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There are no results to display.

There are no results to display.

Found 5 results

  1. Did Abu Huraira fought against Maula Ali (A.S) in battle of siffin?. And which other companions stood against Maula Ali (A.S) in this battle?
  2. Assalam o Alaikum Brothers and Sister I am new to this group and im Sunni from Peshawar belonging to Hanfi maslak, but in recent past i have started reading ahadees by myself so came through various strange ahadees from sahee muslim and Sahee Bukhari and various conclusions i made. I see many sunnis in this forum, i would like Sunnis to respond to this post Siffin view of Sunni Most of our scholars (not all) says that this battle was between two groups of sahaba and no one can be called as wrong as both maavia ra and Ali ra were mujtahideen and their intent were not bad Let me Quotes a hadeees here صحیح مسلم حدیث6968ںبی اکرمﷺ نے فرمایا '' اللہ تعالیٰ عمار بن یاسر پر رحم کرے۔ اسے ایک باغی جماعت قتل کرےگی۔ وہ اس باغی جماعت کو اللہ کی طرف بلا رہا ہوگا، جبکہ وہ باغی جماعت اسے جہنم کی آگ کی طرف بلا رہے ہوگے۔ I ask, should we follow our molvis and should we follow imam e Azam Hazrat Muhammad Saww.. Doesnt this hadees clearly states that Group of Maavia was a rebel group, did rebellion against a Khaleefa e rashid.. Thanks Dr Nasir Ali
  3. Imam Ali (as) fought valiantly in a number of battles. Which ONE would you like to observe if you could?
  4. (BISMILLAH) (Salam) I hope you are all in the best of health and Iman. When we look at the events surrounding Siffin and the events resulting from it, such as the creation of the Kharjites and the subsequent battle of Naharwan, we that a lot of the people who left the Imam's side were not necessarily evil but were simply fooled by Ibn Aas. For example, when I was younger and had for the first time come across the Imam's history in the series made about him, when his camp started panicking because Ibn Aas has spread rumours that he would divert the flow of the Euphrates, I actually believed it! I was neither in the war nor was I opposed to the Imam (I was barely old enough to understand this stuff) but, if I was, at that time, one of his camp, I would have probably run away like those guys. The same was true for a lot of the people who accepted arbitration: they simply weren't clever enough to see through Ibn Aas' rouse. Many of the Kharjites, too, were not bad people. They were not out for personal gain or to profit and in fact had a very ascetic lifestyle but because they were not clever enough and hypocritical, they became the worst of the Imam's enemies, despite probably having good intentions and only wanting to please God. Now, if we believe that non-Muslims who have good intentions and tried their best to find the right religion but were, for whatever reason, unable to come to accept Islam as the right religion will also be accepted into Heaven, what about people like the Kharjites? Given that I can't exactly control how intelligent I am and if I will be able to see through another person's deceit, is it possible that they will also be forgiven?
  5. Are All Sahaba In Janna?

    sunnis say that all sahaba are in janna how is this possible? what about the hypocrits ? u say talha,zubair,muawiya are in janna along with imam ali (as) i really dont understand what type of heaven is it then :no: what is your stand on hinda (who ate the liver of hamza in uhud) abu sufyan (leader of meccans in badr,ohud,khandaq) muawiya (siffin,nahrawan,killing of ammar ibn yasir (ra),breaking the treaty with imam hasan (as) ) talha and zubair (jamal) ayesha (jamal) umar (attacking bibi fatima al zahra (as) ) .... . . . .
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