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Prayer Request!

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My mom has an eye surgery in a few hours from now. I am really worried for her.

I would really apprecaite if you all will pray for her. I hope the surgery ends successfully and she get's well soon!!

And it'll be really nice if anyone can tell me some duas or supplications regarding this.

Thanks in advance!

May God bless you all!

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my duaas are for your mum this evening inshallah,...please update us with her condition as soon as she finishes the surgery,...may Allah help her go through this and get well really soon inshallah,.. -_-

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May Allah cure her in the name of ahlulbayt(a.s)

B.Surah Al-Mulk


Surah Al-Mulk

should be recited thrice each day for 3 consecutive days. After reciting it 3 times blow on the patient’s eyes. The suffering will be alleviated —

Insha Allah :


Now We have removed from you your veil and this day your sight is iron.

Qaf 22


Recite this verse thrice after every salaah

, blow on the fingers and rub them on the eyes. By doing this the eyesight will never weaken. In fact, any weakness will also disappear.

got it from an online book.InshAllah i hope she gets better and ofcourse Naad-e-Ali

please remember my dad who is going through hardship with his eyes as well.

please let us know about your mother.

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What kind of surgery did she have? cataract?

InshaAllah all went well and she will have good sight.

Thanks for your prayers :)

No, actually some of the ducts and capillaries to her eyes got block, which was causing infections and vision problems, so she had a surgery for that.

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