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Muharram Wristbands

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As Salam Alaikum to you all.

Hope your all in best of health and all is good :D

This muharram, on behalf of Wilayah Network I am helping to distribute muharram wristbands. The wristbands say "Live like Ali Die Like Hussain" in English and its a brilliant way to enlighten people about the events of Kerbala and hence showing a united front..... shias unite!

The money is going towards building an orphange in Iraq by the name of Shajarah -e- Toova

I'm selling them in my own community and I've asked various other communities in the UK to help. (including other members on shia chat who have most kindly agreed to help - you know who you are :D :D :D). Anyway think Bob Geldolf gone shia, its all for a good cause!

We are selling them at £1.50 each, so if anyone would like me to send them some wristbands to sell please PM with how many you require (depending on the size of your community) and I will give you the relevant bank details etc inshallah :D Anyways, here are some pictures of the bands:







Any help is much appreciated :D

With Salams and Duas


Ps. I know the Ashura awareness week in the universitys are commencing, so if you could also help out and promote them among students on your stalls that would be super duper and you'd get a lot of reward!! :D

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I was interested in purchasing the wristband but I only wanted 2. And I live in NY, USA so How much would it cost for 2 in the amount of dollars. You can reply to this or email me with the information at Nali476@aol.com


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yo rudegyal.....loads of those wristbands got sold in our hussainiya down in Luton....i guess it only attracted the young children though....

....that makes me a young child :P

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lol no no adults too :P....lol the kids were loving it but were really fussy....i had to open nearly all the packets to find "Live like ali die like hussain" for them lol

Edited by Tears of Karbala

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