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Nabi Shiyth Ibn Nabi Aadam (as)

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Salaam Br/Sr.

Nabi Shiyth ibn Aadam (as) was the second Nabi and the third son of Nabi Aadam (as) and Hadrah Hawwa.

Nabi Shiyth (as) married Akilia/Azura and they bore Nabi Idris (as) (Prophet Enoch).

Prophet Shiyth's sacred shrine lays in Musal, Iraq.

Pls could someone tell me any of his waaqiah or hadith or anything more about him? Thanks.

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Seth means the gift of Allah, he was named so because he was recompensed for Abel after he was killed.

It is related from the imams that: Allah sent down one hundred and four scriptures, of them were fifty on Seth.

When death approached Adam he covenented with his son Seth and taught him the hours of the day and night and the prayers of those hours. He informed him of the flood to come after him.

It is narrated that all lineage of man goes back to Seth as all other children of Adam parished and did not leave behind any lineage.

Before his death Seth intrusted the charge to his son Enos, who carried out his mission after him. Then after him his son Kenan and then his son mahalalel took the charge of the mission.

Allah hafiz


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