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Found 2 results

  1. Salam-un-Alaikum I have read from Internet that changing gender is allowed in shia community,is it true? And if it is true then take an example of a man who has changed his gender into woman and at the time when she dies what Nimaz-e-Jinaza should be read to her. A man's jinaza because she was first a man or a women's jinaza because she is a woman now.
  2. Trans people strongly identify with the sex that is not their biological sex. For example, a biologically male transgender person strongly believes that they are female. They are a female trapped inside a male body. They believe this so strongly that they pay for surgery to surgically remove their perfectly functioning male reproductive organ. On the face of it, this seems like self mutilation. It might be useful to think about a neutral case: Imagine someone who strongly believes that they are a one-handed person trapped inside a two-handed person's body. They only ever use their right hand; their left hand feels alien to them, like its not actually part of their body. When they look in the mirror and see their left hand, they feel very uncomfortable. So they go and cut of their left hand. Wouldnt that be mutilation? Of course it would. But then there doesnt seem to be a relevant difference between the transgender case and the one-handed person case, so if the latter is mutilation, then so is the former. You could argue that one difference is that in removing the left hand, you are removing a fully functional part of your body. But the same holds if you remove female breasts or male reproductive organs. Thoughts?
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