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Note From Ckut's Samaa Elibyari

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- samaa elibyari <samaa@videotron.ca> wrote:


I hope this message finds you in the best of health

and spirits.

I am writing to sollicit your support for our

community program Caravan, broadcast on CKUT Radio


We all realize the influence of media and wish we had

access to more exposure.

CKUT is one of a very few media outlets that gives us

this possibility. So, please show your appreciation!

This year CKUT is having its funding drive starting

this Thursday April 26.

Our community has been very generous. Could I count on

your continued support?

Please confirm by replying to samaa@videotron.ca with

your address, telephone number and the amount you want


contribute. CKUT will send you an invoice.

Donors (and organizations) will be thanked on the air

unless they ask to remain anonymous, May 2nd between 2

and 3 p.m. during our special program. Our target this

year is $6,000. Together we can reach it (Insha


Caravan has been broadcasting, uninterrupted, every

Wednesday from 2 to 3 p.m since December 1996.

Unfortunately, there are some on McGill campus who are

strongly opposed to what CKUT stands for.

More than ever, our community is sollicited to show

its support otherwise we run the risk of loosing our


And for every donation you can choose a gift of your

choice, from vouchers to restaurants, to books to


Something to match every amount and every taste.

Caravan gives the Arab/Muslim perspective on current

events, from politics to religion to culture.

All those contributing do so on a volunteer basis.

There are no salaries, commissions or premiums.

Money raised during the drive goes to production

costs, equipment, phone line, etc.. for the station.

I thank you in advance for your responding to this


Best regards,

Samaa Elibyari

Tel (514) 288-8609




CKUT, Radio McGill 90.3 fm

3647 Rue University, Montreal h3a 2b3




Montreal Muslim News Network - http://www.montrealmuslimnews.net

Send us your feeback at: montrealnews@gmail.com

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