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Can't tell which post is new or old? - Use this feature and never miss

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Salam Alaikum..

There is a very usefull feature on this board called the [ Mark this forum's topics as being old ] feature

This is a link that you will find on the bottom of every forum.  What happens is, when someone posts a new message in a thread.  This topic will go on top and become marked as "new" with this image: image.  Overtime, you will notice that ALL messages will have this image of you dont use the [ Mark this forum's topics as being old ] feature.

What this feature does is it marks all posts in the forums as READ.  Those posts will have this image: image until someone else posts in it.  So next time you visit the forum, posts with image by them wil indicate posts that have new messages which you havent seen.

Also, keep in mind that this:

image means that a forum has new messages


image means that the forum indicated DOES NOT have new messages since the last time you've clicked on  [ Mark this forum's topics as being old ].

This feature would be very helpfull to keep your board organized and distinguish between which posts you have seen and which you havent.

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