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Dua For Luck I Remember Hearing There Was One

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Salaam Brother.

I'm not sure, what dua, you are specifically referring to, but here is an excerpt from a book entitled Power of Prayers by M.Haji Ahmed Khaki:


# Recite Istighfaar every morning and evening.

# On the eve of Friday recite three Surahs of Tawaaseen.

# Recite this Aayat from S.Yoosuf, in abundance:- Inna Rabbee Latweefun Limaa Tashaau, Innahoo Huwal Aleemul Hakeem. ( = Surely my Lord is Benignant to whom He pleases, surely He is the Knowing, the Wise. )

# To open the doors to success::: recite Aayatul Qursee as much as the Adad of your name. (Adad=code number of each Arabic alphabet).

# If there is something you fear and you want a good fortune:- Recite 2 rak'at Namaaz, in each rak'at after Al-Hamd recite Surah-e-Feel, then before you recite Salaam you should recite 7 times Surah-e-Nasr and 12 times-Am Indahum Khazaainoo Rahmati Rabbikal Azeezil Wahhaab, Am Lahum Mulkus-Samaawaati Wal Ardhi Wamaa Baynahumaa, Fal Yartaqoo Fil Asbaab. ( = Or is it that with them are the treasures of the Mercy of your Lord, the Mighty, the Munificent? Or is it that the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them is theirs? so let them ascend with means. )

Then complete the Namaaz. Then Tasbeeh. Then raise your hands and recite 100 times Yaa Wahhaabu.

The entire book, can be accessed over here:


Wa Salaam.

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On 6/28/2017 at 3:30 AM, Abu Bakarr F sesay said:

i am working in my country ,love Arabic language but parent fail put knowledge on me please me this chance to idea my children will become lasting firdaus the day of judgement thank

Salam. This is a dua (supplication) from the 4th Imam, Zainul Abideen AS which asks Allah SWT to provide for the children. It's in Arabic and English, with transliteration as well. 


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