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Need Lyric Of Noha

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I need the lyrics of the following noha of BIBI Sakina (sa). This is most of the time recite at Colonl Maqbool Imam Bargah Rawalpindi on 10the of Hoharam.

aik baar aur mujhay god main lay lo baba

I will be very thankful to all of u

bro the one your talking about is not a noha but a mursiya which is recited at Col muqbool every muhurrum. its lyrics are quite different from the lyrics that sis khairun nisa has posted so if ur talking abt that then here are the lyrics for it.

aik baar aur mujhay god mai lay lo baba

jor kur nanne say haton ko sakina nai kaha

aik baar aur mujhay god mai lay lo baba

shah nai bachi ka jo ye haal e pareshan daikha

ro kai furmaya kaikia bat hai madir hai kahan

cheekh kai boli sakina kai tehr jao zara

aik baar aur......

ab na pyasi hoon na paani ki zaroorat hai mujhay

koi hajut nahi bus itni si husrut hai mujhay

daikh loon aj mai ji bhur kai tumara chehra

aik baar aur mujhay god mai lay lo baba

baba seenay pay sakina ko sulatay jao

ab kahan ho gi mulaqat batatay jao

tum ko akbur ki qasam ghuncha dahn ka sadqa

aik baar aur..............

sochti hoon kai tamachay koi maray na mujhay

goshwaray koi kanoo say utaray na mairay

wahm aatay hain mairay dil mai najanay kia kia

aik baar aur mujhay...........

this is truly a heart wrenching mursiya :cry: . at every ashura its read just before the majalis begins(and they are like 8-10 recitors before the majalis) and as soon as it is read the audience just blows in to screams and cries.and i must say i dont know the name of the person who recites this but while he reads this it carries with it grief and saddness which you can really feel.

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Thank you very much. Mola Hamaisha app sab ko Khush rakahy

Koee Gam Na Day Siway Gammay Shabir (as)

Here is one i needed but it is incomplete

Aik bar aur mujhay goad main lay lo baba

Jor Kar Nannay say haton ko sakina nay kaha

Abb na piasee hoon na pani kee zaroorat hay mujhay

koee husrat naheen bus itnee see hajat hay mujhay

daikh loon ajj main jee bhar kay tumhara chahra

sochtee hoon kay tamachay na koee maaray mairay

goshwaray koee kanon say utaray na maray

waham atay hain maray dil main najanay kia kia

wa husaina ka hoowa shour haram main barpa

ho kay rukhsat jo chalay ghar say shahay karbobala

sun kay ya doree sakina, kay tahar jaao zara

baba seenay say sakina ko lagatay jaao

abb kahan ho gee mulaqat batay jaaao

tum ko akbar kee qasam guncha dahan ka sadqa

Abhe qasim bhee akbar bhee abbas bhee hay



Thanks again

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You are right. Very sad mursiya.

I go and sit inside the imam barga to hear this mursiya. The way the person read it is also very wornderful. He not only make all sadnes of kARBABA IN THIS NOHA also make the people to weeep with heart.

You cant imagine that whenever i just thought of this noha the tears come to my eyes.

Mola Saray nohakhown, matamdar, marseeyakhown ...i should say apnay chanay walon ko apnay hifzo aman main rakhain.

Ahlaybait kay dushmano par lanat beshumar

Edited by sheikhsajidh

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