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I will give you one Universal Rule in Arabic . I myself learning Arabic .


All irrational Plurals are feminine =  كل جمع غير عاقل مؤنث


Like for example a word Hadith .Its Plural is Ahadeeth . So if in arabic you want to say Authentic hadiths you will say


Authentic hadiths =  الأحاديث الصحيحة is Correct 


Authentic hadiths = الأحاديث الصحيح  is Wrong


                                                                      One of Sign of Knowing a word is Feminine is this sign ۃ in last . If it comes then the word is Feminine .

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  I am Pakistani , and learning Arabic  and i have reached to a point that now i can underatand a speaker if he speaks on tv . more than 50% .

 You need to first master the arabic grammer rules . which i done it . and make familiar with verbs as much as you can and increase the vocabulary of different words

 read hadith with translation and use also google translate . dont use it for sentence . thats not good idea .


After learning alot arabic . when i came across the Slogan of Egyptian  against Husni Mubarik . I did not need any translation for that.

 it was written          الشعب يريد اسقاط الرئيس   

  So i knew what it mean.    and also those who are urdu speaker its a plus point for them because two words in this sentence are also used in Urdu

Raees and Sukooth is used in Urdu .

 Raees as President and Sukooth means  falling .  

 so the translation is :  The Nation wants Step down of President  =  الشعب يريد اسقاط الرئيس


. One you know the meaning of the root word  then if the word comes with suffixes or prefix the meaning doesnt change really .


  Like we say . The Plane went down = سقطت الطيارة  ۔  The same word is again used sukooth .


العربية لغة سهلة  لیست مشكلة

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                 Learn This Univeral Rule in Arabic . It will Help you in Future alot .


                 All Irrational Plurals are Feminine   =  كل جمع غير عاقل  مؤنث ۔


I also myself learning Arabic for 2 years and excel alot that now i can understand whensomeone speaks on tv or give arabic lecture . I Listened all Lectures

 of Syed Kamal Hayderi and understood it . though i am urdu speaker .



 now come the Rule .: One of the Sirng to know a word is Feminine is see the end word  . If it end with ۃ Then the word is Feminine . with some exceptional

  cases like Khalifa which is Masculine . 


  any irrational plural word will be feminine .    Like take this word . Hadith . Its Plural is Ahadeeth  .

 So if you want that  . Authenitc Hadiths in arabic you will say   الأحاديث  الصحيحة  ۔

the word will end with ۃ  .


If you want to say  Weak hadiths . then it will be  الأحاديث الضعيفة  ۔



simple formula to make any word feminine is to add  ۃ  this in the end . 

I am confused sometimes by the way the arabic letter Wow is pronounced specially if it has Fathateen on top. Please tell me how the following words is connecting to the preceding word is pronounced when it begins with wow with fathatain. In the seventh line from the top, the word is pronounced ".....Qaulan Wa Failun Wa..." Or is it pronounced "...Qaulaoun Wa Failaun..."?:


The question mainly pertains to the concept of Ghunnah when tanween is followed by Arabic letters of Wow, lam, mim or ye. Letter Wow is most confusing.



do you mean this  ?  قول  وفاعل    or  this  قولا و فاعلا  ?

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               الشمس والقمر  آيتان من آيات اللہ  =  The Sun and The Moon are 2 Signs from the Signs of Allah .


محمد و اسلم رجلان صالحان ۔  Muhammad and Aslam are two Pious Guys .


examples for Dual . but these are Marfoo form . you will see alif and Noon.


in Mansoob and Majroor form you will see Ya and Noon .


قتل خالد  رجلين ۔ =  Khalid killed 2 guys . ( Mansoob)



صلي محمد في مسجدين  =  Muhammad prayed in 2 Mosques (Majroor)

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  Sometimes it is dfficult to judge whether the word will be marfoo or mansoob .   The last one is easy i.e Majroor because if the word is preceded by preposition

then close your eyes and read it as by ending with  "e" sound 
like   المسلم يخاف من ربه   ۔  here  it is known it will be " rabehee . "


but in this case  like   المسلم  يعبد ربه   ۔    it is  Rabbahu (Mansoob)  not Rabbuhu ( Marfo) .


Actually i want to read any arabic book without any movements on the words .


I never know that learning Arabic could be so difficult.. sad.gif

learning how to converse is easier I think but learning the grammar .... :squeez: :squeez: :squeez:

Wassalam, Sarah

       Learn one Universal Rule in Arabic Numbers .


When you are counting anything in arabic from 3 to 10 there is a rule . the thing which you are counting will be plural . if you are counting from 3 to 10.


 you will never see against it .


e.g  .      ستة ايام  ۔   = six days  .    you dont see Yawm but it is Ayaam .



another example   تسع آيات  =   Nine Signs . 


but when you cross 10 then the rule will change . then you will see singular .


  خمسة عشر رجلا = 15 guys


you see you dont see   rijaal which is plural of Rajul

                I am Sharing another Universal Rule in Arabic . Which i learnt .

 If you are counting anything in arabic from 3 to 10 .  if it s masculine then the number will feminine and vice versa


examples .  


Nine Daughters. now here you are counting a feminine thing .. so you will write nine in arabic in masculine .


like this   تسع بنات   .


or  another example .  Nine Signs =   تسع آيات 


now if you are counting a masculine thing  then it wil be like this



Nine Boys  =  تسعة رجال  ۔

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It is also good to get familiar with the weights (vazn) of the words; such as ism al-tafdheel, ism al-dharf, ism al-makaan etc. That way when you come across a word; like maqtal or masjid - you can quickly realize that they are on the weights of maf'al or maf'il and figure out that this must be a location where "qatl" takes place or "sujood" takes place (since ism al-makaan are based on those two weights). 



Edited by Ibn al-Hussain

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  Yeah like . the word for food is  طعم  . but the place where you eat is  مطعم ۔  so in arab world on the hotel or restaurant it is written مطعم ۔


مكتب  = the place where you write  like table .


مخبز = bakery .


مجلس = the place to sit


so we need to add just  "meem"  before the word .

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            This is actually easy in Arabic IF you learn this Simple Function of this letter  Ya  ی  ۔


        When you put it after the noun it becomes yours  .  Like take a word   House = بیت  .


 IF you want to say my House  then it  just  add ya ی  to the noun  like  بیت + ی   =  بیتي  ۔


كتاب  + ی  =  كتابی   ۔


رب  + ی  =  ربی 



this way it goes.




If its plural than   add   نا  to the noun it becomes Plural.


بیت  +  نا  =  بیتنا  ۔ ( our house  )



كتاب  + نا  =  كتابنا  


رب  + نا  =  ربنا



this way it goes  .





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