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Ya Aba 3abdillah

Discussion Of Private And Personal Matters SISTERS

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On several occasions, threads have been opened by brothers/sisters who have legitimate concerns pertaining to private and/or personal matters; issues not appropriate to be discussed in an open Islamic forum where there are no age limits, and is not unisex.

Appropriately, the ShiaChat team has decided to create a Sisters Consultancy Group (SCG) and a Brothers Consultancy Group (BCG). SCG/BCG will consist of trustworthy sisters/brothers, whom members may contact through PM (Personal Messaging), from where the SCG/BCG will take it further where appropriate, i.e. PM or Group Mail or a chosen chat room, etc.

This benefits those members who have been uncomfortable posting publicly matters as well as those members who have been offended by some of the topics discussed.

The SCG/BCG List will continue to be updated. Please note, the members on these lists are offering their assistance and effort on a totally voluntary basis, and as such, credit, thanks and appreciation should be granted to them. And perhaps a nice du'a also :) 

We ask the members not to abuse this privilege and act maturely.

Those consulted will hold in complete confidentiality issues discussed.

Any threads deemed inappropriate which are posted publicly will be edited and closed by the mod team, and the member asked to consult the SCG/BCG.

Jazakallah Khair



To contact members of the Sisters Consultancy Group (SCG), click on a link and then click on the "Message" button.

Sister Hameedeh @hameedeh

Sister notme @notme

Sister starlight @starlight

Sister Heavenly_Silk @Heavenly_Silk 

Male members (Brothers only) can contact members of the Brothers Consultancy Group (BCG):



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Dear Sisters. Starlight is a long time member of SC and recently won the Election Campaign to become a new Moderator. She has graciously accepted the invitation to join the Sisters Consultancy Group (SCG). Along with Sister Notme (Moderator) and myself, she is available to answer your PM.  

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Dear Sisters. Heavenly_Silk is a Chat Mod so if you haven't met her, please see her in the Chat Room sometime. The Sisters Consultancy Group (SCG) would like to announce that Heavenly_Silk has joined the SCG. In addition to the Sisters mentioned in the posts above, Heavenly_Silk (also known as HS) will take PMs from sisters.

EDIT: Good news! Heavenly_Silk was promoted to Moderator. :) 

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