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  1. The Zohar

    Salam aleykum, Something very strange happened yesterday and I would like to know everybodies thoughts on it. I came home from work yesterday and as I was entering the apartment complex the lady in the reception said hello and asked me to wait. I replied hello and went to her. This receptionist is a hindu lady and she knows I am a muslim, she has been going thru a hard time at work and in her private life. She said: a man came to me about a week ago and gave me this book and told me that it would make me feel better and bring more joy and happiness into my life but that ever since I got this book my life has become worse and bad things have been happening to me. Your wife said that I should show you it and that you might know what it is. I took the book and looked at it: I saw that is from the kabbalah center and I told her I think this is a book with jewish black magic and that she should get rid of it. She got scared and asked if I could take it away from here, she does not know what to do with it. I told her I would take it and said that if she wants books, my wife have several islamic books and she could give you one. She said God is one (which i took as a "no thank you"). I replied: Yes, God is one. She said: just please pray for me and I replied that I pray for all of humanity every day. Then I started to go to the elevator and as I was going towards it it I opened the book up and started to read it. It said a bunch of stuff like: this book brings you joy and luck and protects you from evil and that you should keep it on you or place it in your living room or bedroom but that you should not put it in the bathroom. So I entered my apartment and put it in the bathroom. When I told my wife that I had brought it into our house she got scared and I told her that your insulting Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى by being scared of anything other than Him, dont you believe when you say "La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah"? I did some research on the book after that and from my understanding it is some mysticism book from the kabbalah branch of judaism where they practice satanism and blood sacrifices as far as I know, the book contains blasphemy such as defining a body to God and apparently contains erotic text and instructions to achieve a higher spiritual state thru that. I found some quotes from the book which if proven true are very disturbing: I also found this video on some kabalah propaganda youtube account: I find it ironic how they depict the christian crusader getting shot in the back and interesting how they depict what seems to be a stereotypical muslim person (looks like the bad guy from Aladin) how he gets hurt when he tries to touch it and runs away. I did some further research that I do not wish to share as it is highly blasphemous. Anyways, I have decided to destroy the book. I would just burn it up but I dont want to set off the fire alarm neither do I want you leave it intact. What do you guys think of this and what should I do with the book?
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