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Found 14 results

  1. In shaa Allah, I will be traveling to Cairo, Egypt soon. I have been there before and I have visited Masjid Al-Hussein twice, as Allah has willed. First, I am wondering if the reports are true that the mausoleum inside is the burial site for Imam Hussein's blessed head. Second, if it is true, then what is the proper etiquette of visiting this place?
  2. Shia Mosques / Community in Doha, Qatar

    Salam, I will highly appreciate if someone can tell where can I attend Muharram rituals (1st days of Muharram) and Ashura in Qatar... I heard that Al-Buharna Masjid may have it, but I don/t know the precise times... Thanks to all Paulino
  3. I would be travelling to France for the first time . Will be going to Grenoble and Paris. I would like to have an address of masjid with shia isnashari Thanks
  4. Salaam alaykum everyone! I went to a Shia mosque for the first time recently and I have some questions about something in it. I have no idea what to call it, but there was an area of the mosque with multiple structures. These things each had a green cloth draped over some kind of understructure, and on top was a metal sheet with writing. I can't read Arabic calligraphy well, but I think they may have each had one of the masumeen on them. One woman went by and made some reverential gestures. Another put food in the front of this area and after the service we ate it. So...what is the name of this area with the names of the masumeen? What are the customs in relation to it? During the service I moved to sit with my legs in front of me and I was scolded for it. I didn't want to talk over the service though so I didn't ask. I had been seated facing somewhat towards the area with the names of the masumeen. I heard once for a non-Muslim culture that it was considered rude to point your feet at anyone...is this true for Shia Muslims (i.e., is there a specific rule against it?)? Or is it something that comes from certain cultures? Also when I was there they did a "ziyarah." Now, I've heard of ziyarah before (from many many YouTube lectures....my only window into the Shia community before I was able to visit the mosque), but it was always in relation to physically visiting shrines/graves. And when I try to look it up now I still can't find anything except that ziyarah is physically visiting shrines. What kind of this was this in the mosque? Lastly I'd be happy with any links any of you might have to this kind of general information of customs/practices/culture. Almost all information I find about Shia Islam is either for born-Shias who want advanced information, or young Shias who may not have a strong knowledge basis, but who are expected to at least culturally have absorbed some things. For instance, I only learned after I went to a Shia mosque for the first time on Eid al Adha about Eid al Ghadir. This is apparently one of the most important holidays? But I never once heard mention of it after studying Shia Islam alone since last October, though I had heard huge volumes about the event of Ghadir. I can only assume this lack is because it was thought to be too obvious for mention...that everyone reading would have grown up in an environment where the fact of its existence is unavoidable. So if anyone has any good resources that tells you these kinds of things...culture, practices, etc, I'd be really grateful. The mosque is too far away for me to go regularly to ask these kinds of things. Jazakallah khair in advance.
  5. I've seen briefly from some photos and other peoples words that the names of the 12 Imams of Shia Islam are located as small written portraits in the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammed (saws)? Is this true?
  6. Shia Islam obviously interest me. I desire to take Shahada and start living correctly, the way Allah (swt) has ordained for man to live, but the main obstacle I have is the fact that the only Masjid for 100 miles is Sunni. What do I do, since Jummah is an obligation and bearing false witness is sinful?
  7. mosques in sydney

    could you all place down below the shia mosques you attend to that are in sydney, Im starting a new job which requires traveling and id like to go to the closest mosque i can on jummah
  8. Masjid Al Husayn, Leicester

    Does anyone go to this masjid or know anything about it? I've just emailed them about taking my shahadah inshallah. Amy
  9. Assalam aleikum brothers and sisters, I am a revert sister who wants to take the shahdah but I'm having trouble finding the right mosque. I looking for a place that is accommodating to sisters and offers classes inshallah. I'm at university in Chester so I could travel anywhere in the North West, especially Manchester or Liverpool. And my home is in Derby so I can go to anywhere surrounding that area. Thank you for your time.
  10. Salaams Following Wedding Ceremony took place inside a Imambargah Strictly Qaseedas & Nasheed Some people moaned it was too religious & should have been in a wedding hall & music & dancing What do other Momineen think ???
  11. From Bullring To Masjid

    I hope its not from wahhabies to wahhabies :cry: http://rt.com/news/168100-qatar-build-barcelona-mosque/
  12. Assalaamu Aleykom brothers and sisters, My name is 'Isa. I am a revert to Islam and by the Mercy of Allah ive been able to learn about the Ahlul 'Bayt and to follow their spiritual guidance. I am very enthusiastic about practicing my faith, but have found that finding Muslim friends is very difficult. It is more difficult because of my Shia leanings. I ask of you to give me sound advice in this regard, taking into consideration that I live in Massachusetts and that most of the mosques here are Sunni oriented. Jazakallah
  13. Help Purchase Imam Al-jawad Centre

    Imam al-Jawad (as) Community and Education Centre To our loyal supporters We hope you have benefited from our recent programs and services, including the new projects running at our Harrow Imam al-Ridha School. We are fortunate to have completed the purchase details of our new Imam al-Jawad (as) Education and Community Centre and now need to raise funds for the deposit and completion, which totals £625,000. This your chance to become a donor in a new project that the community desperately needs (especially a Mughtasal). Donors who give large amounts (£1000+) will have a memorial plaque engraved on the Centre walls in memory of their loved ones. The following links will allow you to make a one-off or regular donation, via Direct Debit, credit card, Paypal,Text SMS or bank transfer. Please give any amount to this fundraising effort, we appreciate all the support we get from our friends. Finally, if you haven't already seen the other projects that we are also working on, then please read our porfolio booklet here. We have finalised details of the purchase of this building in Willesden, now we need your help to raise funds. Read details about the centre here » Donate via Text Text IMAM99 10 to 70070 to donate £10 to our fundraising efforts, it's quick and you can add Gift Aid too. Standing orders The Foundation is a registered charity and we have many projects that need your support! You can create fundraising pages and set up a standing order on our JustGiving minisite. Gift Aid adds 25% to donations We accept Gift Aid on your donations, which can increase their value by an extra 25%! Visit our fundraising website to donate today. Spread the word Please forward this to others even if they may not donate, we want our community to know that we are working hard to deliver projects that will benefit future generations. Contact For more information please e-mail us at: info@salamf.org or call us on 02084513322 Alternatively you can check out our website: http://www.salamf.org Or add us on Facebook: https://www.facebook...214551601897844
  14. Salaam everyone! Could someone tell me if there is a shia masjid in manhattan that is open for jummah? I'll be traveling for work and would like to make it for prayers if there is something nearby in the city. Thank you in advance!
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