his/her brothers/sisters and he in the future will not be able to marry them, and has thus mistaken this to apply to all people who breastfeed.


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