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  1. Salaam Alaikum everyone. I am wondering a lot about Mut'ah. I feel like I've made a mistake agreeing upon a Mut'ah. - We are a young couple with different backgrounds. I've met his family and they are all were nice to me and I was very happy meeting all of them. He's met my family recently but it feels like we don't fit to be together. My family is a Catholic though they don't practice it, my father drinks and my mom is a smoker. I recently converted and I am learning a lot about Islam through him and through reading the Qu'ran and reading a lot of fatwas. Anyway, I feel like we are drifting away from each other as he sees my family as sinners. I feel so bad because I do love him and I do know that with Islam, I'll shed light to my parents about these bad habits. I believe that with a stronger belief and a strong will- I will be able to help them to understand that with these vices- not only it deteriorates their body but it's not good in a long run. - We haven't been dating for quite a long time but under Mut'ah, he got me pregnant. I am still pregnant with his child but I am reading a lot about what could happen if he breaks the contract- would I be able to get the custody of my child or it will be all on him? I am financially stable and I know that I'd be able to take care of myself and the baby but I've read that it will be all in his custody. Is there anyone out there can clarify me about this situation? - Would it matter if he hasn't given me his dowry? I can't find any details on this matter. I've got so many questions and I feel like all the questions I have right now are all quite tricky but please, I need your help. Thank you so much.
  2. Salaamz All - Just recently I was listening a lecture from one of the Sayed Qazwinis (there are so many Qazwinis) where he talked about the risks of reckless Aqd -e- Mutah. Most of his opinions came from the fact that we are not robots, have emotions, get emotionally attached, touch other person's life in many intimate ways, and an eventual culmination of the Aqd may leave emotional, physical, lateral (pregnancy), marital (comparing future spouses with the muta partners), social (living among Shi'a who follow the thoughts of Umer and consider Muta wrong) hangovers. This thread is not to seek your opinion on the validity of the Aqd of Muta, instead share your opinions of how to mitigate the risks of during and post Aqd issues. A few risk mitigation items that I could come up with are below. Please comment on these and add others. 1. Stipulating the end terms with the stipulation of how to detach emotionally. 2. Making the woman write terms of what will happen in case of pregnancy. 3. Issues around discretion.
  3. Shah Khan

    Why Shias do Mutah?

    Why Shias perform Mutah??? Please don't mind sorry to say, isn't it Disgusting??? Men having Muta with different Women and Women having Muta with different men.
  4. Far too often, you find that Shias are attacked at permitting temporary marriage. They accuse Shias of permitting something akin to prostitution (which is really odd, given the companions performed Mutah and the Prophet (saw) permitted it, and it would be strange to permit prostitution). What many Shias may not really know is that aside from the Hanbalis and a number of the Salafi scholars, two major Sunni Madhabs permit a man and or a woman to get married, with the intention they will divorce, so long as they do not explicitly make it a condition in their marriage. So in effect, a man can choose to marry a woman for a month, and then divorce her after a month and return to wherever he came from. In fact, not only is this essentially like temporary marriage, it actually throws the poor woman into confusion as she was not expecting someone who committed in marriage to suddenly change in that manner, and this can have adverse effects upon her. With Mutah, both parties are aware of what they are getting into. This sort of marriage is supported by the Hanafis, Shafi's, and Salafi scholars like Ibn Baz (a major scholar). Don't bother telling Salafis about ibn Baz because they will pull their classic cop-out card 'but they aren't infallible like your infallible imams , we use the word 'infallible imams' because like an election technique we drill in the same catchphrase again and again so put forth a message and so here it is 'infallible' imam'. However, a number of scholars within the Hanafi and Shafi' Madhab even permit a man and a woman to both know that they will cut off their marriage after a particular time period and so long as they don't explicitly put it into the marriage contract, that marriage is permissible. PS: This kind of marriage is valid according to most Sunnis anyway, but the distinction is in whether it is Harram to do or not, but once you do it, you become Halal for each other. If you aren't aware Hanafis comprise of the largest denomination of the four Madhabs, and along with Shafi'i muslims would make up well over half the number of Sunnis we have today. If you also take into account those who accept the Fatwah of ibn Baz and other fringe opinions among the Salafis purported by major scholars, Sunni Islam permits based on the dominant view for a man and or a woman to get married with the intention of divorcing after a certain period, and among those that permit it, some permit a man and a woman to both know the intentions of the other but not to add it in the official contract. Did i also forget to add, 'great' Salafi scholars like Ibn Taymiyyah, ibn Qayim (they love to quote him in motivational quotes), Ibn Hazm, Shawkani, Subki and others permit a grown man to be breastfed by a woman? You might think i have gone into an extreme to claim this and that it can not possibly true, but there is nothing more to it, it is a fact. They try to bury this truth and reality so you don't know about it! While the majority of their 'sect' permits what is effectively Mutah, and a number of notable scholars of theirs permitted what is essentially grotesque contact between those of opposite sex, here they are accusing the followers of Muhammed and ale Muhammed (peace be on them all) of allowing prostitution! The same people who among them have youth abusing Shias on Mutah, yet have girlfriends they procure outside of it! Quotes/Useful material to use: [IBN BAZ - A MAJOR SALAFI SCHOLAR, PART OF THE 'HOLY' SALAFI TRIAD OF SCHOLARS THAT ARE IBN UTHAYMEEN, AL ALBANI AND IBN BAZ] "If, on the other hand, a man sees that the woman and her former husband really want to get back together, therefore with the intention of helping them out, he marries her then divorces her after consummating the marriage, then this will be permissible with the condition that no one knows of his intention."https://hanafilegalrulings.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/halala-after-divorce.htmlIn fact, the marriage is Valid and it is permissible according to a number of scholars in the Hanafi Fiqh, if the man and woman know their intention is to marry for a week, or a month, or a year, but do not explicitly stipulate it in the contract. It is clear cut temporary marriage, and the only thing differentiating it is the explicit inclusion in the marital contract:"If both the man and the woman marrying each other know of each others intention (i.e. that they are getting married for halaala), but at the time of marriage, the condition of halaala is not mentioned, then in this case some ulama (scholars) say that it is not permissible (although, just like in the first scenario, if someone does it, the marriage itself will be valid and the woman will become halaal for her first husband). Other ulama say that such a marriage is permissible. It is therefore better to avoid this."https://hanafilegalrulings.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/halala-after-divorce.html(Ahsanul Fataawa: 5/154, Saeed)(Fataawa Usmani: 2/278, Maktaba Ma’ariful Quran)(Qaamoosul Fiqh: 2/426, Zamzam Publishers)(Raddul Muhtaar: 5/51, Darul Ma’rifa) " Similarly, if the woman gets married to a man with the intention that after the marriage and its consummation, she will ask for divorce and thereafter get married to her first husband, it will be permissible with the condition that no one knows of her intention."https://hanafilegalrulings.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/halala-after-divorce.html(Ahsanul Fataawa: 5/154, Saeed)(Fataawa Usmani: 2/278, Maktaba Ma’ariful Quran)(Qaamoosul Fiqh: 2/426, Zamzam Publishers)(Raddul Muhtaar: 5/51, Darul Ma’rifa) PS: Other than Ibn Baz, who goes against most of the Salafis in his ruling, the Hanafi Fatwahs are not just 'rouge' rulings by 'individuals'.
  5. Famalik

    Mutah Issues

    Salam all, I was looking for some guidance on something. Alhamdulilah I have just came back from Ziyarat and after speaking with a Alim there, he made me make a promise and that was to drop my most dangerous sin. Ashamed to admit, but as a young male, my worst sin is istimna(masturbation). The Alim advises that I get married to stay away from sin and take care of human needs in halal fashion however since I will not be getting married for at least another 2-3 years due to school and parents not willing til completion, he recommended mutah with Ahle kitab. my issue is that I feel guilty doing Nikkah mutah solely for the sake of justifying pleasure, and just because it is better than istimna. Also, to pay someone willing here as a dowry, I feel like is very similar to prostitution and have a hard time accepting that. I am only asking because I want to take care of my human desires in a halal fashion and it’s getting to the point my mind is consumed by these dirty thoughts. I usually controlled this by astagfirullah but I have stopped that now. please looking for some help or advice. Jazak
  6. Assalam Wa Aleikum, i really need some help here, as I am so confused, In regards to whether i am a free woman and my iddah is over. It might be important to note that i follow Sayed Sistani. So I am a sister from Denmark and i contracted a mutah with a man for 1 year. We were together for 8 months, but then We decided to end our mutah and gift me back the remaining 4 months. Since none of us really speak arabic, (although we could pronounce the actual mutah contract - and so, we did do that In arabic, because we found that easy) But he did not say the "divorce-formular" In arabic (I am aware of the fact, that there is no actual divorce in mu'tah, but for the sake of making it easy, I'll refer to it, as "divorce") so he pronounced the "divorce formular" In english and then In danish. So one of each language. The reason for this, and our intention of saying it In both languages, was so that we could make sure, that he had pronounced it properly and that i was sure, to have been given back my remaining time of 4 months. Now i am confused, since i read the following; in mut’a there is a waiting period which must be observed after the time period of the marriage has expired or the man has returned the remainder of the period to the woman. It consists of two menstrual periods, provided she menstruates. This statute is based upon the following two hadith: 'To divorce a slave, one must pronounce the formula of divorce twice; her waiting period is two menstrual periods' (the Imam Musa). It has been related that al-Shaykh al-Mufid,al-'Allama al-Hilli, Ibn Idris, and a number of the other ulama' hold that the waiting period of a wife by mut'a is two fuhrs i.e., two major ablutions following menstrual periods. They base this opinion on the hadith related from the Imam al-Baqir: '. ..If he is a free man married to a slave girl, he divorces her by pronouncing the formula of divorce twice; her waiting period is two fuhrs.' And in the hadith quoted above, it is seen that the waiting period of a wife by mut'a is the same as that of a slave girl. so now i am confused if whether or not, he did actually gift me back the time correctly. Because although he did say it twice, In two different languages, we did NOT have the intention of doing it Because we thought we had to do it. I did not even know about the hadith until a few days ago. So my first question is: did he really gift me the time back properly and is my iddah valid? My second question is, i already had 2 menstruations since he left me. He left me on the 29th of september, i got my first period on the 9th of october. Then it ended about the 14th - 15th of october. Then i did ghusl. then i got my second period on the 15th of november and it lasted until the 21th - 22th of november. Then i did ghusl. Does that count as 2 menstrual cycles or do I have to wait until it has actually been 2 months, counted by days. So for example, 1 month of 31 days and a second month for 31 days = 62 days? And if so, did my iddah start on the 29th of september, when he left me, or did it start the 9th of october, when my first period started? OR do i In fact, have to wait another 3 weeks, until i get my period for the third time? My last question is, i don't remember if i was pak from my earlier menstruation period, BEFORE he left me, as i did not pray at that time, i never used to do ghusl that much, after ending a menstruation. I Think i maybe was pak, But i just dont remember. On Sistanis page it says following; 2518. There is no question of of divorce in the case of a woman with whom temporary marriage is contracted, for example, for one month or one year. She becomes free when the period of her marriage expires or when the man forgoes the period of her marriage by saying: "I hereby exempt you from the remaining time of marriage", and it is not necessary to have a witness nor that the woman should be Pak from her Haidh. so it says that I did not need to be pak BEFORE he left me? My very last question is, if it is haram to start talking to some one else, about marriage. Because i am talking to someone at the moment. i have had my period 2 times, But i just don"t know if i really am free or not. I pray that one of you, Can help me with my questions, as my Sayed from Denmark is out travelling and very busy, and i just need to know. Assalamu Wa Aleikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh
  7. Guest


    I am a revert.. and the lone in a house full of wahabis.. i reverted 3 years ago. And i am from [EDIT]. Now i know i cant have a sunni nikah which is not a nikah actually.. how can i find some shia revert for marriage or for mutah in [EDIT]. It is serious. No pun no exaggeration intended.
  8. Can anyone explain Can a person do mutah with jis own sister or mother?
  9. Guest


    Asalamaalykum My cousin entered a Mutah Marraige without asking her Wali's consent. She was not aware about this rule and wanted to do everything in a halal manner. She was a virgin before the Mutah Marraige but she now she has had sexual intercourse. She is very scared what can she do about it now?
  10. SeekingEnlightment

    Mutah - A Choice

    @SeekingEnlightment [Mod Note: Your topic was approved.] Personally, I find the the concept of mutah very very hard to consume. For one, it is a choice. Secondly, I cannot even imagine my daughter's virginity being taken by some temporary contract like this. The best thing about Islam for me is how much it protects and values the purity of its women. How much it emphasis for not just men but women too to lower their gazes and keep good intentions about everything. Then there is this Mutah. How.. I mean how is this even acceptable? It sounds so wrong. Maybe i dont know much about all this but I cant seem to grasp this concept of this being right at all. A temporary marriage? Isnt marriage supposed to last forever between soulmates? A lasting bond? Are you not gonna be with your husband in heaven? Arent couples made in heaven? Women's virginity is such a sacred thing. Her Iman and every single thing. I like how its a choice for the woman too but this type of marriage contract. Nah uh? Never gonna happen. Also there is that fact that it is not acceptable in every type of Islam. In all honesty it sounds like 'loaning a women' fine yeah i get that that woman will have all the rights of a wife and will be respected and all but still for a time? its like loaning or hiring to be cruder despite the fact that woman gets a choice in it. What bothers me is how its acceptable. If someone could explain why its significance and its rulings that would be great. Still however no matter what I strongly think that not many will agree to this kind of proposition ever if they are pious. I mean a man taking responsibility for a woman in a marriage.. its such a sacred thing. A bond its everlasting. How would a woman feel if say oh i will be 'not married' when im like 40 or something how does that sound? Sounds weird to me. Besides that, most of the proofs that I have read from Shias claiming that Mutah is right are unclear and are vastly disagreed upon. Even using common sense being a third party, when I see a religion so conservative and pure like Islam I will never believe that their Lord will allow women to just be married for a term. For their virginity to be taken like this and then after a time that matrimonial bond with that person vanishes.
  11. SunniBrother

    Nikah Mutah

    I honestly never understood why twelvers make Nikah Mutah. 7 of the eight madhabs forbid it. With only twelvers being the exception. Zaydis also forbid. We have narrations from Ali (r.a) that the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s) forbid mutah after Khaybar, now you can argument that Omar (r.a) enforced it as Haram, but you can't make argumentation that Abu Bakr (r.a) didn't do it and only Omar do it if you think that Abu Bakr (r.a) was wrong in a number of issues. Obs - Omar was closer to Ali.
  12. Assalamu alaikom I am on mutah with my fiance, amd ofcourse my fathers permission was required in order for the mutah to be valid as I am still young. My father placed a condition that this mutah is for a mahramiya only and sexual intercouse is not allowed. However after few months of being in the mutah my fiance and I had sex. What is the ruling on this, is it considered haram ?
  13. Hi everyone, as advised by my mom that I also need to seek for opinions of some shia communities online, here I am. Long story short, I left home few months ago to get married with the person I love. He is not a muslim (I know) and we did the interfaith marriage legally, got things done and we're legally husband and wife. Though during this process my parents (muslims) came to know about this and my father converted my man and did mutah, it was one year in the contract. During the conversion though, my man told my father that he is doing this for my sake, so we are not sinning and my parents have peace of mind. My father said yes it is okay but he said he wants my man to keep on learning and find out about islam. He said yes, he will. The promise was that we can't have sex, so it's fine for both of us. We accepted it and the contract started. Few months forward I came home for Eid and before that I've been promised by my parents that they will let me go back to be with my man. With this promise in hand, I trusted them, i went back home. Few days I am home, I found out that my father took my passport and he has been telling me to leave my man, he is also told by my father that he needs to leave me. I was upset because I said we were in contract and it is not even broken, we did not have sex and he has been learning. But father said that in one of his convo with him he said that he is not yet being convinced by the presence of god, hence atheist, and dad said because he is mentioning this, our marriage contract is broken and it is invalid. To be honest I find this unfair. He never mentioned that there is something other than having sex will break the contract. I dont even know that and he doesnt know that either. But my father has been using this and say I can't go back with him because he broke the contract which I find unfair. Not just me, but he too thinks so. I asked him why did he say that, he said he didnt know that it was not allowed. he said he was just telling my father that he is not yet convinced and asked him questions about islam at the same time. I would like to know whether he is doing right thing or he is not? Is it right that my contract is broken because of that? We both have no idea and dont know that there is something that can break the contract other than what has been promised. My father too took my passport without my consent and I feel like I am being kept.. Please let me know what you think I need some help.
  14. Gaius I. Caesar

    Is this actually true?

    Salaam alaikum, I didn't want to be that guy and we already have a thousand mutah threads but I have an inquiry about mutah. I was re-reading Muta, Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law by Sachiko Murata and I came across this: What is meant by the woman having no right to sexual intercourse? Is it a legit view in our madhab, it jumped out at me as something that could easily be misunderstood. Can someone explain the context of this statement? https://www.al-islam.org/muta-temporary-marriage-in-islamic-law-sachiko-murata/statutes-muta ^Here's the page in its entirety.
  15. Waseem Raza Rizvi

    How to do Mutah

    Salam, As we all know that mutah is eligible in Islam but why it seems that it doesn't exists. It is either a rare or not in people's priority. As this is the biggest issue for the youth that they can't seek help with what is allowed. I have seen many online activities regarding to Mutah that people has made many pages on fb but i don't think it has ever worked and also that mutah.com website which is a dead website. Can anyone please guide me that is there any source to have Mutah in Karachi?
  16. Salam, I am looking for help / advice on my current situation as I am a revert/convert to Islam . I hope someone can give me their point of view .. I met this guy one year ago, not long after i came to islam,but I still didn't know much about Islam, rules and regulation, traditions etc. In fact he spoke to me about Mutah temporary marriage which I had never heard before of, after he explained me what it was and showed me evidences for it I became convinced and we contracted a temporary marriage. After one month since we met, he left to go to study abroad, and just before leaving he proposed me to get married: if everything kept going well, we would get permanently married in the summer. Since then , until now, he only came back for one month in march , and then he left again . We have been temporarly married until now, with the intention to get permamently married, and in the meantime we have been in a proper relationship, we are in touch every day and I became like a part to his family which lives here, I have been introduced to all his famiy and friends as his "fianceé" In all this time we also had sexual instercourse many times (I was not virgin before converting to islam but since I did he's been the only one). However, when he came back in March, there have been few problems between us. I think this is due to the long period being distant , not knowing each others too well face to face , not being used to each other. When he left again, he decided that it would be better for us to wait and postpone the marriage and wedding. As I said he was meant to be back in the summer, and then marry me permanently. I think the problems we have are minor and still my intention is to marry him and I never changed my mind and as I understand his intention also still remain the same but he just wants to wait. I find it too hard to accept this, after he had already proposed me to get married in the summer ( also family and friends all knew about our plan of doing the wedding in the summer) and he still don't know when we will do the nikah and wedding. I feel like this is not too different from being girlfriend/ boyfriend as in my original european culture , which I left with the expectation of coming to Islam and have right and dignity as Wife. I hate being called his "fiancee" or "girlfriend" , and have to pretend in public that we are not married, while at home we even sleep together. I just feel I should get permanently married as soon as possible and I kinda regret having done all these things . He keep saying that I am a Wife islamically even with the temporary contract and that our intention is to get permanently married so it's all good and it's normal to stay like this .. and that i shouldn't worry about how other people call me . I know him for one year already and I don't know when we will marry... but inside I can't accept staying as this sort of girlfriend, I have tried to express my feelings to him but he just gets kinda angry and accuses me to have no faith or trust and of talking non sense. I would like to know what you think about this being muslims and in the culture since birth , and if you someone could give me any advice ... I was thinking to put conditions in mutah such as not having sexual relationship, even though it would be too late now , and i am quite sure he wouldnt like it at all and he would see it like some kind of "revenge" from me or trying to be distant so I really don't know what to do. Also he uses the excuse that in my original culture people get married after many years of knowing each others, but my culture is not who i am as i am muslim and I think and want to marry and live as a muslim. Thank you for reading !
  17. Surah Nisa ayat no 24, talk about the contractual marriage ie Mut'ah. So, when you have contracted temporary marriage [istimt'atum] with them, then give them their words [mehr; predefined contractual money]. There is no sin on you for whatever you agree to after this. Indeed, Allah is all Knowing, Wise. All those who are trying to demean Islam in the name of Mut'ah and at the same time asking Muslim to modernise; must check their double standards. Most of the religions are not anywhere close to providing such freedom to its women folk. Islam is the first religion in the world which accepted woman as a different entity of God rather than a property in male dominated world. Islam gives them freedom to choose their partners and also the right over their bodies. After more than 1400 years of Islam, modern world currently talks about these rights of woman which are enshrined in Islamic teachings. Islam provided men and women legal way of living together without any social stigma. Still debates are going on about live-in relationships in the world including in our own country. Islam is the religion which offered the freedom to have a live-in relationship more than 1400 years ago and the world is still not sure about it. Even then, so-called pseudo intellectuals constantly bash Islam over the rights of women. On one hand these champion of women's rights demand freedom for them, but on the other hand they claim that Nikah Mut'ah is nothing more than prostitution. Nikah Mut'ah is a system where you can live in society with a man without feeling guilty or facing bashing from society for your deeds that are applicable to both the genders. However, in prostitution, women are forced to provide the pleasure of their bodies to men. Some intellectuals believe that it was a system which was devised to fulfill the carnal desires of men who used to go on long expeditions and wars. That is a completely wrong notion attributed to Islam just like many others, and being said without carrying out any kind of research on the subject. Whatever they say is purely based on heresy and botched-up articles of ill-informed people. The system of temporary marriage was ordered keeping in mind the requirements of both genders. Further discussion on the topic will be done in next few articles. Thanks in advance to all the readers of merinews.com. for further reading plz click the below link http://www.merinews.com/article/nikah-mutah-temporary-marriage-in-islam-is-not-prostitution-instead-it-is-freedom-to-both-men--women/15924635.shtml Kindly put forward your own views, study, research on the subject matter.
  18. Bismillah, Assalamu 'aleykum, A friend of mine has a really complicated problem! I couldn't find an answer for her so I need your help inshallah. My friend didn't knew that she was still in her Iddah (Khul3 divorce) when she made a mut3a with another man. After the mut3a (it was only for 1 week and they had no sexual contact), they noticed that their mut3a was actually batil, cause their Mahr was just 100 Surat al-Fatiha, but according to her Marja Sayyid Ali Khamenei, a Mahr like this isn't allowed. And this makes their marriage batil. (Correct me if I'm wrong) The question now is: Was their mut3a really batil? And if yes, does it count as zina? If not, are they forever haram to each other? Or can they marry after her Iddah is over, cause their Mut3a wasn't really an actual marriage? Hope my question is clear. looking forward to your answers, Thanks and salaam.
  19. I speak Arabic but English more as I live in England and is easier for me to talk in English, Can I say the Mutah words in English? And if I can what are the English Mutah words? Thanks
  20. I am in a little bit of Conflict. There is a christian girl who comes from a strict background ( her father being a pastor) and said that she must wait until graduation from university to marry. I do not want to commit any more haraam with this woman( haraam has been done before, please respond to this first if it can be a problem or if i have to wait an iddah) , and we are both 18 years old, where in Canada 18 is considered that you are your own gaurdian. In an old lecture from Sayed Ammar Nakshawani's mutah lecture, he used the word gaurdian specifically to identify who she may get permission from. My question is: Can I perform Mutah with this woman, who is independant of her parents but chooses to live there, has respect to my beliefs and morals even if we have commited sin before( she also feels guilty of doing it after i opened up to her about my faith) , who has a christian father that does not neccessarily follow the rules of Mutah which may make his opinion void? To clarify my marja is sayed ali sistani. Please respond whenever you can, I am in a tight position and abstaining from sexual acts and thoughts has proven to be extremely tough especially during this new day and age where woman wear very revealing clothing.
  21. i was thinking that we are allowed to do a mutah with a christian/jewish girl/men but christian and jewish doesn't have mutah in their belief, so a real christian or jewish will refuse a mutah, right ? What do you think about this ?
  22. Salam, Mut'ah marriages (Islamic "pleasure" marriages) are wajib (obligatory) for most Shia Muslim youth who attend undergraduate college in the West. This is because most Muslim youth in such situations will be sexually frustrated unless they relieve themselves in three ways: masturbation, permanent marriage, or mut'ah. The first way is haram, the second way is highly impractical and unfeasible for most such youth in their freshman/sophomore/junior years of college (of course it shouldn't be this way, but unfortunately this is the way things often are and we should now see what a youth should do if permanent marriage in these years is indeed not possible for him - while we should also try to change the way society is, but that takes time, so what should youth do right now?), and therefore the third way is the only way a youth must take nowadays. Considering that most Muslim youth have normal youthful human libidos, most of them cannot survive years of time without sexual release. It would be seriously delusional to think otherwise. Most normal, healthy, normal-libido-possessing youth cannot go for years without neither masturbation nor sex. Heck, I don't think even an adult can go that long. Of course there will be the rare and exceptional cases where a youth either has no libido or possesses extreme self-control (which may be superhuman or even unhealthy), but for the most part, youth generally cannot go for years with absolutely no form of sexual release. And that is why for most youth, mut'ah will not only be mustahab - it will be wajib. If I found a Shia Muslim youth who was in his junior year of college, and he wasn't permanently married, and he hadn't ever done mut'ah in his life either, I think I can be reasonable in my assumption that this guy has been masturbating (committing haram). Of course, Islamically, I shouldn't assume negative things about a fellow Muslim brother, but from a secular/realistic/statistic perspective, such an assumption would not be irrational. It's time that more Shia college boys are encouraged to get girlfriends in college by doing mut'ah. Whoever encourages another Shia Muslim brother to get a girlfriend using mut'ah will have done a very good deed by preventing him from committing haram (masturbation). P.S. I follow Ayatollah Khamenei, and according to him it is obligatory precaution to seek the father's permission when doing mut'ah. But my next-in-line scholar is Ayatollah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani, and according to him, such permission isn't necessary. So mut'ah is very feasible for me and others who follow these two scholars. There are plenty of Christian and Jewish females in college whom us youth could take as partners.
  23. [MOD NOTE: WARNING! DO NOT DOWNLOAD anything that can harm your device.] As Salaamu Alaykum I wrote this document entitled: SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTION that exposes the Shia sectarian school of thought. You have the choice to download the document in English or Arabic. I guarantee you that the greatest Shia scholars, shaykhs, muftis, ulama cannot meet these questions head on. To download either click on the link or copy and paste the link in a browser. SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTIONS (English) https://app.box.com/s/ycavzcgbbwvp4ke7xrqzrlxsb6e543yi SHIA CHALLENGING QUESTIONS (Arabic) https://app.box.com/s/b42mddiog507syphrrm30jf3015fm5rx Salaam, Al Khidr
  24. Salaam. I'm not accustomed to doing this, but I feel it is necessary. Is there any woman in Richmond, Virginia who is interested in either mutah marriage or permanent marriage with me? I do realize this isn't a marriage site, but the world nowadays has gotten to a point where saving our Imaan is of the utmost importance. I wish to help protect not only my Imaan but the Imaan of a woman who feels the same way I do. I do this for the Sake of Allah. if anyone is interested to know more about me, they can go into here to read my profile: https://www.shiamatch.com/view.php?pid=127530 or you can ask me any questions if you wish. Again, I know this is not conventional, but I would rather ask for halāl than haraam. May Allah Bless you all.
  25. So I heard something on chat yesterday that blew me away. The conversation started with the topic about whether the wife should be told if a man does mutah and there were 2 groups. Both groups agreed that from a religious perspective, she does not have to be told but from a relationship perspective, should she be told about it. Anyway, that is not the issue. I may have interpreted it incorrectly but I think what I heard the other group say was that whenever a Muslim girl marries a Muslim man, she is subconsciously or consciously agreeing/accepting that he will marry other women (perm or temp). Is this true? @Inner Peace, @repenter
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