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Where Are You Originally From?

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Guest a.shia.muslim.brother.110

Salam u alaykom,

My family tree reaches Imam Husain (as) but I was born and raised until 15 in Iran then migrated with my family to Sydney-Australia.

However, the borders are not defined with Muslims. anywhere u go Muslims r ur brothers & sisters and the international language is Arabic and the unique book is Holy Quran which u can find the Arabic version in almost any place in this world irrespective of what language they speak at home. The uniqueness of the Arabic Quran is actually one of the major bonds which have linked Muslim to Unity apart from one same direction which is meant to unit all :)

Assalam u alaykom

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Hmmm, i'm originally kashmir(indian occupied not pak occupied ) still am , but raised up in Kuwait . Exported to Canada 2 years now -origin like dads dad dad- going on- from iran !

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