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    • Hello, Not a single rebuke from fellow Shia Chat members or Edits from Shia Chat Moderators?  But, to date, there are two likes? This post clearly violates Shia Chat rule number 4, No swear words, unmannered replies or racist comments, especially when directed at other members. A warning followed by a temporary ban shall be met. If a member repeats their offensive or racist language, a permanent ban will take place. No excuses. Overt slogans of "death" or "destruction" (or similar wording) of any specific government, nation, people, group, or religion is not permitted. However, constructive criticisms of the above are welcomed and encouraged. And, I question the morals of those that would allow a post such as Darth Vader's to go unanswered.  Many of you like to lament about the irrationality of "Islamaphobia."  Yet, you only clap and praise such racist and divisive post. It has been nice chatting with you all.  I have learned what I came here to learn. All the Best, David
    • Are you not allowed to see your daughter anymore sister? 
    • Jungle main mor nacha kis ne dekha?? @shiaman14
    • I heared a scholar saying that every sinner will burn in hell. And this burning is to cleanse him from sinns he committed. And this burning of sinner is mercy of Allah. Once he is cleansed from sins he will be send to paradise. 
    • Most of the reasons are that modern feminism has made a boogeyman out of abusive men (yes they exist, but let us be realistic at the same time) and thus it scares women into thinking they need a job because a man could allegedly become an ape and go crazy on her. I am not denying abuse exists, but that a degree and an income prevents NOTHING. A headstrong personality does. You said you are from the east, so you should know what I mean. For example, you probably know of aunties who are just based on personality headstrong and don't have a degree or income. And you must know that these women also manage to prevent abuse done to them and being taken advantage of merely by being headstrong (of course reasonably headstrong and not to the level of being defiant). And modern day feminism quite literally shames women who are housewives and who do not work. As if they are brainwashed creatures. It honestly sickens me. To heck with any woman who shames a housewife.