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Pakistani Police Torture - Amazing Video

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I always knew that poor people are not respected in Pakistan. Here is further proof. See for urselves how poor people are treated by Pakistani Police -

PLEASE watch the video -

Click on the link or paste the URL to see how poor pick-pockets are tortured by Lahore Police.

And more fun from Paki policemen , so proud of their Uniforms , Danda and AK-47 !!

Why should the government give Assault rifles to low-rank Police Constables ??


Yet more action by INDIAN POLICE !!

I love Police , whether Indian , Paki or Bangladeshi !!


^ Watch Indian Police torture

And watch how criminals are dealt with by Indian Police :

And , last of all , Bangladeshi Police ( former Pakis ) :


Bangladeshi Police are baeating innoccent civilians coming out of a Mosque after Jumma prayers of Zuhr.

Now , PLEASE , I request all members of this forum to say their views on Police violence in South Asia.

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