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Diabetes Prevention

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controlling your weight, choose good fats instead of bad fats, choose whole grains and whole-grain products over highly processed carbohydrates.

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Nevermind said:
Help me prevent diabetes for me.


with all the lovely advice you got bro here ,,let me ask you 2 things:

1- are you already diabetic or pre?

2- is it type one or 2?

preventing it and controlling it comes after .

ps. drinking lots of water wont help much unless you run to the washroom as exercise ;)

there are lots of candi you can have made for diabetics,,

but let me know ,,


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If you know you are pre-diabetic or you find yourself eating sweet things all day long, see your doctor and get tested. Treatment is crucial for you. You can't just put it off or say nothing will happen to me. Diabetes is a serious ailment. Some of the health problems that might occur if you don't take care of yourself:

Cardiovascular disease... (your heart!)
Nerve damage (neuropathy)...
Tooth loss and other oral diseases...
Eye damage (retinopathy)...
Kidney damage (nephropathy)...
Foot damage (ulcers)...

If you know you are diabetic, stop eating sweets immediately.

Everyone can cut down on their sugar intake by drinking water instead of juice or soda pop. 

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