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Qaseeday (of Hazrat Ali)

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salam to all momeneen n mominaat,

ermm i am new to this forum, but can anybdy please give/ suggest some gud Qasaid of Hazrat Ali ( in urdu of course) ... i wud really appreciate if yew cud suggest sumthing gud among the list of the latest qasaaid. i have a few qasaid of hazrat ali n hazrat abbas e alaamdaar (e.g. midhqt e hadier ...)

i actually just got myself registered into this forum .... so if theres an existing link for qasaid .... please give me the link to that particular thread... n i shall be obliged ...

i am in a lil hurry to get some latest n gud qasaid.... so please do reply back .... zara jaldi : )



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