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  1. Periods

    Salam My question here is that is it permissible for a women to visit the graveyard while she's on her period?
  2. Fascinating video about the statistics of attraction between the two sexes, with some rather interesting conclusions. He does, however, not consider the impact factors not relating to attraction have on divorce, relegating the phenomenon entirely to each sex's perception of the other's attractiveness. He also assumes that women's perception of their own attractiveness is the same as men's perception of it (which is the source of the data) when commenting on women 'settling'. Either way, quite an amusing watch!
  3. Traditionally, differences in gender roles between men and women have been justified by actual innate difference between men and women. For example, in justifying the gender roles of carer for women, and provider for men, people may say that women are psychologically and emotionally better suited to stay at home and look after the children, whereas men are better suited to go out and work. In their attempt to undermine traditional gender roles, feminists have downplayed the actual difference between men and women, and claimed that either they don't exist, or where they do exist they are due to social/cultural factors, not innate biological factors, and therefore have no normative value. I would like to look into the evidence from psychology for differences in men and women, and to what extent these differences are innate/biological versus cultural / due to socialisation. I started with empathy, and read this 2014 review: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25236781 They present evidence that empathy is biological in origin, and therefore women are naturally more empathetic then men. I have briefly noted some of the key evidence below. Its worth noting that empathy is a complex phenomenon, and has a pre-reflective element that can easily be studied in animals and babies, involving 'mirroring' which is when an individual copies/reflects they body language of another in their own behaviour. For example, writhing when seeing another in pain or automatically smiling when being smiled at. For details on the exact studies have a look at the review. Some key points: In animals with prolonged maternal care periods (where the female looks after the children for a prolonged period of time), females are more empathetic, e.g. in mirroring others, and they are also more quick to help other animals in need. This is explained by the fact that mums need to be responsive to baby's needs - having more empathy allows them to do that, and fulfill their roles as carers better. Women are overall more altruistic than men, and better at judging facial expressions, body language and emotion, all of which aid empathy. Female neonates more likely to cry, and cry longer than males when they hear an infant crying. This is a form of 'emotional contagion' and is likely a precursor to empathy. This cannot be explained by socialisation. Female neonates also show greater mimicry (copying behaviours). Giving males pacifiers which interfere with facial mimicry (ability to copy facial expressions) seems to have an impact on later emotional intelligence. Female toddlers show greater empathy than males. As do female adolescents compared to males Testosterone decreases empathy – one study involved giving it to females, and showed their ability to 'mind read' was reduced. 'Mind reading' is an important ingredient of empathy. Men have more testosterone than women. Oxytocin increases empathy, and women have more of it than men
  4. Salam, I am fairly new to Islam. I wear a hijab but not in the traditional way, because I love fashion and tend to experiment with new styles while still being modest. The bottom tips of my ears are usually exposed (I do not know if this is allowed) but I try to pull down my hats and scarves as much as I can to cover them. Am I allowed to wear modest earrings? Or would that be considered inappropriate in Islam? And if this would be wrong, then how about if my ears are covered while wearing a traditional hijab such as a shawl, but the earrings hang out of my scarf? I once hear from somebody that women can wear necklaces and bracelets as long as it is on top of clothing and not on skin. Is this true for earrings too? Thank you
  5. Jesus does not require women to wear a hijab but requires our hearts to be pure, modest, and full of him. Why in Islam women wear hijab and think that they are close to God when in fact it does mean anything because I know women who wear hijab and tons of makeup and flirt with men. Is Islam misleading women by requiring them to wear hijab? or is this rule just for men to better control themselves. I do not understand. And if it is for men why should I be responsible for another person's lust or desires? As a woman in Middle East country I noticed because I do not wear Hijab, muslim men think they have more "right" to look at me? They stare, in Western countries men are more respectful of women. Middle Eastern men seem to think women are for them and if they do not wear hijab they are trying to show off. Is this the effect of Islam on society? I feel the Western society is better because I am not stared at like here in Middle East.
  6. Hi,i'm a new user and i'm very happy to have found this online community. Today i want to talk about western women and their sexuality and the threat that women' sexuality represent for Islam. Many of you have already noticed that western women and in general women who live in advanced countries religion-free are more independent,have economical power,but mostly they do a lot more sex than muslim women and they tend also to betray more and also they tend to have less children and tend to marry less. Another thing that you may have noticed is that even if they're more sexually active than their muslim counterparts,they're also more selective and would like to go only with the top males(beautiful,rich and a very good status),while rejecting the average ones and bottom ones,while men(in general) are less selective and have a wide ranges of preferences. You may also have noticed that more and more muslim women are flying away from Islam and acting like western women Why is that thing?Why are western women more selective than muslim women and men in general?Why in just a few decades have western women got so picky and selective? The reason behind this is that western women have gained a lot of rights and they also have gained a lot of economical power and so independence.I'm going to explain to you better in the following lines: In the 20th century and previous centuries women have very few rights and very little access to the workplace because most of the jobs were physical and so men were fitter for them than women and in addiction there was no thing like maternity leave to help women economically when they get pregnant.So they hadn't economical power and therefore independence and in order to survive and get food and a roof over their head they had to marry a man,even if they don't want to.In addiction in the western society in the older centuries religion had a very important role,that now it has been lost with all his values. But now,that's changed and women have economical power,independence,maternity leave and the possibility of making the choices they want about their life. Isn't that great,yeah?Certainly it's great for them,but not for many men that lost the chance of having free sex and a wife and so they're conducting a very poor and shameful life where they only work to survive,but not to live since sex and the love of a caring wife are a mirage for them. But why is that? Like i said before women are more selective than men by nature but their selectivity in dating a partner appears only when they have rights and independence. What do i mean when i say that women are more selective by NATURE: According to science the humankind belongs to the animal reigns and like every other animal our purpose is to reproduce ourselves in order to carry on the human specie.Men (since they are phisically stronger and have the possibility to submit a woman)were given a great sex drive and much less selective attitude in dating,while women since they're the ones who carry the pregnancy and since the pregnancy is very long,painful and is some case mortal had(and have)to choose the best men who could protect her wife and guarantee their children a good genetic(intelligent,beautiful,tall,strong). In fact in the prehistory only 1 man out of 17 had the possibility to reproduce because very few men got all the women. https://psmag.com/environment/17-to-1-reproductive-success Then men in order to balance things had introduced monogamy along with religions,so that every man could have his own wife and live a good life without feeling anger for not having one. But now things have changed because religions in the west had lost all of its meaning mostly among the youths(either men or women)and things like divorce have been introduced and if you look at the statistics women are much more likely than men to initiate a divorce,because by divorcing they get a lot of privileges(the ex-husband has to give her ex-wife his house and part of his salary),but mostly they can change their partners and have a lot of sex. But what do women find attractive in a man? Basically 3 things.Looks,Money and Status. Looks is the external aspect and women mostly care about the face,that's to say that if you're fit but ugly in face you won't attract women.Contrary to what the popular culture says beauty isn't subjective but objective,the objective thing they're talking about is the likeliness that's still related to the beauty:the more beautiful you are,a greater likeliness you'd like to have and you'll attract more women and viceversa.A beautiful man is also regarded by women's brain as a carried of good genetics because usually beautiful people have also a good genetic. Unfortunately women regard very few men as beautiful,while men are less picky. Money is very important because even if women have got economical independence they're still looking for a man who can guarantee them a good life,also because women want to show other women they got a powerful man on their side who can give her all what she desire. Status is another important factor,that's more variable than the other two and it's the social reputation,the fame that a person has.The more you're taken in high consideration in your environment the more women you'll be able to attract. Women Love Beautiful,Powerful Men and Hate Those Who Aren't So and Dare to Ask Them a Date. Muslim Countries and Muslim Environment are still unaffected by these phenomenon because women have less independence and less economical power,but as soon as muslim women will get them they will start to care less about religion,family and they will think only about their pleasure,especially their sexual pleasure. Their sexual power is the reason why all the religions of the world have given them less rights than men,because ancient men were sages and knew that if women got equal rights like men they would have overthrown them along with society(western birth rate is declining with no exception)because of their sexual power and their strict selectivity. Research that shows the women are more selective than men: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1986604/ I hope you'll like this artcicle and that this will give you new way to reflect and think. Islam is the best religion and it will be forever.
  7. Is a woman allowed to fight in a war for the sake of Allah? Have there been any female warriors in Islamic history?
  8. Salaam all So, I have noticed that females are drama-centric. There's just always something. Stirring up whatever because they get bored maybe? Just generally difficult. I have known of females who say that they cannot live with other females - because the displeasure goes up like an exponential scale with each additional female, apparently. They don't even like each other. They are very difficult to get along with in any setting. I remember one female I asked to do a simple favor since she was over in that area any way. "No." Even though I was recording the professor's lectures for the whole class, and she would watch it. Here I am doing a favor for the whole class. I didn't bring this fact up. It's like, her brain can just ignore such a kind act. Or the brain knows the act and chooses to respond in that way. Like "I get mine, furget you." Time after time after time. It's like that movie "Gone Girl" with Ben Afleck. At one point, he say something like every woman I know is coming at me. And don't let the hijab fool you. At the masjid, this one guy would stop the sermon and quiet the female section because they were too loud. Multiple times. In one night. I cannot become a women hater and think of them as inferior because the religion says we are equal. For others out there without certainty in religion, they may have a difference in opinion. Why is female nature this way? It has to be the way the female is designed. Is there anything in the religion about the female disposition? Like any sophisticated software, there has to be a way to hack into it with enough time. IS there a manual. It feels like every man has to be a psychoanalyst just to operate in any interaction with females.
  9. Salam Brothers and Sisters. I have heard from some non Arabs that within Arab culture, polygamy is generally more accepted. I would like some Arabs to confirm or deny this based on whether in their experience it is true or false. So, is Polygamy a common practice? Are the women fine with it? Do the women show signs of distress and worry when thinking of their husbands being with another man? In my opinion, all women are the same and no woman would want to be without their husband a single night unless that husband is just not nice to her. In this discussion I am only concerned about wives with loving and loved husbands, I know many women, if they hate their husbands, would push them away to be rid of them by letting them get marry again happily. Also I have discussed this topic academically with my wife, and I have learned that wives may be disgusted by thinking about their husband being with other women sexually, is this true or are some women not concerned whether another woman has been "there". Married people's advice is preferred and please! No Arabs giving their view about how Arabs are unless they have Arab in laws. [MOD NOTE: Your topic asking for polygamous Arabs to talk about their sex life is not appropriate and not approved.]
  10. If I have understood the following clip correctly, according to the Sunni scholar Muhammad Naeem of Karachi, Pakistan, an endeavour directed at the protection of women is contrary to Islam. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-pakistan-rights-women-idUSKCN0VY1QE If I have not understood correctly, would someone be good enough to explain. Thanks
  11. Status of Women in Shia Islam

    Salam everyone I have a question on the status of women in shia islam (Shia Ahadith books and Ahlulbayt books), I have heard some narrations related to Imam Ali that he said that women are dumb or something like that which I think he would never say. And there was a whole book which really degraded the women by using some ahadith of Imam Ali (a.s) like a girl should not raise her voice on his husband and should never object him. HAVE ANYONE OF YOU HEARD OF THIS, WHAT IS THE AUTHENTICITY OF THESE AHADITHS/ NARRATIONS ?
  12. Prayer clothing?

    If I wear a very long Hijab (I think its called Jilbab? Example here, Do I have to wear clean clothing underneath as well? (e.g. new pyjama's) Because I go to the bathroom in my pyjama's, can I wear something on top of them to pray in?
  13. Alsalamu Alaikum Im a 25-year old women born, raised and living in Denmark. I newly graduated and until a couple of month ago worked in a pharmacy in a rural area in Denmark. I started encountering racism (or at least that's when I became aware of it) when I was 16. Every time since then it has been because of my hijab who seems to trigger these ignorant rusty mostly old wrinkly godless people. It got really bad when I started working at the pharmacy and every other day I had to listen to people muttering about me to my collegues, staring at me like Im disgusting, refusing to be helped/served by me and even yelling at me and calling me disgusting and sexistic names regarding my ethnicity and hijab. And every single time - to avoid the drama - I was the one who had to go hide in the back of the pharmacy until the stupid customer was gone. My boss never asked me If I was okay or what happend - I felt like I should just be happy that I could work there and that since the hijab is my choice I should live with the consequences. Only one single time my collegues asked the customer to leave but that was because he was yelling at them too - for having me there of course. I felt terrible and sometimes so scared I would cry. It interferred with my ability to get my work done. I studied 5 years at uni to help people stay alive giving them their stupid medicine and this is what I get. As a result I feel completely demotivated and exhausted, when before graduating I felt I had so much knowledge to give and I could not wait to get out in the big world to show everyone what I learned and what I was capable of. Now I dont even feel like I want to work anymore. Denmark is generally a very racist country (I say generally, because I've also met the most amazing people here), Im tired of reading awefull facebook threads about muslims and islam. I cant breathe anymore. Here we even have politicians encouraging this racist behaviour by being racist themselves. I know Allah swt is with me and that I must be rewarded for my patience, but it just really really hurts. I feel depressed and unsuccesful which is killing me. I catch myself just waiting for the next racist episode to happen when Im outside. Since my parents dont work and have not been subjected to very much racism they dont fully understand the extent of what I experience. I have only one hijabi friend, but she lives in the capitol city where it's much more natural to see muslims. All my other friends are non-hijabis - they dont get it either. Giving up my hijab would be on my dead body. I would never do that and specially not because of some old stupid racist degenerating toads. Im sorry about my bad English - Im too tired to google translate every word. I need advice - not to stop it - because that's impossible - but to deal with it. I thought I could deal with it by feeling sorry for them being so ignorant or by viewing it in a humorous way but I keep getting this lump in my throat and my face blushes every time it happens. I have no one to support me in this.
  14. When the eastern boogeyman called Osama bin Laden, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIL, ISIS, Iran wears thin and loses credibility in the eyes of the average person in the West, we get these desperate garbage attempts to regurgitate and refresh the negativity surrounding the subject. Here we go again... 'We won't wear hijabs': Chess queens threaten to boycott world championships in Iran after being told they MUST wear Islamic headscarfs There's even a Reddit thread which had around 9000+ upvotes yesterday, but is going down rapidly. WARNING: If you wish to avoid cancerous comments regarding Muslims, Iran and its citizens, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT visit the comment section of either the article or the Reddit thread.
  15. reciting noha

    if their is a women only majlis and you decide to recite a noha and you know theirs a man in that house not in the same room but the house. is it ok to recite it ??
  16. In the name of Allah. In Islamic school of thought, a female is respected. She is treated as a human, not as a mannequin. All people must see her, talk to her, and communicate with her on the basis of her social role and her characteristic, not for just seeing her body. Imagine a female person who goes to a picnic and is according to her mind free to wear (or not wear) every clothes she likes. If she gets a disease on her skin, others will dislike her body. It is because they looked at her with her beauty not as she was a citizen or basically a woman. In Iran - which is an Islamic country and therefore wearing bikinis is forbidden in public places for women - they wear it on the shores in specific places which are prepared for swimming. Females go there and swim with bikinis. Some families have private villas near the beach and wear what they like. Even some families go to some parts of the beach where they are alone and do what they like. Women and girls have special parks where they can freely walk, jog, exercise, and do sports without hijab. So even in Islamic countries, it is possible for women to feel free on the beaches. But absolutely not as European countries at parks or beaches. I think females in some parts of the world are not free to wear hijab and are oppressed. For example, in France, the police recently has banned a Muslim female of her hijab and ordered her to take off her burkini. I think women Muslims should not attend in the beaches where they cannot wear their hijab.
  17. I was Reading A Report by Dr Ashar on Pakistan,s Young Man And Women I am Shoked After Reading the Research (That More Then One crore Muslim sisters in Pakistan above 18 Year Old are Unmarried and Waiting Some body For Nikkah And 70 percent in Them Are Getting Old) , After Reading That Report A Question Raise in My Mind That Who is responsible and Why our Muslim Scholars and Mullah,s Never Highlight This issue Before And This Ratio increased Day by Day..... Whats You Think About This ... ? Thanks: Haider Sherazi
  18. Love for women

    SALAM!! In Quran it is said for men to provide food and clothing to your wife. For wives it is guided to always keep happy your husband and obey what he says to except for Haram. But what about giving love to your wives. Here by love I don't mean (intercourse), I mean to always make her feel that her husband is loyal to her and is very happy to have her. Is there any thing said in Quran to always love your wife other than just fulfilling her material needs?
  19. ASSALMO ALAIKOM!!I have been very curious about this fact that men are allowed to hit women in Islam very lightly that it should not cause any injury. However some of our Muslim brothers don't really care about their injury they beat women or even some beat them until died (mostly in Afghanistan). “As to those women on whose part you fear ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly, if it is useful), but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance). Surely, Allaah is Ever Most High, Most Great.” [al-Nisaa’ 4:34] If a woman rebels against her husband and disobeys his commands, then he should follow this method of admonishing her, forsaking her in bed and hitting her. Hitting is subject to the condition that it should not be harsh or cause injury. Al-Hasan al-Basri said: this means that it should not cause pain. ‘Ata’ said: I said to Ibn ‘Abbaas, what is the kind of hitting that is not harsh? He said, Hitting with a siwaak and the like. [A siwaak is a small stick or twig used for cleaning the teeth - Translator] I have only two questions which are eating me inside. 1: If men are guided to be the protector of women in Islam, why are they allowed to hit women? 2: What if men disobey women, are women allowed to hit men or beat them?
  20. Assalam Alaikum, My name is Farah and I am currently working on an observational documentary for a UK channel which will look to explore the opinions and lifestyles of a diverse section of British Muslims and be used as a platform to voice what Islam means to individual Muslims across the country. In particular we’re looking to reflect the views and opinions of ordinary Muslims and I’d love to feature strong voices which are often under-represented on mainstream media, these often include voices from minority communities within the Muslim faith and I am especially interested in talking to women who are Shia Muslim. The idea would be to bring 10 Muslims from across the UK together to represent a cross-section of the community and explore how each practices their faith. These would include 5 men and 5 women. We are looking for very ordinary people and not scholars or imams and we absolutely don’t expect anyone to represent an entire community – each of the 10 will only be representing their own views. So there is no restriction on how you should practice your faith. It would be great to know if any of the sisters on here would be interested in learning more. Please do drop me a message or feel free to respond on this thread. Jazakh'Allah
  21. In the western world Islam is often seen as oppressing women. In general, I don't think this is true. But, in Saudi Arabia woman can't drive by law. This seems ridiculous to me. I don't even know how they uphold such a law. Also, I have heard that women are required to wear a head scarf in the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the west women can make money exposing themselves in most of Europe and the Americas'. I find it absolutely amazing that people can make millions of dollars having sex on screen. These people are genuine "celebrities" the likes of [names of people involved in illicit activities removed] are very well known people in American media. How is this world so damn crazy? Why would God allow such debauchery to exist in the world?
  22. SalamAlaikum, Today we see several men noha khwans (groups) that recite nohas online, publish videos etc, for example Voices of Passion, Ali Fadhil etc. Does Islam allow females to do this if they do not show their faces in the videos and only have an audio playback of their voices reciting nohas etc. to spread the message of Islam and Karbala? Several say they aren't allowed, however when we check with Imam Sistani, he says it is permissible as long as the lady does not intend to develop wrong feelings in the male's minds... IHH
  23. In the history of Islam and Shi'ism one finds that the Manbaar is often occupied by male scholars which has rendered women invisible role within scholarship and general presence. In essence, Islam is egalitarian, however, this subjection of women has promoted the 'invisibility of women'. Interestingly enough, the practice of sitting down to give a lecture in "manbaar" practice can be traced back to Sayydia Fatimah (as) who entered her father's masjid to admonish Islam's enemies. What I am saying here is there is a lack of women within the Islamic scholarship arena and there is something wrong with men speaking at women about how they should speak, act, etc. Can women even attempt the same?
  24. Women... What is a Woman, rather, WHO IS A WOMAN?? During the pagan times in the annals of history, we see that while some tribes and nations used to think of female children to be a curse or an ill-omen, some used to practically bury the innocent girl children alive! However, as awareness spread, it came to be known that a woman is a blessing from the Almighty. Weather we call her "Rahmah" or "Laxmi," The decent way of addressing the Woman in English is to address her as a LADY. This lady is a blessing in her childhood, a glory in her youth and a mentor in her adulthood... As she develops from a child to an adolescent to being an elderly person, she plays the most important role in families... THIS Same little lady grows from a daughter to being a wife, then a mother and then a mother-in-law and then a grandmother, all of these being crucial roles in one's life that we can't live without. When we say "Lady" the mind automatically thinks "Beauty. ' A lady therefore, is an embodiment of beauty; However, since beauty is a vast word that defines a myriad of aspects, I'd like to ask you all, What is beauty to you?? Is it having a nice face? Or nice make up? Or nice clothes? What is beauty?? All throughout history, research shows that apart from what you've mentioned, Beauty is actually the embodiment of MODESTY and CHASTITY in a Lady/Woman. A group of ladies had once appeared in the presence of Lady Fatimatoz Zahraa SA, The Daughter of The Revered and Renowned Prophet Muhammad SAWW and asked her what is the best ornament for a woman, to which she replies, "Hayaa," Which means Modesty / Chastity. So then, what is Modesty / Chastity??? ...Simply, Self Respect. Modesty is when the lady has a beautiful Soul, a beautiful heart, more than having a beautiful face. As the age phases away, external beauty withers, what keeps our relations intact is not our flawless skin or model figures, it's the kindness of the heart and the goodness of the character. This is all common knowledge. I want to take you all to a different dimension of Modesty and Chastity. Modesty is realising self worth and thus keeping oneself protected. How?? Look at the Pearl... Despite the pearl being protected inside the oyster shell, it is not only tightly closed, but also kept protected and kept far on the sea bed and isn't easily accessible and not freely in sight and available. The Woman, in Islam and also according to other major religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and others, is an Epitome of Respect, and is regarded as "The Pearl that has to be Covered and Protected" WHY?? Because it is realised that everything valuable, like your gold, your money, your ATM and GOLD Cards, Your Passport and legal Documents and every other thing that is considered important and valuable to you is "locked up and hidden in a safe place far from the sight of others who may either steal or plunder them," Yes? In this case therefore, the daughter, the wife, the mother and the grandma in all her aspects is MORE VALUABLE than the pearl and all of the materialistic items mentioned above and so, must be "covered with the sheet of Modesty" Modesty in a woman, therefore, is that the lady realises her worth, keeps herself covered and protected from the sight of all and sundry. Modesty is covering oneself despite having a beautiful figure to show off, because only that which is worthless is on display, and what is valuable is veiled. Modesty is maintaining self respect in the way we talk, the way we walk, the way we relate to others and overall behaviour in dynamic situations. Modesty is covering the physical appearance despite having the bodice and beauty to show off, not because we ladies are not attractive, not because we're not attracted, but because we are attracted to a higher goal that is to maintain our Value and Self Respect. And finally, my favourite part: Modesty is Staying in Style without revealing oneself; For, if being more fashionable meant wearing more "flashy" attire and most "revealing/open" outfits, then i must remark, the flashiest and most fashionable are the animals because they don't wear anything at all Lady Fatimatoz Zahraa SA has also been recorded to have said, "The best thing for a woman is that she is protected from the sight of strangers (men) such that neither does she have to see them nor do they get to see her." Ayatollah Emam Khomayi RA, revered scholar and Islamic Leader had once said, "If women knew how men perceive them when they look at them, they would have covered themselves with an iron armour." Having said this, Allow me to conclude by saying, "Aurat woh chand nahi jisko Har koi be-naqaab deikhe, Balke woh Suraj honi chahiye jisse deikhne se pehle hi negaahein jhuk jaaye." ----- Courtesy of Fatimiyyeh © Ba Sadaaqat, Tofayl va Taufeeq az Ahlebayt AS Forever In Servitude & Adoration of The Mahdy (AS/AJTFS) * اللهمّ عجّل لوليّك الفرج عليه السلام *
  25. Salam alaykum One of the best methods of defining hijab.
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