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Eid Ghadeer Mubarak

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آخيتك في الله وصافيتك في الله وصافحتك في الله ،

وعاهدت الله وملائكته وكتبه ورسله وأنبياءه والأئمة المعصومين عليهم

السلام على أني إن كنت من أهل الجنة والشفاعة وأذن لي بأن أدخل

الجنة ، لا أدخلها إلا وأنت معي


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Eid Mubarak all, please remember us in your prayers.

"Eid al-Ghadeer (tomorrow) has many recommended acts that should be performed on this holy day. One of which is fasting, which has been narrated to be a kaffara (expiation) for the sins of 60 years, and is equal to fasting for an eternity and is equal to (in reward I'd assume) 100 Hajjs and Umrahs (Sacred Pilgrimages)." - See Mafatih for Source

More recommended acts can be found here:


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Eid Mubarak, one day we will be celebrating this eid with our Imam Mehdi A.S and the true will prevail Inshallah sooner then expected.....Please please please keep everyone in your prayers i beg you all, pray for more good faith knowledge characteristics of the imam Imams reappearance, justice, poverty

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Congratulations to all. I pray that all of us may be able to meet and be near all of our Imams (as) in this world and the next ones. May Allah give us all patience, success and ease all our burdens for the sake of his most blessed servants the holy Ahl-al-Bayt of Muhammad (pbuh).

By the way, obviously its Eid in US now (and tomorrow until night), but what about Pakistan?? 0_o

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