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Sunni & Shia View Of Muawiyah

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On 9/5/2017 at 3:42 AM, SunniBrother said:

I am Sunni but I think deep down I am a crypto shia. By Sunni standards of sahabas the Khawarij was also fallible. Muawiyah cannot be defended, period, he was a clear fasiq.

Sunni opinion of muawiyah is a rocky road 

Remember Sunnis in a way are heirs of ibn zubair who was an open enemy of sufyani ummayyad like yazid and muawiyah 

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On 9/5/2017 at 5:52 AM, SunniBrother said:

Brother you need to include those Jews and grade them "infallible sahaba" as well like Kaab and Ibn Saab. The Sabaiyye and those Khawarij and put Muawiyah on top like a cherry on a cake.

Dear God, ive made a terrible typo there, what i was meaning to say was 'fallible' not 'infallible', but somehow it happened.

On 9/5/2017 at 2:37 AM, g.roots said:

i am a sunni, IMO all companions of our Prophet are infallible, especially Muawiya, period. his actions and hatred against Imam Ali (who was a just and pious Muslim who also happened to be the rightful 'heir' to the leadership of the ummah) was egregious and only nonsensical ppl would defend his actions

even though i am perfectly content with my sunni ways, this goes without saying that honestly most sunni dont really care about muawiya, let alone praising him and justifying his evil, he is a dark chapter in our shared history (no matter his accomplishments) like most of muslim rulers who abused their powers and indulged themselves in decadence and that he will surely be judged by God just like all of us. i hope that some day all of our differences (shia and sunni) will not matter anymore. our common enemy was the zionist regime and ppl who antagonize us because of our Din, not our fellow brothers and sisters

so my post should be like this: "i am a sunni, IMO all companions of our Prophet are FALLIBLE, especially Muawiya, period."
i hope it will finally put my whole post into context. i wasn't even trying to defend Muawiya (as no sane ppl would), it was just a typo.

peace be with you, brothers and sisters. sorry for the typo.

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