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Disposal of Quran Ayats

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Sorry if this is in the wrong section..

It is to my understanding that one should not burn any piece of paper that has Quran ayats on it. I asked someone on how should i dispose them instead his response was as follows

1) Bury them

2) drop it in the ocean/sea/river.

3) Recycle them

But it should not be Burnt!!

i looked around on the net a little bit and i found that one murja preferred Recycle method too. Is there any more concrete advice regarding this matter? like any Hadith? or sayings?

I have also present the same advice to the enemies of Quran but their claim is that "if there is any variance then it will be recalled and burnt the above three options are not viable".. It would be hard to convince someone with fatwas based on just shia murjas


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Recycling seems to me to be an unacceptable method since you would have to place that piece of writing in a rubbish bin or such. Sayyid Seestani says:

583. Question: How could one go about dispensing with papers carrying the names of Allah or the Infallibles, as well as some loose pages of the Qur’an, when it is not possible for us to throw them in the sea or the river? That said, we do not know where would the garbage end up and what is done with it?

Answer: It is not permissible to put them in rubbish bins because that involves desecration and disrespect. However there is no problem in erasing the writings on the papers even by using some chemicals, burying them in a clean place or shredding them so that they turn into dust.

The hadiths on the matter all relate to the impermissibility of the desecration of the Qur'an and the names of the Infallibles. I do not have any hadiths at hand (perhaps others could post some) but these verses say:

Most surely it is an honored Quran, In a book that is protected, None shall touch it save the purified ones. [56:77-79]

Therefore it does not befit the honoured words of Allah (SWT) to be disrespected or desecrated, nor the Ahlulbayt (as) since they are the second of the Thaqalayn.

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