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Found 2 results

  1. Which Court Is Better?

    (salam) COURT P: 1. In court P all the principles of natural justice are abide by. There are instances where the courts deviated from them but generally speaking they follow the golden principle "Audi Alteram Partem" (No body should be condemned unheard). Even if the government wants to take action against some one it gives a reasonable notice to that person to do the needful and also inform the person of non compliance of orders/directions of the government. Even if government neglect this principle, the courts take the action and allow the parties to present their version about the case. There are no instances in these courts where some orphan is deprived of his/her right and the government occupied his/her land illegally without notice to that person. References: http://legalperspectives.blogspot.com/2010/07/audi-alteram-partem-natural-justice.html http://www.pljlawsite.com/html/PLJ2011CR16.htm 2. In court P this is settled principle that no one can be the judge of his own cause. Nemo iudex in causa sua (or nemo iudex in sua causa) is a Latin phrase that means, literally, no-one should be a judge in their own cause. Even if a judge is interested in some cause due to some relation with one of the parties, he sends the case to the big judge to fix the case for adjudication before some other court so that the justice is done and he does not decide his own case. References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nemo_iudex_in_causa_sua 3. In Court P, it is written in the constitution that every law shall be made in accordance with Quran and Sunnah and no law in contradiction of Quran and Sunnah will be declared void. COURT A: 1. in Court A all the principles of natural justice were violated. The Court occupied the land of an orphan without notice to her. So the orphan was condemned unheard and her land was occupied illegally and unlawfully in clear violation of natural justice. 2. In Court A the Judge was not only interested in the cause rather he was the party of the case himself but still he opted to decide the case and unilaterally illegally occupied the land of the orphan. 3. The judge invented a hadith in clear violation of Quran. Quran did not provide any exception for a woman from her right in the property left by her predeceased but he made a self made hadith in violation of Quran.
  2. Boycott Shia Owned Businesses

    Wahabi Campaign of hatred. there is a sick facebook campaign currently going on in Sydney, by Salafi/Wahabis targeting Shia and Alawi owned businesses as a result of whats happening in Syria. boycott tyranny For those that don't have facebook this is what the page looks like: Business Names: LAKEMBA Harriri Chicken and Pizza Station Lakemba Men's Hair Cut - Lakemba Haldon St Mashawi in Lakemba Haldon Street BANKSTOWN Fahita Snacks and Café -12d Restwell St Bankstown Juicylicious 12 Restwell St Bankstown Summer land lebanese restraunt in bankstown Men's Hairdresser in Bankstown Square (Inside the Woolworths and Big W Compound) CHESTER HILL Chester Hill Pizza House 216 Waldron rd Chester Hill ARNCLIFF Peace Bread (Salam Bread) - Lebanese Bread (based in Arncliff but distribute to most mini-markets) NOTE: most stores in Arncliff are Rafidah or Nosayriyah owned and run. ONLINE 'FACEBOOK' BUSINESS Modest Fashiion: this is what she wrote to BOYCOTT TYRANNY "dont forget to add Modest Fashiion its a Shia owned online business,, Ya HizabAllah Ya Nasrallah Ya Bashar" note she forgot to say Ya Allah... or maybe she didnt!! "SecretbeautyShop" is a Facebook business (she asked BOYCOTT-TYRANNY to add her to this list, thats how much she supports bashaar and hasoon) PUNCHBOWL Yum Yum Bakrey on Punchbowl Rd RIVERWOOD Eves Closet – 270 Belmore Road, Riverwood BELFEILD Zazitas in belfield ROCKDALE Ibrahim Pastry 412 Princes Hwy Rockdale Design Tiles 413 Princes Hwy Rockdale NOTE: most stores in Rockdale are Rafidah or Nosayriyah owned and run. ROSELANDS Shop 4, 818-826 Canterbury Rd, Roselands Nsw, 2196 Dr Michael Nozhar Rafidee Haqood AUBURN Sofra Kebab & Pizza - 35-39 Auburn Road, Auburn NSW 2144 Sahar Super Market 62 Auburn Rd, Auburn NSW MADO Cafe - 63 Auburn Road, Auburn, NSW 2144 Vatan Restaurant - 64 Auburn Road, Auburn, NSW 2144 Hamka Halal Meat - 75-77 Auburn Road (Inside Auburn Arcade) , Auburn NSW Watan Mixed Business - T36/10 Harrow Road, Auburn, NSW 2144 Diljah Mixed Business - 125 Auburn Road, Auburn, NSW 2144 1 share Tabbaneh Mens hair cut in Lakemba haldon st- Rafidah June 5 at 3:00pm · Like · 1 Tabbaneh Mens hairdresser in Bankstown square in the woolworths and Big W compound -Nusayri June 5 at 3:02pm · Like Amira Um Saifudeen please does anyone know if the chicken shop inside chester hill squrare are owned by alawi June 6 at 7:14pm · Like Amira Um Saifudeen also I heard the la hanan - lttle lebbo shop on the corner of hector st and batt street in sefton are Alalwi owned June 6 at 7:17pm · Like Tarek El Cheso kebab, is alawi.. June 7 at 1:40am · Like Tarek El I put about 5 shops on here yesterday and now they have dissappearred, also you have not put them on the list.... June 7 at 1:43am · Like Zee Ibrahim are there any in auburn, or granville ?? June 7 at 1:51am · Like · 1 Sheikh Abu Sulayman I kindly ask the brothers in charge of this page to organise it better. It is a fantastic initiative, but things are not up to date. May Alla reward you with the highest levels of Jannah with Abu Bakr, Omar, Othmaan and ALI radiya Allahy 'anhum June 8 at 5:14pm · Like · 2 Boycott Tyranny My apologies my dear brothers and sisters, can you Please put in 1 comment below exactly what shops need to be added, JazakAllahu khairun Saturday at 10:19am · Like This Hate campaign has popped up only a few month after an alawite was shot by a wahabi following a facebook debate: COUNTER-TERRORISM police are investigating the Sydney shooting of a supporter of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad who was gunned down outside his home following a political argument on Facebook. The latest flare-up of local violence stemming from the worsening situation in Syria comes as Australia is in talks over a new international coalition to back opponents of the regime in Syria - even without a United Nations mandate. Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday added her voice to Western condemnation of the decision by Russia and China to veto a Security Council resolution on the vicious crackdown in Syria. Read more: http://www.theage.co...l#ixzz1xYg6Y5fI
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