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[FAQ] Registering and Signing on

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Requirements and Specification

To be able to register on ShiaChat.com, you must have a valid email address and a cookie-enabled browser that is relatively up to date. We recommend you use the latest version of Internet Explorer on a 800x600 resolution or better.

How do I register/signup?

To register, simply click on the "SIGN UP" button at the top of the forum. The screen looks like this:

Create account.jpg

Click the "Register a new account" button. You must choose an available username, password, accept the user agreement, and enter a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation letter sent to that email with instructions on how to activate your account. Please follow instructions carefully.

I've registered, but haven't gotten an email yet!

If you have registered but have not received an email from ShiaChat, please check the bulk mail or spam folder because it might be misdirected instead of going to your inbox. If you don't find this confirmation email, please contact the webmaster by sending an email with the following information about your account: your username, your email address and the password that you've chosen. Sometimes, a slight error in the email address or an invalid email name may cause the registration process to not go through. The email address to contact the webmaster is: webmaster@shiachat.com

I forgot my Username/Password!

If you have forgotten your username, email the Administrator, stating the email that you've registered with and you would be reminded of your username.

After you click the "Sign In" box and entered your username, if you have forgotten your password, please use the password link located under the Sign In box. If that doesn't work, contact the Admin with your username and email and it will be reset manually for you.

I'd like a Username Change!

PM the Admin or request it in the Technical Support and Feedback forum. Please make sure you specify what nick you wish to change to and that this nick has NOT been assigned to someone else. To check that, use the search to find members:


How do I delete my account?

Member accounts cannot be deleted. See the question below, How do I un-register?

How do I un-register?

To Un-register, you can request your account to be disabled by contacting an Administrator.

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Guests can now participate in the Guest Lounge!

Guests will have to complete Captcha to post. They will also have to select an appropriate display name. See the details in the Guest Lounge. 


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