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Found 58 results

  1. Why is my link to YouTube and website are dead?? can anyone help??
  2. So as many of you are aware, it is unheard of today to have a wedding without music and dancing even with relatively conservative muslim families, so how does the groom play around this when both his 'conservative' family and his fiancee's 'liberal' family strongly want a wedding (segregated) with music & dance? Is there any form of permissibility?
  3. I recently started watching Rurouni Kenshin and have been thinking to myself if what I am watching is haram because their are some haram elements such as the music in the background and mild sexual references and so on. I pray five times a day and read Quran and Dua, but I'm not sure if I could better spend my time doing something more productive. I also wanted to ask is what I'm doing a waste of time? The Quran speaks of all the good we should do while we are on this earth is watching something like anime beneficial, negative or neutral. Islamically after you finish your obligations (prayers) listen to some Quran and Dua should you further strive to learn more about Islam or is their leeway to watch tv, anime etc.
  4. I go to the gym because I am trying to better my mental and physical health but I noticed I can not work out without listening to music. When I'm done working out, instead of feeling rejoiced I feel guilty. What is recommended? I am not fluent in Arabic so I really don't understand nashids. Is it better if I just listen to beats with no lyrics?
  5. Khula

    سلامٌ عليكم It has been ages since I posted or took part in any discussion here. This particular subject has been discussed before here but thought someone may have something to add or suggest. One of my friend, mother of two kindergarten children filed divorce last year under the US law but is still under the marriage contract in accordance with Islam and we all know the reason - he won't divorce her!! Married for 10 years, working mother with a major portion of share in income from her (almost 100%) unfortunately found her husband indulged in a haram and an inappropriate act. Concerned for her own safety & dignity and of her daughter's she immediately requested her husband to leave the house. As was expected he did not return, did not for months ask for the well-being of their children and finally she filed divorce. He does not have a steady income so couldn't pay towards the childcare and was even sent letters by child support agency. My friend approached scholars and their offices for help so that she can get Khula but seems like she is left with no choice but to wait like so many other women who go through the same situation. Scholors are unable to help since the man and his family are in no mood to respond to the calls or even when someone tries to talk to them in person. They are not willing to let her go while supporting their son/brother's actions. My questions are; 1. Why so difficult for women and easy for men? I have gone through topics here and also the rulings but someone asking the same question after 5 years tells me something is either wrong or someone is not doing his job properly while sitting in the office of various Maraji across the countries. 2. Do you know any scholar in Dallas or in Houstan who actually wants to help women have their right given to them of living a good life with their children? Thank you all in advance! Ma salama
  6. Salam, I know Music and instruments are haram or some opinions differ where some say it depends on the type of music. I grew up where in school you had to learn music and than choose from playing instruments by itself or singing music when we got older in school. I read a hadith from Wasa'il ul-Shia recently that is making me nervous and putting me in a predicament. Amir ul-Mu’minīn ‘Ali (a.s.) says, “Angels do not even enter a house that has wine, drum, tambourine or a flute. Even the prayers of the inhabitants of this house are unacceptable. They are deprived of barakat.”7 I don't listen to or play Music anymore and only publicly played Music while being in middle school until I graduated highschool when it was required, so it's been years. Obviously I wasn't raised knowing this about instruments and never played publicly for myself but did play Music for myself (not singing) for many years as a hobby. I do have drums, 2 pianos, and 4 guitars in my house. What do I do? You're not supposed to sell them either I think Ayatollah Shirazi says.. As long as they are put away and not being used am I ok? I usually don't ask questions here, but I think I need more dialouge with fellow Shia since I have many other questions that are not clear cut...Shukran
  7. Salaam, A few of us were discussing music on chat and I happened to mentioned that "all stringed instruments are haram". A couple of brothers wanted to know the source. I found this Greater Sin: Music which mentions guitar. I cant find the source that expanded on this further and mentioned that instruments like duff and wind-based ones are permissible but stringed instruments are not. Can anyone provide reference or correct me? @Ron_Burgundy @Gaius I. Caesar @Heavenly_Silk tagging the few who were discussing this for their input.
  8. Listening music breaks abulution(wudhu)??

    If i am in wudhu or ghusl...and if i listen to music will my wudhu or ghusl break?
  9. Study Music

    Salam, I know that most, if not all, music is haram but it has always been helpful to me while im revising. I know i cant listen to Quran while im studying and I think it's a bit inappropriate to listen to a latmiya. What do you guys think is an appropriate Islamic replacement for music? Is listening to dua okay or is it a similar situation as that of the Quran? If silence is the only option then that's okay. Thanks for the help.
  10. Is it haram to go to a concert?

    One of my favorite groups is coming to Houston and I was wondering if it was haram for me to go. Please answer kindly as I'm just a child.
  11. Music

    Asalam walaikum brothers and sisters, I wanted to ask that I was a semi professional musician but I just saw a majlis of analysis of music by Sayed Ammar nakshawani and came to know that how major sin it was but now I don't even listen to music but others in my home do. Now I pray my Salah and ask for forgiveness and I wanted to ask that what should I do with my instruments should I sell them make the charity or should I do something else I need a senior or a scholars opinion please....
  12. Russian's folk festival

    I impress with Russian's folk that i rarely/never see in my life. When do the people of the world understanding and acknowledging the rich culture of every human tribe in the world and then thinking, talking and acting as in Surat Al-'Ashr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZM_6H5_7OI
  13. Asalamu Alaikum. I will be getting married in a few months and I had a few questions regarding weddings. The wedding will be segregated and in a hall. 1. Is dancing completely haraam? are men not allowed to dance just among the men? Does this depend on the type of music? I would like to play some background music if dancing is completely forbidden. 2. I find the type of music that is halal or haram very confusing in the fatwas. Things like " As for the music, it would be allowed, if it is not suitable for entertainment and amusement gatherings". What does that mean exactly? So is instrumental music haraam? What about songs that have a good meaning?, e.g. sami yusuf, maher zain or similiar iranian, afghan songs. The main help I need is a clear interpretation of some of the fatwas, I've always found them a bit confusing when deciding what is exactly halal or haram music. Please note I am only interested in what would be deemed acceptable by the scholars, so let's stick to this point :). I do taqlid of Khamenei but it would be useful to know the opinion of other marja too, not all my family members do taqlid of him.
  14. @GreyMatter Salam Alaikum, Aight guys, real talk, get in here and advise please. I want to see logic in wedding expenses. Now every single thing in my life that I do, I always research lots before hand and commit to it when I see rationale and logic behind it. And for the love of God, I can't justify wedding costs. I am Pakistani if its relevant and my future to be in-laws are kinda elite and would like a good wedding. Good wedding is pretty $$$. Wedding is where I live here in Canada. Now profile time, when it comes to personal finance, I am responsible. I always pay my bills on time, I never incur interest on credit cards at all, and (try to) max my my RSP (retirement fund) and TFSA (tax-free planning) in investments. I work for financial markets/investments for a big bank, so I know all about the financial markets, trends and all the stock stuff. (I have asked all investment questions in personal meetings with Maulanas, so lets not diverge on the legality of it here) So I know finance. Now I spend a lot of money on leisure, sporting events, food, limited edition clothes, hype celebrity sneakers, I like fashion for some crazy reason and ship limited editions from all over the world - now I do save decent amounts. So I do spend on leisure, my leisure! Kinda living the good life within my financial limits, but living MY life, not for anyone. Also the millennial question, we are getting priced out from owning property in a major metropolitan city, student debts, times are hard compared to those our under 30 age in 70s, 80s, mid-90s .. etc, economically speaking. So while I put this out here, I can't justify spending on weddings. What's an event? $15-20k? or more? Like c'mon man, I cannot feed well-to-do family friends/cousins, do decor on the hall, give gifts to family and stuff when I am a relatively a new graduate in a decent working job. Mashallah my work and investments are doing decent, but I can't upfront all this money on a wedding, it doesn't benefit me, it benefits guests who I just meet once a year tops. Who cares about them? I rather buy a fun-driving car for that money, or down-payment some condo (still a stretch) for my long-term benefit than spend 15-20k on ONE NIGHT! Q1) How much was your wedding out of your or your parents pocket? What is considered or below-averge a normal wedding? Please tell me what the costs are? Q2) People will talk, who cares, not me, I would rather have a decent bank account than to spend that no guests, as you know, today's economical climate doesn't justify spending 20k for anyone under 30 unless someone's parents are ballers. So tell me, is my rationale correct, what should i do? Any advice is good advice.
  15. I don't know whether this was posted here before or not, so if repetitive, forgive me for sharing it . This was made in memory of those who died by the missile of US navy force to the none military Iranian airplane, which was intentionally because the commander of the battle ship which did it was awarded with medal of honor(dishonor)
  16. Assalam o alikum everyone, As you all know that sufi music is very popular everywhere specially in Pakistan and India. Some people say it is alright to listen a Naat with music or "qawali"......but I am confused, if music is not permissible then why a naat with music....?? Some scholars say listening to music is Haram then why they encourage listening to sufi poetry with music ? Actually my friends likes sufi music, but I don't listen that type of things I am not sure about if they are right or wrong......So my fiend and I had a bit of an argument. She says that Prophet Dawood pbuh had a very beautiful voice and He used to sing...I said that Prophet didn't used any musical instrument.. She is like... music is a food for our soul, it helps us to ease our worries and when it comes to sufi music listening...its very good for us. That argument looks ridiculous but I just want to clarify for my satisfaction, that should I avoid sufi music too ? by the way I always avoid listening to music/songs. etc. God bless you All..
  17. Salam, I will try to address an important issue happening in the world today, Music being played in public areas. In Islam, listening to Music is NOT permissible. Many Muslims face a difficulty avoiding such an encounter. As i was battling through the urges to not listen in public areas, i have stumbled upon two TACTICS that have helped me in my everyday life. 1.Concentrate on other actions. By concentrating on other things, you can defeat the urge to listen to the played music. One thing that has worked for me is to simply put my ear phones and play a religious recording, for people that don't have an ear phone, simply place your phone speaker on your ear, lower the volume to 1, and concentrate on that. Another thing is to concentrate on forms of Worship like Tahleel (There is no god but Allah)[La illah illa Allah] and Tasbeeh (Glory to Allah, Praise Allah and there is no god but Allah, Allah is great)[Subhan Allah, Al hamdulilah wa la ilah illa Allah, Allah akbar]. Or you can just focus on anything really, as long as you dont focus on the music. 2.Ask the owner to off it. This is the other unpopular action. If the music is really annoying you, just ask the owner or the driver to off it, who knows, he might off it. Notes 1. For people who don't have a strong concentration and end up concentrating on the music, try to not focus to hard on concentrating on something else. What i mean is, if you tried too hard you will start thinking "i need to concentrate on something other the music", chances are you will keep thinking of the music, because you are already thinking on not focusing on it. For example if i said Don't think of a pink elephant, first thing comes to mind is a pink elephant. Now if i said Don't think of your mobile phone, you forget completely about the pink elephant. So you just need to discard the music just like you did with the pink elephant. 2. You can develop your concentration by training it. everyday play some voice in the background and start trying to focus on something. This will help you also while praying. 3. Only use the second Tactic if you are sure the owner will respond correctly. He may ask you to leave. With regards, A slave
  18. Salam, Can we make a list of marjas who deem music as permissible, at least for a limited extent? And maybe their rulings about music? Thanks...
  19. Music

    Salam, I just made an account on this because I wanted to learn more and try being more religious and practicing. But I need some advice on how to stop listening to music. I've tried EVERYTHING for the past couple years but nothing works. Literally Im obsessed with music and idk what else to try.
  20. I wanted to ask if i can play the guitar if i am alone, since it is said music is haram for amusement gatherings, so would it be okay if i play it alone, to myself and use it as an art in college applications (as extracurricular since it would help me, i am bad at grades, might get a chance because of this asset) and stuff. Also it would not have any singing alongside, it would be just the guitar. My intention is to only be able to play, not to show off or perform anywhere.. also, i wont be effected religiously, i will continue my prayers as i would have without it. and also that i play music very similar to the persian or arabic folk music which is mostly found in traditional and cultural and even somewhat religious (sufi) songs that come out of iran, but only that there would be no singing, so it can be said it can be used for normal singing or sufi or persian singing if you think about it, but i will not sing along to is (since i cant and dont intend to) because my motive is to only be able to play the guitar as an artform. thank you
  21. Best Hezbollah Nasheeds?

    Salam, A thread for fans of Hezbollah nasheeds. Which nasheeds or munshids do think are the most famous/popular. They could be classic 'golden oldies' or new ones! My favourite old one is: My favourite new nasheeds are by Ali Barakat!
  22. Ok this issue has been bugging me for a long time now. I personally believe that music/songs are halal or haraam ONLY according to the content, NOT the instruments or genre of the music/song. Now there are still tons of muslims who blindy follow and say music is haraam no matter what or that instruments are haraam full stop. The reason I say they are people who 'blindly' follow is because everytime you ask them questions on this issue or to explain their view all they can do is quote what so and so said but fail to explain their stance through logic. So now I am asking anyone who holds this view about music being haraam a question: GIVE ME A 'LOGICAL' EXPLANATION AS TO WHY MUSIC IS HARAAM ? (NOTE I DIDN'T ASK 'WHO SAID' MUSIC IS HARAAM OR 'WHERE' DOES IT SAY MUSIC IS HARAAM, I ASKED FOR LOGICAL REASONING) For those of you who don't know the logical reason behind it but still choose to believe its haraam then I am sorry to say that you are blind following.
  23. Salaam everyone. I am getting this odd feeling that this current age of digital technology may describe a couple of the signs foretold by our holy prophet. I mean one of the signs is that people will cary music. People are carrying iPods and other stuff like that. Next there are video games like Call of Duty which many people are starting to get addicted into. Today's youth are completely brainwashed by these games and it encourages violence. People are starting to be violent due to these games that they play on their PlayStation 3's, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC. It is leading to corruption. Music is starting to become widespread and it is played just about everywhere in public. Younger kids are being influenced by this media. Could this be a possiblity that we are slowly approaching the age of ignorance? They misbehave with their peers and injustly with others. Video games are currently the fastest highest grossing means of entertainment. People chase after them including myself which is kinda tricky for my to stop myself. People are almost starting to be distracted from the worship of Allah. They start thinking about buying the latest Call of Duty. People are being addicted to social networks like Facebook and Twitter and gaming services like Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Today's younger teens start looking at innappropriate haraam pictures. What could this all mean? I get this weird feeling that we may be close to the age of ignorance. Video games seem unavoidable and people just can't keep away from them. This is widespread in North America and Europe. Younger Muslims start following pop stars like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, PSY, Justin Timberlake among others and can't stay away from them. They are nearly compelled to go towards them. There are too many sins being committed and people are wasting their time with this Call of Duty stuff. There is too much bloodshed going around the world in the Middle East and Gaza and so many other places. It seems that our current era is being filled with curruption and injustice. We are losing some dear momins in a few places and they are being killed. It makes me feel sad. We hear lot's of problems going on around the world and it is heard in the news all the time. Does this all seem true and reasonable or are almost all of the signs of the last age are starting to come true one by one? What are your thoughts on this? It makes me fear so much.
  24. Wedding

    Salam guys, According to Sayyed Al Sistani, what kind of Music is allowed to be used in a wedding, Is it allowed if it was kind of Music-y type of thing, i know some Maraje3 don't allow it. Like, we want to turn this on in a wedding. Skip the first video to 0:53 & start listening to from 0:53 you're gonna get the idea how it sounds like, what do you guys think? & that one as well, start listening to it from 0:58 just so you can get a good idea, & you don't have to listen to all of it, but until you get a full idea how it really sounds like, & give me your thoughts, & will Sayyed Sistani allow this, Music- type of thing? if you know anything, or read about it, link me to it please. Also, obviously it's a wedding, so we're all gonna be dressing up & everything, & there's gonna be people taking pictures & filming there, & we don't know everyone, & we aren't gonna cover up, wear jeans & long sleeves etc.., it's a wedding so, so wear something like dresses, make up etc.. so what's the ruling? Does Sayyed Sistani have ruling for that.. We're gonna be in other people's phones we might be in it when they film/take pictures, & we don't know them or trust them, & what if non muhram from their side sees the pictures, or accidentally goes in someones hands & everything will just be exposed, there's chances these could happen, what will we have to do then? Am i just gonna have to walk around looking at everyone just in case they take pictures or start filming & i might be in it, so i'm gonna have to keep making a 360 U-turn & walk away everytime i see someone filming/taking pics, that's gonna be pretty hard & annoying -_-
  25. Halal Music

    Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I know this topic has been exhausted to great depths, and this may be a redundant question. I always see subject relating to haram music, but my question regards halal music since there is much less halal music than haram. Basically, I am going to state what I've heard and tell me if I am correct or not. Also some links to halal music would be great. From what I understand halal music is: - that which does not contain "ghina" or singing - that which the music instruments do not produce an entertaining sound, rather the music is soothing and calming If you have any more information that would help, again sorry if I exhausted this topic even more. Also, is listening to music with just the oud halal? I hear so many conflicting things that I sometimes become confused.
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