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noor d' noir

Tattoos....are They Or Aren't They Haram?

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Salaamu alaikum

I know the subject of tattoos has been discussed on here many times before, but I can not find any clear, concise information. Just a lot of opinions and discussion on why someone would want a tattoo in the first place.

I would like clarification if they are haram or not. If they aren't, is it haram to tattoo suras from the Qur'an or suras in calligraphy that have the name of Allah (swt) or the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

I am looking for links to suras from the Qur'an or hadiths that say tattooing is haram. Does anyone have a ruling from Ayatollah Sistani?

Thank you in advance to anyone who posts links or can direct me in the way of fatwas.

Khoda haviz

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Guest Hawraa


S. Sistani's (MAP) Rulings

Tattoos [ 2 ]


§ Question : Are tattoos are allowed?

§ Answer : There is no objection to having tattoos.


§ Question : What is your ruling on having permanent or temporary tattoos?

§ Answer : Tattoos are permissible irrespective of whether they are permanent or temporary.

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