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  1. Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I need some advice on a situation I'm currently. To give some background, I am a Sunni muslim and the girl I want to marry is a Shia Syed. Her parents are very traditional and want her to marry Shia man. We're both in love with each other, but she believes her family will never allow us to be together. I've told her I will become Shia and learn everything I need to. I'm not going to lie, I'm not the most religious person right now and I have a lot to learn before making a decision like this, but I am willing to dedicate myself and follow the faith accordingly. Even after telling her this, she is still doubtful that her parents will agree. I want to believe that doing that for her, and reasoning with her father how much I will love her and care for will be enough. But at the same time we both dont want to give each other false hope. I please ask brothers and sisters to give your advice and perspectives. I'm willing do everything to make it right for this girl and show her family I am the man for her. I know no one will love her like I do and I want to approach this the best way.
  2. Salaam Alaikum sisters and brothers, I come here for explaining about my situation and see other people opinion about my case, I am a 20 y.o guy born in Barcelona, Spain. My background comes from a catholic- but not practicant nor religous family. About 2 years ago I started to become interested about Islam and started to make my own research into in on the net, etc. I also visited a Sunni mosque in Barcelona, where they explained me basis of Islam and some of their Sunni traditions. On a travel to a North European country, I get to know an Afghan girl (Shia muslim) working on her family market, and I showed her my interest on her religion and asked some of my questions about it, she helped me with my issues and yea. I kind of liked the way she was explaining me about her religion, and we kept in contact with each other when I went back to my home city. We became closer and closer with each other, talked about personal life, family, and of course, the religion. About a year ago, I went back to that country, and there, after a year of research about Islam, and figuring out about my beliefs, I became a muslim in the Imam Ali Mosque (largest Shia mosque in Europe). The Imam taught me maaany many things during my stay, I spent lot of my time in the mosque, talking with other brothers, etc. After converting to Muslim, at the begining when I was back home, I was praying on my room, and my family didn't really know anything about about my conversion, since I knew talking or explaining about this to them would be something difficult for them. But I had to explain about all this when Ramadan came, because I wanted to fast and perform it. So I had a serious talk with my family and explained everything about my conversion, about Islam and that I wanted to do Ramadan. At the first days it was very very difficult for them to understand it, and we had many fights and a not so-good atmosphere at home, but after some time, it all kind of normalised for them. The Afghan girl I met was always a support for me, we always was in contact with each other, and really really helped me in the difficult moments with my family, as well as I was a support for her, we was talking a lot, helping with school issues, talking about our families, daily things, everything. And we "fell in love" with each other. She of course keeps everything about me in secret with her family, and they don't know anything about me, she talks with me hiding the headsets, or deletes the conversations, and keeps everything hidden since sometimes her brothers check her phone. She is 19 years old, and originally from Afghanistan, but has been living in Europe with her family for more than 15 years. She is Hazara Afghan, in case this helps. She is the only daughter in the family and has 6 brothers. The issue comes when we start to think about future, about being together and about the difficulties we might have. She says her family is pretty restrictive and her dad has even told her that he would like her to marry with some of her cousins, but she of course refuses to that. She says that the family can refuse her to marry with a Spanish guy instead of an Afghan one, or a Spanish guy who converted to islam without a muslim family, and yea.. I would like to know your thought about all this, if know some case about reverted man marrying a muslim woman, and if had issues with that. Because it's common to see marriages betwen converted woman and muslim man, but not the opposite.. Or if there is someone that knows about the Afghan traditions and could advice me with that, or give me their own oppinion. --- We have met with each other because I've travelled to her city 2 times after meeting her for the first time, we didn't just see each other one time. --- On the mosque, I got to know an Afghan man, and he resulted to be an Imam when he was in Afghanistan, as well he has been Imam in Iran and Dubai. We have become close to each other, explained me afghan traditions, and he has also helped me a lot with my Islam questions. I exposed to him my situation with the afghan girl, and he said that he could come with me and my family the day that I decide to go ask for her hand to her family. -- Will this help be very helpful? Sorry for the long post, but felt like I had to explain it long so it could be understood, if you have any question, or something is not clear at all, be open to ask. Thanks for your attention, Daniel
  3. Why we shouldn't skip prayers!

    I know many of us (believers) have been through this, and I personally experienced my boat sinking and I know it is tough getting it back up. But if you won't understand why you have to get back up then you're definitely going to drown. My point of bringing this topic up is not to scare you away by telling you about the torment of hellfire or the agony in the grave, surely I'll do that by the end of our short exchange, but before everything else I want you to know what benefits and positive change prayers can bring to your life! BENEFITS OF PRAYING There are actually a lot; me and you could go on and on about how practicing Islam can benefit you and the people around you, but this once, let me just mention a few of those that I experienced first-hand. Health Prayer can be a source of exercise for most people. It keeps check on your physical fitness. All the obligatory acts in prayers benefit greatly to ones health. For example, going to ruku and sajda and tash'had saves one from back pain and knee-joints pain. Prayer also wards off many illnesses. Down to Earth When you go down in sujood, it gives you a feeling of how small and insignificant you are in front of all the blessings and creations of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. He made so much, and still blesses you and showers upon you from good. Prayer kills your ego and brings you closer to Allah and the reality. Focusing on how you're alone in this world, and how only Allah is your supporter and benefactor even in the time of adversity. Strengthens the heart and the belief Prayer gives you the strength that you are lacking when facing adversity. It becomes a driving force when met with a lot of short-comings. It strengthens ones resolve to keep moving forward and facing new challenges while knowing that Allah never burdens a soul more than what it can bear. Closeness to Allah When we recite the verses sent down to us Humans by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, we naturally feel close to Him. His words are the reflection upon our own-selves. When we make dua to Him and kneel down to Him, it shows that we are ready to give in our desires for pleasing Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. And that: He is the only "one" we can turn to in the time of adversity... There's nobody else, is there? Countenance and Spiritual Pleasantness Did you know that prayers make your face and spirit brighter? Who wouldn't want their face glowing with happiness and zeal. This not only allows others to look at you in good light but also brings a smile to their faces (especially your family). And it takes off a lot of tension from their shoulders (for some reason). Keeps you away from sins and keeps sins away form you Now this is note-worthy, because both sound just about the same. So where lies the difference? The difference is that there in you will come a sense of responsibility and a sense of accountability once you start praying. You will become more aware of your performance near Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, and you'd want to please him more and more. Who wouldn't want beautiful reward from Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى?And alternatively, Allah will keep you away from sins with his authority over you if he finds your actions pleasing. And no doubt, he is the most merciful and the most benevolent. Along with oft-forgiving. Gets rid of laziness and grooms punctuality Most of the time we are extremely lazy when it comes to our responsibilities and obligations. But once we start being punctual in prayers habitually, we (Insha'Allah) will become more aware of the limited time we have and the utilization of it. Prayer somewhat grooms the instinct of time within you. When you start praying five times a day, you'll begin to realize if you're spending the remaining time the right way. You will have thoughts like: Am I fulfilling my religious obligations correctly? Is Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى going to be pleased enough with the current me? Have I been listening to every words my parents say? Have I done the job that I must in time? Sense of Accountability I know I am kinda repeating myself here, but I couldn't just skip this point. Because this one is very significant when it comes to prayers. In our daily life, if we skip a prayer, do you know how many things go wrong then? How many times we attempt sins and bad acts? Have you ever reflected upon them?Prayer gives you a chance of reflection. And in the future it keeps you intact and in-check that you don't fall astray to bad acts from Satan. Keeps you pure and clean Before going to prayer, you remember, that you have to be Tahir (pure from any impurity). Thus this single remembrance can keep you more than enough clean and pure. Also, performing ablution three-to-five or more so times a day, protects you from Satan and his devilish whispers. Takes away nightmares and bad dreams I am sure many of us had nightmares or dreams that were bad, something you wish you'd never seen. But if you sleep after doing a wudu, and with faith that Allah and His angels will protect you from such dreams (that come from Satan), you'll be protected. WHAT DOES THE QURAN SAY ABOUT PRAYERS? I hope this thread will open your eyes to the importance of prayers and will bring you closer to Allah. If I made a mistake somewhere in the text, then it is solely from me. Forgive me, as I am only human. P.s. Thanks to my brothers and sisters here, they gave me confidence enough to post my material here. lol. I have some serious confidence issues. :P Anyways, thanks to everybody for reading and supporting! Jazak Allah Khair. Hope it will be helpful to at least a single soul!
  4. need some advice on ahmadiyya

    Salaam. I am a Syed Shia girl. I have met a very pious Syed man, but he is from the Ahmadiyya community. He does not agree with all their views and he accepts, understands and is leaning towards Shiism. However he is officially ahmadi and takes part in all their activities. When I explain about Shiism to him, he respects it and even wishes to take part in Majalis, Azadari etc. He is a very kind person, and respects me very much and is exactly what I'd want in a future partner and I'm afraid I won't find it again. I believe he would convert if it was not for family pressure and fear of hurting his parents. I understand that their views are completely against ours, but what would your religious opinion be on this. And what if he converts to Shiism? Would it be wrong as it may seem he chose it for me and not for the right path? Please advise. Kind regards.
  5. Asalamalaykum everyone, This post is related to my last post, it's about the same person so please read that if you want to get some back ground information. Anyhow, I'm a 19 year old girl in my first year at university (doing a 6 year medicine degree) and I'm facing a dilemma that's been really bothering me lately and I just need to be able to talk to someone about it and get their unbiased opinion. Basically I have 3 older siblings who are all single, one which is my sister who is around 6 years older than me. To give you all an idea on the type of persona I am: I've always been extremely ambitious when it came to my education and everyone that knows me, knows that about me. I'm also very religious and don't really talk to guys in general and when I have to for professional reasons, then I do so in a dignified manner. So no one even expects me to be thinking of getting engaged at this age because everyone thinks that my whole focus is on my education, which is true as I thought that I wouldn't even think of this stuff for at least another 5 years but I've met someone in uni who I just know is the one, let's call him X and please don't question me on how I know he is the one, I've been praying and begging God for the past 2 years to allow our paths to cross and around 5 months ago He allowed for that, as I met him in the oddest of ways at uni and we've been talking to each other and just getting to know each other for the past 5 months (in a dignified manner of course) and my older sister also knows him (it is through her that I met him and have talked to him) and she knows of how great of a human he is and that I sincerely love him and he feels the same way ( we haven't said this to one another because it's just not appropriate but we both just know and so does my sister and my best friend). so... here comes the problem, my sister never expected me to be getting engaged before her or my other 2 brothers and I feel like it's really affecting her because she's had a lot of trouble with the whole process of getting engaged and has not found the one. Now that she sees the way things are between X and I, she knows that it won't be too long before we actually get engaged and I think it's been putting a lot of pressure on her. She's said to me that she doesn't want to just settle for someone less than what she deserves and that I need to stop talking to her about X so much because it bothers her and distracts her from her work, since that's the one aspect in her life that she hasn't been very successful in and me talking about X just constantly reminds her of her 'failure'. I've told her that she shouldn't settle for less and I'm not asking for that but then she says 'so you'll get engaged before me?' and I just tell her that I don't know. To lighten the pressure on her I joke with her saying that if X and I are meant to be then it will take another 3 years before we get engaged. But honestly speaking, I don't want that, I don't want to have to wait 3 more years for me to be able to talk to X endlessly without it being wrong in the eyes of God. I know that I can't wait that long, because I have not seen him for the past 4-5 weeks and I've been feeling very empty (although I have talked to him over online messages), so how can I wait 3 or even 2 whole years? Also, she talks so much about how great X is and how lucky I am, and how she would be happy with someone even half the person X is because she just admires him so much (not in a love way, he's younger than her, X is just a really beautiful human and the type of guy that we define as perfect). Her talking so much about how amazing X is bothers me a bit... because it makes me almost feel guilty. It makes me feel guilty that at the age of 19 I've found someone like that where as she's 25 and at a perfect stage to get engaged, yet she hasn't. I've told her that I'm not telling her to settle for anyone but then she says that if I get engaged before her, it will be really odd to everyone since she's 6 years older than me. Also, she told me to cut the conversation short when I see him around because she says that I'm just accelerating this process and at the rate that we're currently going, we would get engaged in less than 5-6months. But I can't do that, X and I just have so much in common and we gain so much knowledge from one another so when we talk, I can't cut it short like she says. I just don't know what to do... I've been praying and asking Allah to grant my sister someone great like X sooner so that she can get engaged before me but other than that I don't know what to do... How can I make my sister feel better about herself? I've also cut on how much I talk about X but not completely, should I just stop talking to her about x all together? but then again when I do stop talking about X, she brings him up (since they have each other on social media). But that's not the only issue, I have other older siblings who are not married yet and since I'm the youngest and it just creates more problems for me because everyone in my community and extended family will judge me so much. Also, I'm not sure how my parents will react either... since I'm only 19 and in my first year of medicine. They will most likely not want me to get engaged to him because they might think it will be too much too handle since doing medicine is very tough so with later years of medicine it will be even tougher and having a fiance might make things worse as I may get distracted but X is also studying a 6 year degree and he would only support me through my degree and has been supporting me with my first year. Also another mini problem, my best friend of over 10 years knows of everything that happened, how before I had even met him I had strong feelings for him and now subhanAllah he somehow came into my life and also feels the same way. Lately, ever since she's realised that what X and I have is serious she's been a bit odd as well. I can tell she doesn't like me talking about X and has constantly been saying that she thinks she'll never get married. She's also told me that she always get the short end of the stick in every situation... and I know she's talking about X and I. I hate myself for thinking this but I know she's a bit jealous because we've always done everything together (through primary, high school and even the same uni degree) but now I have found X who she also thinks is amazing. Forgive me if I have portrayed her as shallow because she's not, she's one of the greatest and most sincere people I've ever met with the kindest heart. When ever I talk about X or my other friends talk about marriage in general and point at me as a joke, she gets really quiet and changes the topic or if we're alone and I mention something about marriages she just says "oh whatever, you'll get engaged by the end of the year and married the next.. so much for wanting to get engaged at 25 like you had always been telling me haha" in a slightly negative tone but she tries to laugh it off...it's really odd. So after making these observations, I've realised that it makes her feel bad and even awkward for some reason so I decided to lessen how much I speak about X to her. Do you guys think I should just force myself to stop talking about X to her all together? is this really making her feel bad? How can I make her feel better? I really don't want her to feel down and I don't want any sort of negativity between us. I just don't know what to do... I feel really confused, I don't want to hurt my sister or put her in an uncomfortable situation but I also would like to get engaged to X and have our nikah done by the end of the year so I can just talk and talk to him for endless amount of hours...and I'm sure X feels the exact same way (please don't ask me how I know, that is not related to my question). But I have many problems such as my dilemma with my sister (which is the biggest problem) , being judged by everyone and also only being in my first year of a 6 year degree... Sorry for the extremely long paragraphs but I've just been feeling very lost and just needed to let it out and I don't feel comfortable telling anyone about this because it's just way too personal, I would have told my best friend but she's also been a bit odd lately. Please sisters/brothers give me your thoughts on my situation, I just want to see what you all think of this all. what should I do? what should I do to lessen the pressure on my sister and not hurt her? (I love her, forgive me if I've portrayed her negatively. She's an amazing person and has been cheering me through life like my number 1 fan but in this situation she feels a bit hurt). Also, the problem with me being just 19 and in my first year of medicine- what do you think about that? Is that an issue in your opinion? if so, what can I do? Do you brothers/sisters think I should wait 2-3 years for our nikah? With the judgments that will come my way, I don't care because I have not done anything wrong and I only care for the judgment of The Most High, AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. God bless you all.
  6. Hi Salam guys, After so long I came back to shiachat. I wasn't sure I wanted to come back, but I have been on here without logging in. So, I got married. It's been nearly a year and alhamdulilah Allah has sent me a good husband. He has his flaws like any other human being, but alhamdulilah I am happy with him. Sometimes marriage life can be very difficult, especially with his personality. He is an alpha male type of guy, and I can have difficulties dealing with that. Although I knew about this since we were engaged, I always was told that when we would start living together, when we have a family he would change. He is also spoilt by his mum, who thinks her son is an angel walking on Earth, which doesn't help his ego either. During the first year of marriage sometimes we would get into little arguments that would grow bigger because his ego doesn't allow him to apologise or to talk to me. I always have to approach him, sometimes almost begging for him to forget the argument. In which he can become cold and unapproachable. This sort of thing happens Everytime we argue. The other thing is that sometimes I really wonder if he truly loves me, I am an emotional girl like any girl, it hurts me to see that he likes to spend more time with his friends rather than me his wife. For example the first day we came back from our honeymoon, he went to see his friends. He then decided that three times a week is for his friends, and the rest for his family. Recently I have travelled somewhere away, he would call me for like 10 mins max, when I complained he doesn't see what my problem is, he says I nag and he stopped calling at all, he stopped texting. I don't want to be the one who is always approaching, his ego is killing me. Are guys like this? Is love fake like my husband keeps saying? How do I approach the situation, how can I change this behavior, or make him see there is no pride between a husband and wife. He has a good heart, but his coldness kills me and he doesn't realise. Sometimes I feel so lonely even when I'm with him. I also realised that I don't speak well of him to my close family, if they ask me how he is I just say he's ok, he's like usual. I don't want to be like that, indifferent. I want to be in love with him and feel like he is in love with me too. I have felt love before, nothing like this. Am I over exaggerating, nagging or over analysing? Please guys answer me. Those who are experienced. Sorry for the loooooong post! Ws
  7. Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem Salaam Alaykum dear brothers and sisters, Question: What is it like to live with either spouse's parents during the first 1-3 years of marriage? Let's say if you brought your spouse to live with your own parents, how does that affect the relationship in the short-term and long-term? I would appreciate any form of experience from any of you, as this is something I have been pondering over for a while. Wassalam.
  8. We all know that there were many people at the time of Ahlebait a.s who were ghaali (exaggerators) who exalted Ahlebait a.s on the name of their love for them. I think following narrations are from such type of people. Because regardless of their authenticity they are clearly against the explicit commands of Allah swt in Quran. Below are the few examples. And they all are taken from this thread. Akhbari Shias accept and mention these narrations and other similar ones in their majalis, gatherings, books etc. Here I want to know, do Usuli Shias (majority of shia chatters) also accept such narrations in merits of Ahlebait a.s.? 1. "Imam Ali (a.s) was asked about the knowledge of the prophet (pbuh). Imam Ali (a.s) said: The prophet (pbuh) had the knowledge of all the prophets (a.s), and he had the knowledge of what has occured (in the past) and what will occur till the day of judgement. Then Imam Ali (a.s) said I swear by the on who conrols my life that I have the knowledge of the prophet (pbuh) and what will has occured (in the past) and what will occur between me and the hour (i.e day of judgment) ". Reference: Basa'er Adarajat volume 1 page 262 2. Imam Al-Hadi (a.s) said: The only reason why Allah regarded Nabi Abrahem (a.s) as his khalel (beloved friend), was due to the excess amount of Salwat he sent upon Muhammed (pbuh) and his Ahlu Al-Bayt (a.s). Reference: Ilull Ashara'e volume 1, ch #32 hadith #3 3. Holy Prophet (pbuh) said to Ali (a.s): "If all the oceans were ink, all the trees were pens, and all human beings were writers and all the Jinn maintained the records, even then, O Abu'l-Hasan! Your virtues could not be numbered." Reference: One hundred virtues for Imam Ali (a.s) #100 4. A number of our people has narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Ali ibn al-Hakam from al-Muthanna al-Hannat from abu Basir who has said the following. "Once I went to see abu Ja‘far (a.s.) and asked him, "Are you the heirs of the Messenger of Allah?" He said, "Yes, we are his heirs." I then asked, "Was the Messenger of Allah the heir of the prophets and knew all that they knew?" He said to me, "Yes, it is true." I then asked, "Do you have the power to bring the dead back to life and cure the lepers, and the blind?" He said, "Yes, we do have such powers by the permission of Allah." The he said to me, "Come closer to me, O abu Muhammad." I went closer to him and he rubbed my face and my eyes and saw the sun, the skies, the earth, the houses and all things in the town. Then he said to me, "Do you like to live this way and will have what others have and be responsible for whatever they will be held responsible on the Day of Judgment or like to live as before and will have paradise purely?" I said, "I would like to live as I lived before." He rubbed my eyes and I found myself as before." The narrator has said that he told it to ibn abu ‘Umayr who said, "I testify that this is true just as the day is true." Reference: Al-Kafi, vol 1, Page 470. 5. Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from his father from ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn al-Muhtadi from ‘Adallah ibn Jundab to who Imam al-Rida (a.s.) wrote the following. "Thereafter, (thanking Allah) Muhammad (s.a.) was the trustee of Allah for His creatures. When he was taken away from this world we, Ahl al-Bayt inherited him, thus, we are the trustees of Allah over His earth. With us is the knowledge of the sufferings, the death, the genealogy of the Arabs and the birth of Islam. We know the man when we see him in the truth of faith or hypocrisy. Our followers (Shi‘a) are listed (with us) by their names and the names of their fathers. Allah has established a covenant with them and with us. They land wherever we would do so and enter wherever we would enter. There is no besides us and our followers as living the Islamic culture. We are the noble saviors and the descendents of the prophets and of the children of the successors of the prophets. We the ones to whom the book of Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, has come exclusively. We, of all people, have the first priority (closeness) to the book of Allah. We, of all people, have the first priority (closeness) to the Messenger of Allah. For us He formed His religion. Reference: Al-Kafi, vol 1, Page 224. 6. According to traditions attributed to the 5th and 6th Imams the Prophets and Imams are endowed with 5 spirits. 1) the holy spirit (Ruh al-Quds) who obtains knowledge for them and because of whom they can carry the repository of prophesy 2) the spirit of faith (Ruh al-Iman) through which they have faith, fear of the Lord and justice 3) the spirit of strength (ruh al-quwwa) through which they can expend effort in obedience to Allah 4) the spirit of longing (ruh al-shawah) through which they desire to serve Allah and satisfy their natural needs 5) the spirit of movement (ruh al-madraj) or the spirit of life (ruh al-hayat) which allows them to move Reference: Basair section 9 ch. 14 pp. 445-50, al-Kulayni Usul volume 2 pp 15-16 These types of narrations are clearly in contradiction to Quran. Say, [O Muhammad], "Invoke those you claim [as deities] besides Allah ." They do not possess an atom's weight [of ability] in the heavens or on the earth, and they do not have therein any partnership [with Him], nor is there for Him from among them any assistant. [34:22] And intercession does not benefit with Him except for one whom He permits. [And those wait] until, when terror is removed from their hearts, they will say [to one another], "What has your Lord said?" They will say, "The truth." And He is the Most High, the Grand. [34:23] And to many other verses.
  9. All I See Is You: A Love Poem

    Poem: All I See Is You So many ways, to think of you In all things every day that I do…. Pretty girls in my high school hall They are nothing compared to you The rain which falls from the sky in fall They give life to dead earth…. and the wind caries them abound…. with a whistle of dew They imitate you The stars outshine the light bulb in my house at night Your eyes outshine the stars and they dazzle my sight I share my minutes with a secret few I used to share them with you I’d love to share them with you The past does not seem few I love to think of you And all I see is you..... what do you think?
  10. Love poem: A Wondrous Garden

    I wrote this about a different girl than the one I wrote the last one about... Your eyes bring me to awe, my soul in wonder Your smile brings me to joy, as I saw….a sun of beams down yonder I wish to see that smile upon your leave Upon my leave, I wish to glance On your smile-for I wish a weave Of blushing glances, like spring time plants I can not stop staring, even though it is a sin You are so beautiful to me……and I hope my actions will win- A better man in me, inspired by your voice To make you happy and grant, any favor of your choice Your voice, your voice, a song that is truly music Your eyes, your eyes, a beam of beauty that is truly art Your walk, your walk, a grace that is truly angelic Your smile, your smile, a hope that is truly sport Your start, your start, in this world was met with love, at port, at port, For you left them all too soon…. No one can have enough of you, for you are loved by many And if this is not the truth, then I am that many Who have longed for you more than the whole world can long for peace For who is a root without its rain, and what is rain without its root? And their gift be a wondrous garden
  11. If God loves unconditionally, how can sin exist? Indeed, Allah, the Compassionate, loves all His creatures but not unconditionally. If we accept the unconditional love of Allah to all creatures, irrespective their piety, then can we talk of Allah’s wisdom and justice. Allah two different kinds of mercy A) Common, B) Particular. The first category includes everyone but the second is exclusive of the most virtuous and pious ones. For sure, Allah loves the sinner servants to return to Allah and make themselves purified of the major and minor sins. But it does not necessarily imply that Allah’s love towards them is similar to the individual who lived his whole life with purity, sincerity and honesty. Even the Human beings can not have unconditional love to their kids and friends. For unconditional love runs counter to one’s sagacity and wisdom. It can be interred this way that Love can be of different levels. The more competent and honest you are, the more love and blessings you will be enjoying from the Lord. The level of one’s pious character or mean behavior can a game changer in attraction or distraction of Allah’s love. Human’s good deeds and bad actions can make huge differences on how Allah, would love and resurrect us. For he has explicitly said: وَمَا خَلَقْنَا السَّمَاءَ وَالْأَرْضَ وَمَا بَيْنَهُمَا بَاطِلًا ۚ ذَٰلِكَ ظَنُّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا ۚ فَوَيْلٌ لِّلَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا مِنَ النَّارِ [٣٨:٢٧] أَمْ نَجْعَلُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ كَالْمُفْسِدِينَ فِي الْأَرْضِ أَمْ نَجْعَلُ الْمُتَّقِينَ كَالْفُجَّارِ [٣٨:٢٨] And We did not create the heaven and the earth and that between them aimlessly. That is the assumption of those who disbelieve, so woe to those who disbelieve from the Fire. Or should we treat those who believe and do righteous deeds like corrupters in the land? Or should We treat those who fear Allah like the wicked? To have more information on whom is Loved or Hated by Allah, you can click to the following link. Shuja's answer to What are the characteristics of those whom Allah loves? Thanks May, Allah Grant us His Exclusive Blessings
  12. SALAAMAULAYKUM EVERYONE Alhamdolilah My "Disability" is a blessing in disguise. This is one of the most noblest gift I have ever received from Allah, as it helps me to eliminate superficial people around me and has helped me in many other ways like my faith is much more strong than it was before. I have this question in my mind and needed a specific platform and this is the one . I request all my brothers and sisters explain this thing to me--- why people , generally and as well in our Muslim community are superficial when it comes to marrying a disabled person ? I am a mono limb below knee amputee, I use a prosthetic (one of the best in the world and made in germany) and it's hardly discernible while walking in my gait. I live in US, go out on hill trekking, can do skydiving all by myself . I had a strong relationship long ago but she and her parents walked away, though initially the girl was willing to, but you can imagine a situation like when you are offered an iphone 7s then why would you go for a Nokia phone (I apologize for explaining a situation with a slightly blunt example ). There is a famous incident about "Julaybib", one of the companions of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)..People should learn from this incident. And I came to know it's haram in islam to have a boyfriend or girlfriend kind of relationships. But for people like us going for an arrange marraige { you can imagine the situation}. It's like similar to a chimera . Lol, it's not about becoming a fanatic lover and moving on. My disability has evolved me a lot and fostered my faith in a positive way...HOW??...Look Initially when I was with her I used to sing and play guitar and after she left. I left singing and playing guitar and started reading Quran that too with translation, moved towards a state of apotheosis. Look it was good thing for me, not to worry about that. What I am going to ask is completely different . I mean people are like to disabled person saying "Oh, you are a motivation and inspiration for us all " and they often ask " how come you are able keep that smile on your face instead of all these tribulations you are facing in your life ". I feel like saying to them " These things which you are stating as tribulations, trials or ordeals are not something that we should be sad about it all day instead, they are blessing from our God ". {Allah doesn't burden a soul that it can bear - Quran 2:286 }. I mean look how Allah consider an individual person and test him or her with disability. I mean like he considered us to be so strong that he has put us to test throughout our life and still people look down at us when it comes to marriage. Please don't look down towards someone with disability when it comes to marriage. What's the choas all about and why people in our muslim community are like this in this specific situation, when they know everything that people with disabilities are very close to Allah ? Thanks and salamaulaykum once again
  13. SALAAMAULAYKUM EVERYONE Alhamdolilah My "Disability" is a blessing in disguise. This is one of the most noblest gift I have ever received from Allah, as it helps me to eliminate superficial people around me and has helped me in many other ways like my faith is much more strong than it was before. I have this question in my mind and needed a specific platform and this is the one . I request all my brothers and sisters explain this thing to me--- why people , generally and as well in our Muslim community are superficial when it comes to marrying a disabled person ? I am a mono limb below knee amputee, I use a prosthetic (one of the best in the world and made in germany) and it's hardly discernible while walking in my gait. I live in US, go out on hill trekking, can do skydiving all by myself . I had a strong relationship long ago but she and her parents walked away, though initially the girl was willing to, but you can imagine a situation like when you are offered an iphone 7s then why would you go for a Nokia phone (I apologize for explaining a situation with a slightly blunt example ). There is a famous incident about "Julaybib", one of the companions of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)..People should learn from this incident. And I came to know it's haram in islam to have a boyfriend or girlfriend kind of relationships. But for people like us going for an arrange marraige { you can imagine the situation}. It's like similar to a chimera . Lol, it's not about becoming a fanatic lover and moving on. My disability has evolved me a lot and fostered my faith in a positive way...HOW??...Look Initially when I was with her I used to sing and play guitar and after she left. I left singing and playing guitar and started reading Quran that too with translation, moved towards a state of apotheosis. Look it was good thing for me, not to worry about that. What I am going to ask is completely different . I mean people are like to disabled person saying "Oh, you are a motivation and inspiration for us all " and they often ask " how come you are able keep that smile on your face instead of all these tribulations you are facing in your life ". I feel like saying to them " These things which you are stating as tribulations, trials or ordeals are not something that we should be sad about it all day instead, they are blessing from our God ". {Allah doesn't burden a soul that it can bear - Quran 2:286 }. I mean look how Allah consider an individual person and test him or her with disability. I mean like he considered us to be so strong that he has put us to test throughout our life and still people look down at us when it comes to marriage. Please don't look down towards someone with disability when it comes to marriage. What's the choas all about and why people in our muslim community are like this in this specific situation, when they know everything that people with disabilities are very close to Allah ? Thanks and salamaulaykum once again
  14. Salamun Alaykum. Allah, the Exalted, has created everything on the earth or in the sky. He is the one who created Love and Compassion. He loves what he has created. It is the free will of human and Jinn that sometimes banish them from the Lord’s bliss. Allah, the Exalted stated in the Holy book of the Qur’an: “Say, ‘If you love Allah, then follow me; Allah will love you and forgive you your sins, and Allah is all-forgiving, all-merciful.’” Thus, it is you who can make such a good relationship with Allah, the Exalted. Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘Whoever wants to know the status of his position with Allah must first find out what status of position Allah holds with him, for Allah places the servant in the same position whereat the servant places Allah with respect to himself.’[ii] The Messenger of Islam peace be upon him said: ‘The most beloved of Allah’s servants to Him are those that are the most useful to His servants, and the most persistent of them in establishing His right, those who endear virtue and its practices.’[iii] His successors also advised people to love the Lord because He loves the ones who love Him: Imam Zayn al-Abidin (AS) said, ‘Indeed Allah loves every sorrowful heart and loves every grateful servant.’[iv] Imam al-Sadiq (AS) said, ‘When the believer abandons this world, he is elevated and finds the sweet taste of Allah’s love; he appears to the people of this world as if he is confounded in his mind, whereas truly it is they who have confounded the sweetness of Allah’s love such that they do not occupy themselves with other than Him.’[v] He (AS) also said, ‘The heart is the sanctuary of Allah, so do not lodge other than Allah in Allah’s sanctuary.’[vi] ‘Man’s faith in Allah will not be pure until Allah becomes more beloved to him than his own self, his father, his mother, his children, his wife, his wealth, and all people.’[vii] Imam al-Husayn (AS) said in one of his supplications, ‘It is You Who removed the strangers from the hearts of Your lovers so that they never love other than You… What does the one who loses You find [besides You]?! And what does the one who finds You lose [out on]?! He indeed fails who is satisfied with a substitute for You.’[viii] So, with these holy sentences, we will be sure that Allah, the Exalted, loves His servants. قُلْ إِن كُنتُمْ تُحِبُّونَ اللَّـهَ فَاتَّبِعُونِي يُحْبِبْكُمُ اللَّـهُ وَيَغْفِرْ لَكُمْ ذُنُوبَكُمْ ۗ وَاللَّـهُ غَفُورٌ رَّحِيمٌ ﴿٣١﴾ Tanzil - Quran Navigator [ii] الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): مَن أرادَ أنْ يَعرِفَ كيفَ مَنزِلَتُهُ عِندَ اللّه‏ِ فلْيَعْرِفْ كيفَ مَنزِلَـةُ اللّه‏ِ عِندَهُ ، فإنَّ اللّه‏َ يُنزِلُ العَبدَ مِثلَ ما يُنزِلُ العَبدُاللّه‏َ مِن نَفْسِهِ. [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 71, p. 156, no. 74] [iii] رسولُ اللهِ‏ِ (صَلَّيَ اللهُ عَلَيهِ وَ آلِهِ): أحَبُّ عِبادِ اللّه‏ِ إلى اللّه‏ِ أنْفَعُهُم لِعبادِهِ، وأقْوَمُهُم بحقِّهِ، الّذينَ يُحَبَّبُ إلَيهِمُ المَعروفُ وفِعالُهُ . [Tuhaf al-`Uqoul, no. 49] [iv]الإمامُ زينُ العابدينَ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إنَّ اللّه‏َ يُحِبُّ كُلَّ قَلبٍ حَزينٍ ، ويُحِبُّ كُلَّ عبدٍ شَكورٍ. [al-Kafi, p. 99, no. 30] [v] الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): إذا تَخَلّى المؤمنُ مِن الدُّنيا سَما ووَجَدَ حَلاوَةَ حُبِّ اللّه‏ِ ، وكانَ عندَ أهلِ الدُّنيا كأنَّهُ قد خُولِطَ ، وإنَّما خالَطَ القَومَ حَلاوَةُ حُبِّ اللّه‏ِ فلَم يَشْتَغلوا بغَيرِهِ. [al-Kafi, p. 130, no. 1] [vi] الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): القلبُ حَرَمُ اللّه‏ِ ، فلا تُسْكِنْ حَرَمَ اللّه‏ِ غَيرَ اللّه‏ِ . [Jami al-Akhbar, p. 518, no. 1468] [vii] الإمامُ الصّادقُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ): لا يَمْحضُ رجُلٌ الإيمانَ باللّه‏ِ حتّى يكونَ اللّه‏ُ أحَبَّ إلَيهِ مِن نَفْسِهِ وأبيهِ واُمِّهِ ووُلْدِهِ وأهْلِهِ ومالِهِ ومِن النّاسِ كُلِّهِم. [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 70, p. 25, no. 25] [viii] الإمامُ الحسينُ (عَلَيهِ الّسَلامُ) ـ في الدعاء المنسوب إليه ـ: أنتَ الّذي أزَلْتَ الأغْيارَ عن قُلوبِ أحِبّائكَ حتّى لَم يُحِبّوا سِواكَ... ماذا وَجَدَ مَن فَقَدَكَ؟! وما الّذي فَقَد مَن وَجَدكَ؟! لَقد خابَ مَن‏رَضِيَ دُونَكَ بَدَلاً [Bihar al-Anwar, v. 98, p. 226, no. 3]
  15. Salaamaulaykum, brothers and sisters i am a below knee amputee , lost my leg six years ago in a road accident. I am completely independent, do daily tasks just like normal person. Just completed by undergrad and now I am going to United States for my masters . It's been a year, since I broke up with the love of my life, whom I loved from the most deepest region of my heart, towards whom while looking, no matter how many chaotic situations I was circumscribed by ,when I looked at her, was always at ease. During our relationship, I never touched her, you know what I mean to say...no physical or haram contact...just respected and loved her just the way she admired and followed Islam. I thought , she was the one, but all of a sudden everything just changed, her mother came to know about my scenario, that I was a handicap, although I use one of the best artificial limb, imported from germany, I can run too and it's hard for anyone to recognize that I use an artificial limb. Her mother started looking for marriage proposals for her..and I remember it was my birthday she texted me "Good luck for everything" and that was the worst day of my life. I asked her why, and their was just a pin drop silence on the other side..believe me the pain of losing the limb was nothing in front of this one, what I felt at that very instant..The reason her silence indicated that "I was a handicap or disabled person"...I just retracted myself because the reason was like..Her mother could have said something else like any other reason but she just remained silent and believe me ,if the reason was other than "being disabled" .. I could have said to her mother that "Ok give me some time, I'll be the man , whom you would like to offer your daughter to " . But In my scenario even if I had the extra time , It was impossible for me to get the thing back , I lost long ago. Every morning I woke up, the very first thought is this one only and tears come off my eyes. I used to play guitar, sing . Now I have just given up on singing and guitar. I read Quran translation nowdays, but whenever I think of falling in love with someone or marrying someone, my soul gets dilapidated and all I have found is just peace in the recitation of quran and offering salah,previously I was a gregarious person and now I have transformed myself into a brutally conserved one. And I dream of a place now, where people like me are not considered as something as an ostracized element of the society. And when I think of falling in love or marrying someone , thinking about ""the story of Julaybib, one of the contemporaries of the Prophet, is another vivid example of inclusion. In addition to being poor, Julaybib had an unpleasant physical appearance and nobody wished to let their daughter marry him. Upon the Prophet’s request, a noble family gave him their daughter in marriage."" I say to myself that only prophet can reduce the pain i am going through... I told you my story, Now I was to ask, that ""people like me are not considered for marriage"" you can assume the reason according to my past encounters... I know it's haram to go in a relationship before marriage in islam....Is it permissible for peple like me to have a relationship before marriage resulting in love marriage.. you know the reason..when people will hear about my disability they would just say "NO" ..hence the question ".Is it permissible for me to have a relationship before marriage resulting in love marriage "?????
  16. Shall I compare you to a fresh fruit that never spoils And never decay nor ever boil? To feed the hungry and bring shivers of memory? To stay pure and chaste until marriage eternity? A garden spring of jasmine, and innocent memories A river of freshness, the first love I have seen A sun to give light with your tender heart But burning compassion, and playful darts The shouts and cries of playful teasing Which made me mad but now that I’m sad, make you pleasing, since I started leaving My heart was stone and my words were few, but you taught love, and purity, too Purity as white as the purest light, For we were but children and had no sight And knew not of what we know now My radiant rose who I have chose I am the moon, and you are my Earth You are the sun, that I haven’t chose But destiny did as warm from the hearth In wintertime, invincible As a man needs food to be sensible You are my queen, and I’d be yours for life Away from the homeland where there now is strife I’d protect you and serve you and love you and play with you And keep you away from the land that would harm you Despite the gentleness therefrom that lies For I knew not what I know now I want nothing but cuddles and kisses from you, Except whispers of secrets and delicate coos For if you gave me your kisses I’d give you mine, too….. And I’d give you my life For I knew not what I know now You were my first and I hope to make you my last To be like garments for you, and you for me For we knew not what we know now For we know not what we know now
  17. I consort to the notions that nothing is more beautiful than the powers vested in He who ordains law to its highest consequence. For understanding such without understanding sound virtue is a desecration to He who ordained these laws and those without understanding are left to the vicissitudes of unjust causes, orders, and unnatural ways of dealings within the spheres of logical consequence, inference, and logical sound hood which is vested in the laws of those who understand power structures. For there is no power but He for those who disseminate law without understanding such constructs of existence in the highest planes of thought will resolve themselves to natures unfitting for those who practice law and practice the jurisprudence of a higher nature. For natures must be resolved within the constructs and countenances of human beings, in their demeanor, in their presence, in their just presence with their parents, in their just presence with their children, with all prior to embarking unto such avenues of justice. For justice unto the family must come prior to justice in worldly order. For the ties which are vested in the heavens are verily tied within the ties in the hemispheres of the earth. For mankind understands such notions as methods are drawn to rebuke such honest candor for power structures within the linguistics of those who understand law to its highest degree. For those who understand the legacies of those who understood law from the heavenly ordinances understand that love and mercy is paramount prior to embarking upon law which imbues power unto the self. For the self is destroyed amidst power for power unto one is a desecration for there is no power but He for His love and mercy pervades and His power surveys that which is a natural consequence of His love and mercy. For imbuing love and mercy is a necessity and to imbue constructs of law without emotional consequence is to consequent the necessary components of justice into a piece meal articulation which denies the truth of the highest matter in the truest form of understanding. For love decimates and pierces through the highest congruency of falsified natures for such exist within the lessons of law in the highest order of the West and to embark upon such without sound ordinances and knowledge is to decimate one's own integrity. For it is such natures which must be reprimanded and the jurisprudence of such is such that must be reconciled with the logical assets of those who understand sound conduct, grammar, rhetoric, lack of rhetoric, and that which is a necessity prior to the articulations and embarkment in such facets of law. For Law is inherent to the adjudications of all which transpires through the heavens and the earth. And those who deny themselves understanding Law prior to embarking on law, are vested in learning powers of an egregious nature. For it is inherent in our natures to learn of He prior to visiting such realms of thought. For without such understanding, we are left to the trappings of the devils who wish to confuse that which is inherently righteous with that which is meticulously imbued through the power of logical concourses of an unnatural consequence which is vested in the manipulations of those who understand the virtue of the word. For the word is powerful and unto those who understand the necessities of the heavens are forbidden from entering such structures without having a strong foundation of imaan and ihsan. Only those will prosper in the higher ordinances of law in the west.
  18. Love for women

    SALAM!! In Quran it is said for men to provide food and clothing to your wife. For wives it is guided to always keep happy your husband and obey what he says to except for Haram. But what about giving love to your wives. Here by love I don't mean (intercourse), I mean to always make her feel that her husband is loyal to her and is very happy to have her. Is there any thing said in Quran to always love your wife other than just fulfilling her material needs?
  19. Asalamu alaikum, I have been trying to deal with this issue for quite some time now. I am a devouted shia muslim. I do my prayers, fasting, don't drink, gamble, fornicate, or any of those things. But what I do wonder is that why is homosexuality a bad thing? I read into it a lot and hear so many of their stories on how they have to struggle to live their lives. Now we can say that perhaps they weren't born like this since biologically homosexuality is useless and that they chose this path instead. But it doesn't seem to be that way when I read about it, and getting to learn more about it. Now of course we as Muslims believe they are sinful since for another reason aside from it being not natural which is that this will in turn lead to other types of sexuality such as bestiality, incest, pedophilia, necrophilia and what not. So I don't believe in the short term but in the long term instead. Even if USA enacted a law which accepts gay marriage now its only been a year since then. But there is a long term course of gay acceptance in the Netherlands and I did my research about it and found out that its just the same as straight marriages. I hope anyone out there can be give a reasonable explanation on how this is considered wrong or at least how we as Muslims should deal with it now with all this awarness and information about them instead of just murdering them at blank point.
  20. Just curious to see how the poll goes. Also, explain your viewpoint, if you want to.
  21. I am 17, and I am pondering my options for marriage for after college..... I worry about my chances with all of them.... girl a) my childhood friend, who is 17, like me (even born on the same day lol) who I last spoke to when I was 10, and last saw when I was 13....I might have ruined my chances by trying to creating an alternate facebook account under a girl's name to find out how she feels about me astagfirullah.....but I deactivated the account and stopped the plan before I could execute it....my father found out about it, and said he would tell the girl's father, which caused an enormous falling out with my father, who already lives 4 hours away....she was the first girl I ever admired, and I share many memories with her...our dads are friends, and we are both connected through the gulen movement....I might see her after college.... girl b) my cousin, who is 15, who I have not seen since I was 14, and I have not spoken to since I was 15.....I might have ruined my chances there, too.....I told her astagfirullah I was in love with her when I was 15 and she was 13.....I never heard from her again.....she even added me on instagram, and then blocked me......I might see her after high school, if I can manage to leave alternative school by the end of the year... girl c) my other childhood friend, who is two years younger but still 14.....I have more recent memories of her....I knew her from when I was 10 to when I was 13...and then she moved....I last saw her when I was 14.....I was friends with her in the 5th grade.....although as I went through puberty I felt more lust for her than love.....our moms are friends, and we are both part of the gulen movement...I might see her after college
  22. Marriage in Islam

    TOC: Post 1 = Introduction Post 2 = Article Post 3 = FAQ This is an article that I have been writing for the past couple of weeks, in response to some of the brothers/sisters in the forum who had question about the correct way of marrying according to Islam, especially since we are prohibited from being friends with non-mahram before marriage. This is a combination of solutions that I have heard from scholars in Iran, with my own adjustment, so that it becomes more fitting to the situation of the people in other countries. This is almost the first draft of the article, so I will be working on it for the next one or two week. Corrections, suggestions, objections, and questions are all welcome and very much appreciated, as I will be trying to make a long-lasting reading material for the people deciding to start a new family. For the same reason I am assigning the third post of this topic to the frequently asked questions; so, please do not shy away from asking your questions. I think it might be too much too ask, but I kind of hope that the moderators pin this to the top of a forum so that it is available for further readers, if such a thing is not available already. Thank you
  23. Asalamu Aalaikum, I always believed that fortification was and is bad. Marriage is always the best solution to a loving relationship with sex included. But being in my late teens I and still not married and probably won't in another five to six years I yearn for sex. I desire it everyday and I hate it since it distracts me from my daily life and my relationship with my female peers. I've always wished that I can just have regular sex without anything attached. That's when my dad told me about Muta'a which is when you and your partner sign an agreement to have a sort of marriage that lasts according to how long they want. Which for me seems great! I can finally have sex and let it out of my system but I also wondered if this is something sinful or not or if its considered prostitution. I remember hearing that there is an ayah that proves it is legal and another one that doesn't so if you can reach out and help me with this topic I'll appreciate that. (I would like to have as many different views on this topic if possible)
  24. I am 17 now, and I am a brother, and I often hold grudges over little things, and even pray for people's deaths when they wrong me.....for instance, a 9th grader girl in my school told me she couldn't sit next to me because she was moving this weekend and it was her last day at the school....but sure enough, the next week i found her in the library and confronted her.......i tried apologizing, but she wouldn't accept my apology....so one morning, i decided to stare at her through her classroom window....a teacher's assistant came and yelled at me and threatened to take action if I did this again......i prayed for both their deaths, and told my parapro, who then deducted points from my behavioral point sheet....i ended up dropping a level, making it harder for me to leave alternative school by the end of this year and go to turkey in 15 months like my dad promised me he would if i was in regular ed for a whole year.....i also referred to the teacher (not the assistant) as a "state sponsor of terrorism" (and inside joke i have is referring to people as nations....pls help me i swear im not trolling) A gigantic 12th grade boy was bullying this girl by tapping her ipad which she uses for school, she told him to stop, but he wouldn't. so i told on him, and i told him i told on him, and he said, "and you wonder why you have no friends...." (I have autism)...i prayed for his death.... also, another 12th grader was picking on the same girl, by closing her ipad, so i told on him and he got in big trouble.........he then called me a snitch.....i prayed for his death, and rejoiced in my victory over him....... i also pray for fox news anchors' death and pamela geller's death..... is this haram? i know praying for tyrants' deaths is halal, but what about smaller evils? and how do I get over grudges?
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