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Guest yaaliali

Who Beheaded Imam Hussain?

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As far as I have heard from the Mawlana (Sayid Aalim - black Amaamah), Shaykh (non-Sayid Aalim - white Amaamah) and Dhaakir (Recitors) is that the maluwn that did dhibaah to Mawla Husayn (as) was Shimr (ln). However if Shimr beheaded or later someone else did... I am unsure. But the dhibaah (actual shahaadah) was because of the wicked actions of Shimr (ln).

Laenatullahi alaa Qawm az-Zaalimin

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1 hour ago, Ali Hashmi said:

Sanan bin Anas Lakhae beheaded our Imam Aali Maqam.

Sinan ibn Anas only wounded Imam Hussein AS. It was Shimr LA who did that. See the book called "Maqtal al-Husayn" at al-islam.org website.   Get PDF


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