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salam ,,

sorry ,, I need a big help if you can help or anyone you know it is urgent ,

My friend's 4 yr old just got diagnossed with severe cancer. lumphoma :(

I need the ziayart ahsura the 40 days for al houssain sa in indian language , urdu I guess. Anybody you know ,my friend is indian.

the long ziayart , with dua aqlamah in it,

it's life saving ?

can you help ?

or maybe find it in english if possible .

anybody knows about any dua for cancer , as well or koranic verses!


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OK listen. This should help.

I have read that there is no disease which Surah Fatiha can not cure. You shouldnt be surprised if the body of a dead starts moving after u read the Surah 60 or 70 times.

Secondly say La Illaha Ill Lal La (There is no God but Allah) u know it 1000 times. It is said that when Hazrat Adam was dying he was feeling a lot of pain. So Hazrat Jibraeel told him to say it 1000 times. Hazrat Adam had not finished it 100 times that his soul was taken with ease, he cud feel the winds of Paradise. WHen asked he said I didnt even realize when I died.

When Prophet Noah was on the Ark, the storm started shaking the ship a lot. The people got scared so Prophet Noah called for help. Hazrat Jibraeel told him the same. He had not recited it 100 times that the whole storm subsided and the ship was calm again.

Thirdly I will give u a dua which Muqatil (some thign like that) has narrated from Imam Sadiq (I think) Muqatil says that if u recite this dua 100 times and u pray for a legitimate desire and it does not get fulfilled, then u can send lanat on Muqatil. Here it is:

illaahi kayfa ad3ooka wa ana ana

wa kayfa aq6a3oo raja'ee minkah wanta ant

illahi iza lum as'aluka fatoo3eeteenee

faman zallazee as'aloohoo fayoo'36eenee

illahi iza lum ad3uka fatastajeeba lee faman zallazee ad3oohoo fayastajeeba lee

illahi iza lum ataddarra3oo ilayka fatarhamani faman zallazee ataddarra3oo illayhee fayarhamani

illahi fakama falaqtal bahra limoosa 3layhis salam wa najjaytah

as'aluka an tussallee 3ala muhammadiw wa AAlihi

wa an tonajjaynee mimma ana feeh

wa toofarruja 3annee farajan 3aajilan ghayra AAjil

bifaddlika wa rahmatika ya arhamar rahimeen

My Lord, how can I raise my hands in supplication to you, when I am what I am?

My Lord, and how can I cut my belief in you when you are what you are?

My Lord, if I do not ask you to give me something, then who else should I ask?

My Lord, if I do not supplicate to you, then who else should I supplicate to?

My Lord, if I do not implore from you, then who else should I implore from?

My Lord, for as you split the sea for Moses (may your blessings be upon him) and saved him,

I ask you to bless Muhammad and his Household

and to save me from what I am in and relieve me in as short a time as possible,

with your kindness and mercy oh All-kind, All-merciful!

The 3 is for Aen (u know the letter that comes form ur throat) and the 6 is for tuh (the one where u stick a bit of ur tongue out and say T). If u want I can give u the Arabic one so it might be more accurate and easier for u.

Fourthly I have a book called Tibbe Aimmah which is on Islamic Medical stuff. I will find somethign for u and give it to u.

All that I have said mgiht be a BIT inaccurate because things DO get distorted when narrating. SO I do not hold any liability.

For the time being try this out with belief in Allah and ask for the intercession of the masooms. Oh and I have also read that if you read Amma Yujeeb a lot then our 12th Imam (as) intercedes and Allah fulfills earlier whatever dua was going to be fulfilled.

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