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[FAQ] Posting images in posts

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Posting Images on the forum is very simple.

There are 2 types of ways you can post an image.

1) Attaching/uploading images from your PC to your posts

To upload an image into a post, simply click on "reply" or "New topic", you'll have a box where you may post your words followed by another box that says: "You may attach a file to this message".

If the file is on your computer, simply click on browse and browse to the location where the file is stored on your hard drive. When you find it, double click on it and you're set.

After clicking submit, you will notice that the image is now attached to the bottom of your post.

NOTE: You may only upload files that are JPG or GIF. Other file types will NOT be accepted. Also make sure that the file isnt larger than the "Maximum file size" limit that it set and stated by the browse button.

2) Linking/posting Images from the Internet to your posts

If the images are found somewhere on the Internet, simply right click on the Image you wish to post, click on "Properties", in that box it sill say "Address". Copy the entire address beginning from http:// to .jpg or .gif and come back to your new post/topic.

To post the Image, click on the [ IMG ] button found ontop of the box where you type your message. A box will come up asking you to "Etner the entire URL of the image". Simply paste what you have previously copied and you'll be set. The board will do the script automatically for you.


Say you wish to paste the ShiaChat.com logo onto this topic.

You right click on the image, click on properties and it will tell you that the address is:


Copy that and paste it into the box that comes up after you click on the [ IMG ] tag.

Click on OK and it will show up as:

Submit your post and it will show up as:


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^ The previous post by Br. Ali is from 2003. It's of historical value. :) The new way to attach images is simple. Drag it in OR click on choose files. If you don't have these options in your reply box, keep participating in the forums and soon you will be an Advanced member. See the image below:



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