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[Faq] Contacting The Shiachat.com Team

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Reporting abusive members and posts.

Though the ShiaChat team tries to moderate all the topics, due to the high volume and real-time nature of posting messages, at times sometime overlook posts. When members find any post that violates the rules of ShiaChat they can report the issue to the moderators by clicking on the "Report post" link. A reason should be provided for reporting the post and appropriate action will be taken. Any abusive members, regardless whether in private or public, should be reported to the administration team as well via PM or email. 

Report post.jpg

Technical Support, Suggestions and Feedback

A forum called "Technical Support, Suggestions and Feedback" has been dedicated for members to send in their suggestions and feedback on ways of improving the site. Technical errors or help may also be reported/posted there. A member of the administration team will respond to the query ASAP:


In case the issue is private or urgent, the member should send a PM to one of the administration team:


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