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Found 34 results

  1. https://ahvalnews.com/sdf/pentagon-allocates-550-million-sdf The Pentagon has announced that it will allocate $550 million of its 2019 budget to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a group that Turkey views as linked to a terrorist entity, the Turkish state-rune Anadolu Agency reported on Monday. The budget will include $300 million to train and equip the SDF, and a further $250 million for a contentious “border force” that is being set up to guard the regional borders. The United States sees the SDF as a multi-ethnic force that is an indispensable ally in the coalition against the extremist jihadist Islamic State (ISIS). However, the force is organically linked to the predominantly-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), a group seen by Turkey as the Syrian wing of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). The Turkish armed forces have been involved in decades of armed conflict with the PKK, which is designated as a terrorist organisation by both Turkey and the United States. Turkey is currently fighting the YPG in the northwest Syrian area of Afrin, in an operation that has sparked high tensions between the country and its NATO ally the United States, after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan threatened to extend the operation to nearby Manbij, where U.S. troops are stationed.
  2. Are Shias in Turkey safe

    I heard that Shias in Turkey suffer alot of tourcher by other caste. Turkish people have the shiatephobi and all. I want to know that is it true?? They suffer lack of priority there??
  3. Are Shias in Turkey safe?

    I heard that Shias in Turkey suffer alot of tourcher by other caste. Turkish people have the shiatephobi and all. I want to know that is it true?? They suffer lack of priority there??
  4. Turkey deploying troops to Syria’s militant-held Idlib: Report Turkish forces, it said, would not attack the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham terrorist group, formerly known as al-Nusra Front, but would engage in a "diplomatic” process and push them to evacuate Idlib and hand over their positions to the Turkish army. I hope Russia and Iran know what they're doing. I think it's obvious that the Turks are with the zionists (Saudi / Israel )
  5. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39612562 as of now, 98.49 percent of votes have been counted, and erdogan has 51.49 percent of votes.
  6. Assalamalaikum, I have been watching news .... Im still not able to figure out who are the good guys .... Can you tell me , which countries are the good guys... P. S: Dont be biased pls.. . Be Truthful n Honest
  7. Hmmm, does this seem ok?

    So, I've been reading a book, and speaking with the author via his fan mail email address. And I've become so fascinated with not just a character that is minor, but the premise to the life of that character. And this lead me to decide to write a Novella about a Spy that reincarnates with new convictions, and new afflictions. The incarnations happen between the Soul's Partner as a spy. What I have written so far, is summarized as: a Syrian refugee born in England, that is deaf, and who's mother is in MI-6 as a spy to the crown with no living family because of Russian bombing, assigned to uncover the death of the Prada Llama, who in turn reincarnated in her daughter My question to the community, and concern, is if that would be crossing a line. And also, is there anyone I may speak with to help me develop further the characters?
  8. I personally have mixed opinions on him. I believed he helped Turkey resurge and modernize greatly and saved them from being torn up by European powers, but many of his policies (particularly towards the Armenians after the genocide and his brutal subjugation of the Kurds) objectionable. What do you think?
  9. Erdogan has just recently arrested over 20 journalists and editors from a major newspaper (Cumhuriyet, left wing), and over a dozen lawmakers from the Kurdish party (HDP) in Turkish parliament, including the two party leaders selahattin demirtas, and figen yuksekdag, and turkish government has just shut down facebook, twitter, and whatsapp across the country, and shut down internet in the southeast (kurdish region), and said he would extend the emergency law for a year, while the Turkish economy crumbles and protests are being put down violently with tear gas and water cannons......he has fired 110,000 civil servants since the failed coup, shut down dozens of media outlets, fired 1/3 of the military's top command, fired and arrested thousands of judges, teachers, health care workers, professors, and union workers.......how will he be stopped? i know despairing of the mercy of Allah is a major sin, but i have begun to....
  10. Iraq censures 'irresponsible' remarks by Turkey's Erdogan Erdogan said the Turkish army would not take orders from Iraq to leave the country. "Who's that? The Iraqi prime minister. First you know your place!" Erdogan said in comments addressed to Abadi. "He is insulting me personally. You are not my interlocutor, you are not at my level," the Turkish president told a meeting in Istanbul, adding, "It's not important at all how you shout from Iraq. You should know that we will do what we want to do." http://presstv.com/Detail/2016/10/11/488634/Iraq-Haider-alAbadi-Saad-alHusseini-Turkey-Erdogan-Mosul unbelievable! I don't understand why the Iraqi army is not attacking them!!
  11. Assad Death Warrant

    Great article on the root cause of the Syrian war: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/09/15/assads-death-warrant/
  12. Hi all, What do you think of the Turkish invasion of Syria? Did Russia give Turkey the green light to invade? How does this change things in Syria? Thank you, MuhammadXII
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/aug/24/turkey-launches-major-operation-against-isis-in-key-border-town Things are heating up. In recent weeks there were suicide bomb blasts almost everyday in Turkey.
  14. Why did Turkey invade Cyprus?

    In 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus. But, I don't understand why this happened. In 1974, Turks were spread all over the island but they accounted for only 18% of the population. Why was Turkey so set on preventing Cyprus from unifying with Greece?
  15. Who are the Alevi of Turkey?

    I've read that their is a Shia sect in Turkey called the Alevis' and that they account for 15-25% of the population of Turkey. I have read that they don't worship in a mosque. Although, they are considered twelver Shia, I've heard that they have unique practices. I am very curious why they don't pray in a mosque?
  16. Erdogan is a dictator. He wants all the power in the executive branch, is censoring free speech and even passed laws saying "insulting content" can be shut down, he sent a 13 year old to prison for criticizing him, he destroyed syria and arms the takfiris, he persecutes members of the gulen movement, which my family is a part of, simply because the judiciary made a probe into possible corruption by the akp, doing their jobs, and the majority of them were gulenists, he has shut down thousands of gulen owned schools, businesses, sent journalists to prison, been in bed with saudi arabia and isis, bombs the kurds and refuses to let them fight the takfiris, he took over zaman newspaper for "promoting the pkk", said a de facto dictatorship worked in nazi germany and so it should work there, is helping the bombardment of yemen (fighting houthis), is arming boko haram, and is trying to change the constitution to turn turkey into a presidential system...and is shoving religion down a secular nation's throat. i am turkish and I HATE HATE HATE him....what do you think?
  17. Salaamunalaiqum, Turkey has been a country since last few years which is involved a lot in the events concerning Middle East. It is the Turkish border which is the cause of in stability in Syria, They openly supports the terrorists and they even entered Iraq. Shooting down Russian Jet is another example of their support for terrorist and recently they attacked Syria with their jet planes. The Worst thing is now they are preparing to send ground troops in Syria. First and foremost thing to think about it is, What Turkey would gain from all these? I want you to share your thoughts on these. Is it the animosity between them and Assad government that is causing them to do this or there is some other sinister reason. If you have read the alamaat of Zahoor you will see a lot concerning "The Turks". Are they the same Turks mentioned in Ahadith concerning the reappearance of Imam e zamana a.s
  18. doing anything for Thanksgiving?

    Salaam Does your family celebrate Thanksgiving? Celebrate may be too strong of a word. Do you do anything out of the ordinary for Thanksgiving? Prepare a Turkey.
  19. :lol: :rolleyes: :lol: The union of Zionists and Khawarij, after Syria now the two brutal movements are going to befriend each other in Gaza! Feel sorry-- for those who were so naive to express their support for such groups (no matter what) because these groups were oppressed and were confronting Zionists and caring for Quds... so now, I hope the case is closed. ---------------------------------- Israel's secret cooperation with Hamas Link: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4650733,00.html
  20. Salam all, In the last weeks and months and years Turkey politicians' war talks and blackmail, especially Erdogan's, against "Israel" have become more open, sharp and strict. On the other hand Turkey has open relationship with the so-called "Israel", diplomatically and other kinds and they even agree to this and want this to be known by everyone. They even accept the UN's map of the Zionist entity. This is hypocrisy at its finest.
  21. Salam 'Alaykum. What is the Shia view of the founder of the Ottoman Empire? The sunnis say he was the prophesied King/Amir who would conquer Constantinople. They attribute this belief to a hadith. He was also part of the Naqshbandi Sufi Tariqa. What's our stance regarding him?
  22. Mehmet The Conqueror

    I was wondering about the Shia view of Mehmet the Conqueror. This guy was the first Muslim to conquer Constantinople, and there's a hadith that says the first army to conquer Constantinople will go to Heaven. I think it is a Sunni hadith, but Hazret Abu Ayyub Ansari said he heard the Prophet narrate it, and he was so sure about it that he actually joined the first Muslim army to attack Constantinople at a very elderly age. He is even buried just outside the old city. I also read somewhere that Mehmet showed interest in Shiism when some Sufis came to his court.
  23. “ISIL, Turkey: Dream of Restoring the Glories of Sublime Ottoman State” “We have witnessed the severity of the ISIL organization in demolishing all the shrines, temples and tombs, even those that are attributed to the prophets and the companions, as being a manifestation of shirk (polytheism), as said by them. However, when it comes to the shrine of the grandfather of the Turkish Ottomans “Suleiman Pasha” inside Syria and in the areas under the ISIL control, not only did ISIL refrain from destroying it, but facilitated the entry of Turkish troops to such shrines and protected them. The ISIL forces are to date protecting it and did not destroy it”. The writer Nawaf Qadimi passed these words unnoticed, and in a two-part article published in the “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeeed” newspaper, funded by Qatar, the Saudi Muslim Brotherhood writer answered a question title: “A big question ... how was the ISIL created?”, then another annex followed under the title “Back to the question ... who stands behind the ISIL?”. The answer came sequentially: the government of Nouri al-Maliki in Iraq, the Islamic Republic of Iran, all the way to Syria ... they are all clearly naïve about what is meant by Qadimi’s above mentioned turn of phrase. Recep Tayyeb Erdogan stood on July/2012 before his Party’s audience to justify the intervention of his government in the crisis in Syria, saying: It is that we are the descendants of the Seljuks, and the remnants of the Sublime Ottoman State... “The Justice and Development Party (AKP) is a party in which the spirit of the Seljuks* and the Ottomans is deeply rooted”. Putting emphasis on his position, he repeated it while addressing another speech on September in the same year, saying: “We are walking in our conqueror ancestors’ footsteps starting from Sultan Alp Arslan* reaching to Fatih Sultan Mehmet “the Conquer”*. Having assumed power in 1046 AD, Alp Arslan, the second ruler of the Seljuk state, has been able to expand the boundaries of his state inciting sectarianism in his wars against the Fatimids, particularly. During his reign, Nezamiyeh schools, which were toughening up a certain doctrine and which considered other Islamic doctrines as infidels, have been established. He also lavished funds on advocates being brought by him to Baghdad to accuse the Fatimids as infidels and to call for fighting them. Perhaps Alp Arslan’s inheritance, which Erdogan is glorifying, help us understand Turkey’s policy not only in terms of its interference in the Syrian crisis, but even regarding its support for the Takfiri organizations, the foremost the ISIL. The ISIL’s funding father is Erdogan’s personal friend The name of the Saudi businessman Yassin al-Qadi has been linked to organizations classified as terrorist internationally. In particular, the foreign press and the Turkish opposition media describe him as “al-Qaeda’s funding father”. After the events of September 11/2001, al-Qadi- along with other figures- has been included in the world’s list of terrorists, and his name was stereotyped as a terrorist man. This made several countries ban him from entering into their territories, Turkey was one of them. Earlier, the Turkish media documented a photo scandal: Erdogan’s meetings with Yassin al-Qadi as well as long meetings with his son Bilal Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The scandal that was leaked by Turkish security elements came in the context of the case of corruption of which the son of the former Turkish Prime Minister has been accused. Based upon this, a large number of elements of the security corps were arrested being accused of plotting a coup against the government. Nevertheless, the French journalist Thierry Meyssan describes Yassin al-Qadi as a personal friend of both Richard Cheney (former U.S. Vice President) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to him, al-Qadi visited Turkey four times during 2012, and “his plane used to land at the second airport of Istanbul, and was being welcomed by the Prime Minister personally, without going through the smart gate, and after cutting the security cameras’ power supply”. The Turkish “Gmehoriet” Newspaper intended to publish details about the investigations conducted by the Turkish judiciary on the same case, and mentioned that Recep Tayyip Erdogan introduced Yassine al-Qadi as a Saudi businessman visiting Turkey to invest and denied that he is a terrorist. It quoted him as saying: “I trust Mr. Al-Qadi just as I trust myself. He is an almsgiver”. The Turkish newspaper, after publishing Erdogan’s utterances before the Turkish judiciary, revealed that the Turkish police monitored 12 visits made by the Saudi man to Turkey. Seven out of these visits have been made with the help of Erdogan, the period when he was banned from entering Turkey, because his name was added as one of the world wanted terrorists in the list of the American FBI. The newspaper commented saying: “When the Turkish police was looking for al-Qadi, he was holding meetings with the Prime Minister”. Also, it published a photograph that showed separately the aforesaid man, Erdogan, and the Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan, when they were going to a meeting that gathered them. The newspaper noted that Fidan himself met with al-Qadi 5 times when Al-Qadi has been banned from entering the Turkish territory. Yet, the interesting thing is the leaked recordings published by the newspaper that disclose that Yassin al-Qadi used to give orders to the Erdogan’s office. He used to call to inform them that he had decided today to meet with Erdogan, and that the latter should not engage in any other obligations. The newspaper reported details about the dates of the meetings between the two men, what implies that the meetings were being attended by Fidan and by the Egyptian businessman Osama Qutob; the son of Muhammad Qutob the brother of the Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutob who holds the Turkish citizenship and is living with his father in Turkey at present. This also mean that the meetings were taking place sometimes at the home of the Turkish businessman Mustafa Latif Topas in Istanbul, attended by Erdogan’s son and Moaz the son of al-Qadi. The recordings verify that Qutob was in charge of delivering the messages from the insurgents in the battlefield in Syria to Erdogan, what signifies that the meetings of these figures exceeded the issues of investment, and perhaps they exploited the title of a charity practice! “The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH)” provides a cover for terrorism According to the American broadcaster Dave Emory’s blog, the Turkish media and political sides that oppose the Justice and Development Party (AKP) accuse Erdogan and particularly his son Bilal of taking advantage of the “Humanitarian Relief Foundation” (IHH) as a cover to support terrorist organizations. He revealed that the organization is funded through Yassin al-Qadi himself, and that the Turkish organization is one of the branches of the “Union of Good” (UG) Association, which is overseen by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. He pointed out that the branch of the “Union of Good” was banned in Germany in 2010, because of its connection with “terrorist organizations”, and that the State Department listed the “Union of Good” as a foreign terrorist organization. In the same context, Thierry Meyssan put emphasize on this when he talked about the Turkish police car that stopped “a truck loaded with weapons sent to al-Qaida near the border with Syria. One of the three men, who were arrested, stated that the load belongs to a humanitarian Association belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Turkey, while another one of the detainees said that he is an element in a mission related to the Turkish intelligence service”. Turkey is the pathway of oil, fighters, and weapons to the ISIL This data comes after what have been broadcasted by the Turkish and foreign media about the Turkish role in transferring the oil of Raqqa, Deir al-Zour, Mosul and other cities that are controlled by the Takfiri organization to the global market. The director of research at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis Theodore Karasik talked about three million dollars received by the ISIL as daily revenues out of its oil revenues, the amount that funds its activities. Those returning from Turkey refer to the public sympathy in the pro-government Turkish street with the ISIL. Social networking websites publish photos of Islamic libraries in Istanbul selling “T-shirts” and goods with the ISIL logo on them. Perhaps this news is no longer shocking after what the German (ARD) Television has revealed regarding the opening of an office for the ISIL in al-Fateh Street in Istanbul, being ran by Turks. Through it, the process of supporting and supplying the Takfiri organization in Iraq and Syria with funds and fighters takes place. The German channel itself revealed in a video report aired by it that the ISIL has training camps on the Turkish territory: 1- The GAZIANTEP Camp: a training camp for the ISIL fighters According to the report published by the website of “Today’s Zaman”, an English-language newspaper in Turkey, the Governor of the Gaziantep (Erdal Ata) rushed to hold a press conference to deny what has been revealed by the German television. However, he spoke about the arrest of 19 elements that belong to the ISIL in the city, among those who came from European countries before committing them to trial. Additionally, the Lebanese journalist Hassan Hamada, in an earlier interview with Al-Manar website, drew attention to the existence of three training camps in Turkey for the fighters of extremist organizations. 2- The ORFA Camp, southeastern Turkey: a camp out of which the gunmen came when they attacked the Kasab city that its residents are predominantly Armenian. 3- The OSMANIYA camp in Adana, southern Turkey: It is directly near the major bases of the U.S. Air Force in the Turkish territory. Yet, what is interesting is that the Osmaniya camp is a stone's throw away from the gas pipelines points of intersection coming from Iraq and Central Asia that empty the freight in the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean Sea. 4- The KARMAN camp, it is also in Adana but is much closer to Istanbul. Moreover, a document published by the French journalist Thierry Meyssan, earlier, revealed that Turkey facilitated the infiltration of 5,000 fighters, who belong to al-Qaeda, to the Syrian territory after receiving training in Libya. Ahead of talking about the relationship between the ISIL and Turkey, the American “CNN” channel in late 2013 broadcasted a video report, in which it documented that Turkey facilitated the infiltration of foreign fighters to the Syrian border. The correspondent of the American Channel took photographs of the young men coming from Mauritania, PIA, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Britain in the airport of Hatay, a province on the border with Syria. He met an Iraqi fighter, who turned to be belonging to the ISIL organization, and while interviewing him he said: “We want an Islamic caliphate extending from Iraq to Syria, without barriers separating between the two countries, and under the Islamic rule”. The report showed that the headquarters that raised the banner of the ISIL were visible from the Turkish territory. Perhaps the report of the American TV Network clarifies the argument of the Turkish journalist Orhan Kama Genghis: “The strongholds of the ISIL are located close to the Turkish border, and this did not happen coincidentally”. The Turkish journalist Kadri Gursel talks about the fact that the Turkish border territories have turned into an easy pathway facilitating the arrival and departure of the militants, where there are no formal procedures (visas, etc…) that could bother them, referring to the cooperation of the Turkish intelligence agency with the militants. Above and beyond, the Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party MP Muharram Ingee said that the ISIL leader “Mazen Abu Mohammed” received treatment in one of the Turkish government hospitals in the city of Hatay on April 2014, publishing a photo of the terrorist man in the hospital. Reviewing these data provide an early answer to the question of the Saudi writer, Nawaf Qadimi, who is known for his support for the Muslim Brotherhood, where the phenomenon of the ISIL leads us to evoke history. The Seljuks drew the policies to expand their influence and their tools were the advocates of takfir and the recruiting of fighters in the name of religion. Here is Erdogan in actual fact walking in the footsteps of the ancestors and painting policies, and the tools are the texts of takfir for which he is recruiting fighters in the name of religion itself! That is how history is enabling us to understand our present... * Belonging to the Seljuk State (1037 - 1194), and it is attributed to Seljuk the grandfather of Tughril Beg, the founder of the state. They are Turks and their rule included Afghanistan, Iran, some parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula. * Fatih Sultan Mehmet, is the Sultan Mehmet II and the seventh Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. He was nicknamed Fatih (the conqueror) after conquering the Balkans and the city of Constantinople (present-day Istanbul). Report by Israa Al-Fass Translated by Mayssa Hazimeh To read the original version in Arabic click here http://www.almanar.com.lb/english/adetails.php?eid=170905&cid=22&fromval=1&frid=22&seccatid=55&s1=1
  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4C9zGBhArps
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