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death anniversary of Hazrat Bibi Fatima

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10th Rabi-us-Sani, 1424 AH – death anniversary of Hazrat Bibi Fatima

Masooma-e-Qom(a.s.) – daughter of Imam Moosa-e-Kazim(a.s.) and sister of Imam

Ali Riza(a.s.).

On this occassion of mourning in the house of Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.), I present my

hearfelt condolences to Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf), Imam-e-Zamana(a.s.), the

Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.) and to all Momineen and Mominaat.

<<< Her position among Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.) >>>


Among the children of the seventh Imam(a.s.), Hazrat Fatimah Masooma bint Musa

ibn Jafar(a.s.) has a special position after Imam Ali Riza(a.s). Due to her

faith, virtuousness and training under the guardianship of Imamate she reached

such a position that the Masoom (Imam) gave her the title of Masoomah

(infallible), and because of her worship and abstemiousness she acquired the

status of intercession. This is why the most learned scholars, the greatest

Maraje', and the real Gnostics are humbly standing at her holy shrine saying:

O Fatimah(a.s.) intercede for us in heaven since you have reached a dignified

status from a high rank with AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì

There is a tradition that states that out of the eight gates of heaven, one will

open towards Qom and due to her intercession all Shia’s will go to heaven.

<<< Visitors entitled to Heaven >>>


In tradition it is excessively mentioned that whoever visits (does ziyarat of)

Hazrat Masoomah(a.s.), heaven is incumbent upon that person and this position is

obtained by her after the fourteen Masoomeen(a.s.).

Imam Riza(a.s.) has said:

Whoever visits her (does her ziyarat) acknowledging her right, is entitled to


In Kamil-al-ziyarah it is quoted from Imam Riza(a.s)

Whoever does the ziyarat of Masooma in Qom it is as though he/she has done my


<<< Haram of Ahl-e-Bait(a.s.) >>>


Imam Jafer Sadiq (a.s) says: Haram of Allah(swt) – Mecca, Haram of

Rasool(pbuh&hf) – Madina, Haram of Imam Ali(a.s.) – Kufa, and the Haram of Ahlul

bait(a.s.) is Qom.

Please remember to recite special prayers and offer nazrana on this happy

occassion to renew your allegiance to Prophet Mohammad(pbuh&hf) and his


Please also recite the Ziarat of Bibi Masooma-e-Qom(a.s.) located on the site

http://www.ziaraat.com in the “Mashhad/Masooma-e-Qom(a.s.)/Ziarat” page.

A brief but comprehensive profile of Bibi Masooma-e-Qom(a.s.) and a collection

of pictures of her Roza in Qom is also available on the site in the

“Mashhad/Masooma-e-Qom(a.s.)/About” page.

Please recite the Ziarat of Hazrat Masooma-e-Qom which is available on the main

page at the site http://www.ziaraat.com as well as in the page “Mashhad/Hazrat



This newsletter is sent to 2,051 direct members at the site

and 20,892 indirect members through discussion and News groups.


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