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Found 99 results

  1. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/syria-us-accused-airstrike-1.4610753
  2. Ethnocracy in Isreal

    Ethnocracy in Israel (fake promised Land) Deporting African refugees from Israel
  3. What Israel is doing to Gaza or what Saudi Arabia is doing to Yemen
  4. Israelis are shown the curses and abuses done by Iranians which is causing the blood shed in Palestine, Iran should do taqqiya in cursing and condemning Israel.
  5. يا شرفاء العالم هذا اظعف الايمان Please share and sign this petition ! https://www.change.org/p/world-leaders-jerusalem-must-remain-the-capital-of-palestine?recruiter=647376290&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=share_page
  6. The contradictions and facts about Bible.
  7. This video was posted by Khamenei.ir website and I decided to share it with you good friends of mine.
  8. I want to wish all of you a resist-ful Al Quds day. I thought if we could start a thread of sharing the Al Quds photos around the world. I've some photos of Al Quds rally held in Karachi, Pakistan. Location: Karachi, Pakistan
  9. Where is the outcry from the Muslim countries .... Of course nothing from the champion of human rights US/EU only country who has been constant about the Palestinian issue has been Iran ! Shame on the rest! Disgusting ! https://www.rt.com/news/387620-israeli-police-shoot-16yo-girl/ The girl was reportedly shot with multiple bullets, with Ma’an news agency reporting “some 20 bullets” were fired.
  10. Assalamalaikum, I have been watching news .... Im still not able to figure out who are the good guys .... Can you tell me , which countries are the good guys... P. S: Dont be biased pls.. . Be Truthful n Honest
  11. Israeli defense chief ‘wouldn’t be surprised if somebody assassinates Iranian president’ https://www.rt.com/news/384412-israel-lieberman-rouhani-assassination/
  12. NFL Star Refuses to go to Israel Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett pulls out of NFL trip to Israel
  13. What makes a Muslim youth leave his life in Marseille, London, New York or Kosovo behind and join a group like IS/Daesh? What does Daesh promise, socio-politically speaking, that the materialist liberal West can't offer? It offers the same utopia that the zionist state PR firms advertise to jewish youth from Brooklyn, North London and Krakow. The attractiveness of being able to BE the 'ideal' Muslim, living in the 'ideal' islamic state, ruled by a descendant of the Prophet, is no different to the effective propaganda of ideal jewish life in occupied Palestine. Muslim youth living in the West no longer have to put up with islamophobic oppressive intrusive and humiliating governments. they can fly Syria or Iraq, look and behave they way they like, and become the 'TRUE' representation of what it means to be Muslim. the added bonus is that Daesh is in a state of war with anybody who refuses to join this utopia, and the reward in the end are 72 pure virgins etc.. A simple life and death, without the headache of juggling multiple identities, switching one off and turning the other on depending on the situation. Being a muslim youth does not mean anything to the liberal materialist westerner. he doesn't care about your religion or your God. he's got problems up to his nose, and instead wants someone to propose solutions AS A HUMAN BEING, or at least as a Brit, or American. Keep your faith at home and tell me how to resolve the rising homelessness, alcoholism, drug abuse, crowded jails, broken families, abused children, millions on food stamps,.... Multiple factors have reduced Muslims in the West to the insignificant entities they are. A major one, in my opinion, are the establishment scholars who push the individualistic, tribal behaviours and passive worldviews. Instead of a collective and united socio-political force, providing perfect examples on the ground on how to resolve issues i mentioned above, we have a pakistani mosque, an arab mosque, a turkish mosque, a wahabi mosque, an ahmadi mosque, a shirazi circus and no socio-political representation with power to influence discourse and policy. Daesh on the other hand, has done just that. It has given YOU the Muslim youth yearning for social impact, and true representation, to live your socio-political utopia in the caliphate and reach your perfection.
  14. Saudi Arabia has paid substantial money for a secret alliance with Israel, a US journalist claims in his study. If this statement is true, it may fundamentally change our perception of Middle East politics. The region's muddled relations, political and military alliances have long been a favourite subject for researchers and journalists studying the Middle East. Those familiar with the region are all quite aware that the area is characterized by an Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as a Sunni-Shiite and a Saudi-Iranian opposition, which root in cultural, religious and political divisions. However, noted US journalist Robert Parry has recently published an in-depth article based on intelligence information, claiming that Saudi Arabia paid around 16 billion USD to Israel in order to buy the friendship of the Jewish State. Lobbyists for sale It is common knowledge that political (and other) lobbying has considerable traditions in the United States. Lobbyists promoting the interests of countries or economic groups often influence US interior and foreign policy decision making processes in a decisive manner. Consequently, Saudi Arabia has also begun to build a lobby in Washington, only to experience bitterly that the masses of law firms and PR specialists costing top dollar or even the exploitation of connections with such powerful families as the Bushes can never outperform the Israel Lobby in the US. Therefore, the Saudis decided to take a different approach: they bought the Israelis, writes Parry. According to the article, Saudi Arabia has given Israel around $16 billion over the past two and a half years, funnelling the money through other Arab states and Israeli development funds. If it is all true, the Saudis may have indeed bought the Israelis, since Israel was starkly opposing the agreement with Iran - and found several American backers along the way. Why Iran? Readers not quite familiar with regional affairs might not know that Iran and its religious Shiite leadership is a thorn in the side of another player beside Israel - Saudi Arabia, a key power in the Sunni world also considers the Shiite state as its archrival. The Sunni-Shiite division is one of the greatest fault lines among Muslim countries, which they not have been able to overcome. As a result, Saudis consider any pro-Iran governments in the Middle East as enemies, so much so, that they are apparently willing to ignore the solidarity rooted in the same culture and all-Islam togetherness. Not to mention that they turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people (who are also Sunni, by the way). So, Saudi Arabia is not in the least interested in a strengthening Iran. However, the lifted sanctions and Tehran's return to international politics would inevitably lead to a strengthening Persian state, and in a big way too, as Iran has all the capabilities to become a key state of the Middle East, similarly to Turkey. It seems such a dreadful outcome for the Saudis, who follow Wahhabism, a rigorous school of Islam, that they appear willing to ally with Israel to prevent it. Religious rigour does not seem to apply to foreign policy... Riyadh is not concerned about the bloodshed According to Parry, Riyadh and Tel-Aviv had a similar cooperation to destabilize Iraq, Syria and Egypt. Even though Iraq's central government had already been toppled by the US invasion, a Shiite, thus pro-Iran leadership that enjoyed the support of the population's majority was obviously not so close to the Saudis' heart, just as they didn't like the Alavite (a branch of Shiitism) Assad regime in Syria, either. This put Riyadh on the same side with Israel. Interestingly enough, the Islamic State that follows a wrong and violent interpretation of Sunni Islam happened to grow strong in this region. Notably, the terrorist organization that calls itself a Caliphate was not planning to annihilate Israel, but the Shiites living in the area. This is one more reason why ISIS may have seemed more likeable for Israel than the Assad regime, which has maintained religious peace but been relentlessly opposed to Tel-Aviv, even though the Islamic State destroys everything with unheard of brutality in the occupied areas. Palestinian cause on the sideline Although the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood gave a glimmer of hope for the Palestinians struggling to survive the air-tight blockade in Gaza, the world's largest outdoor prison for years, Saudi Arabia considered Mohamed Morsi's Muslim revolutionary and not anti-Hamas government as an enemy, so it joined Israel in backing the military coup and the new Egyptian leadership, which wasn't as friendly to the Palestinians as its predecessor but fit the Saudi interests much better. Hypocrisy at its peak As it is known, Saudi Arabia is one of the most radical Muslim states in the world. Its structure is based on Wahhabism, an ideology rooted in the quasi literal interpretation of Islamic religious principles and the most puritanistic traditions. Yet this country hardly ever receives firm criticism from the West, contrary to a democratic Turkey that tolerates religions other than Islam, or the undoubtedly theocratic Iran, which ensures parliamentary representation for religious minorities. In comparison, wearing a cross in Saudi Arabia may constitute a crime and power is concentrated in the hands of one single dynasty. And this country is a reliable ally for the United States and if Parry's article is correct, it is an outstanding sponsor for Israel against other Muslim states. http://jobbik.com/saudi_israeli_cooperation_secret_alliance_bought_for_money
  15. An adviser to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has harshly criticized the recent meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the ringleader of an anti-Iran terrorist group. Speaking on Sunday, Hossein Sheikholeslam said the meeting between Abbas and Maryam Rajavi, the ringleader of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), came as no surprise to Iran. Abbas met with Rajavi in the French capital of Paris late Saturday. According to reports, the two discussed regional issues, and Rajavi briefed Abbas on the MKO’s recent annual meeting. “That a Palestinian faction that compromises with the Zionists (Israelis) and that has yielded to Israel under US pressure... today meets with terrorist elements is no surprise,” Sheikholeslam said, referring to the Palestinian Fatah party, which is headed by Abbas. The Islamic Republic, the Iranian official said, was already in possession of evidence of Abbas’ secret collaborations with the United States. He said the relations between Mahmoud Abbas and terrorist groups and Israelis have been covert and have only become publicized today. Sheikholeslam referred to the MKO’s bleak history of assassinations and bombings against Iranian civilians and officials following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and said the terrorist outfit receives support from the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. He also pointed to the move by the MKO to side with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the eight-year Iraqi war against Iran in the 1980s, and said the group maintains its enmity toward Iran with continued Western support. In early July, the MKO held a meeting in Paris, where Saudi Arabia’s former spymaster, Turki al-Faisal, gave a 30-minute speech to the gathering and expressed support for the anti-Iran group. The Iranian Foreign Ministry subsequently summoned the French Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud to hand him a strong note of protest over the meeting. Iran and Saudi Arabia have no diplomatic relations. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/08/01/477871/Iran-Hossein-Sheikholeslam-Mahmoud-Abbas-Maryam-Rajavi
  16. The Syrian Civil War is terrible. For all we know it can last longer than the Lebanese Civil War that lasted for 15 years. If the Assad regime falls I think it is possible that Israel will give up the Golan Heights for peace with the new Syrian regime. Just like Israel made peace with Jordan and Egypt by relinquishing land. Do you think the Assad regime will fall? And if it does, do you think the new government will look for peace with Israel?
  17. Salam, Saudi Arabia waged a war on Yemen to take control of the Strait of Aden, to protect Israel from a possible Naval attack from Iran. After they failed to capture the city of Aden they went to Egypt and acquired 2 islands and proposed a bridge between KSA and Egypt. If you look a google maps, you can see the Gulf of Aqaba and see why this deal was done. It acts as another choke-point of where Iran can strike by navy forces closest to Israel. This is just something I though I should share with the community. I am not sure if anyone knows this, as I don't see anything about it online. These are my own analysis. Thanks for reading.
  18. Not sure if this is true or not: http://awdnews.com/top-news/the-saudi-prince-al-waleed-bin-talal-i-am-proud-to-be-the-first-saudi-honorary-ambassador-to-israel-and-i-hope-we-can-work-together-to-deter-iranian-agenda-king-salman-will-recognize-the-state-of-israel-according-to-two-state-solution http://www.daysofpalestine.com/news/saudi-first-ambassador-israel/
  19. http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7510 The University of Maryland Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) interrupted a Jewish Student Union (JSU) event on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 with protests and a staged “die-in." Roughly 20 SJP sign-carrying students began the protest with pro-Palestinian chants such as “Viva viva Palestina” and “From the river to the sea/Palestine will be free,” across the university mall, but well within earshot of the pro-Israel event. “Nelson Mandela was pro-Palestine” and “Zionism Kills” were just some of the messages written on the signs. The JSU’s annual Israel Fest event attracts hundreds of students every year for free ice cream and camel rides. This year, however, the event also attracted protesters and the campus police. “Ride a camel! Taste falafel! Get your hair braided or henna tattoos! You can even try an Aroma coffee! We will have a variety of activities to learn about Israel and the diversity present in Israel's society. We will have many fun activities all day so make sure you don't miss out!” the JSU advertised on Facebook. The protesters then made their way down the mall and staged a “die-in” in the middle of the festival. Shortly afterwards, university police arrived on the scene to keep protesters out of walkways, per the university’s rules. “The campus police were called to the scene, and they came over to talk to the lead protester with the megaphone, and they told them they had to get up. The police did not seem to know exactly what the regulations were and what to do, so it was somewhat disorganized,” Daniella Berger, an active member of UMD Hillel, told Campus Reform. “They were told to move out of the middle and stop obstructing the walkways, so they moved on to the grass, dispersed a little more, and continued yelling and chanting.” “A girl right in front of me with a Palestinian flag turned to some of the people gathered and said ‘just walk away, just go keep killing’, Berger recalled. “Right now they're celebrating an apartheid state called Israel over there on the mall and we're trying to protest that," Sarah Tayel, SJP protester toldThe Diamondback, UMD’s student paper. “We're not trying to do anything harmful, anything violent. We're just trying to spread awareness about what's going on.” The Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society (PLUMAS) tweeted in solidarity with the SJP after the event.
  20. Follow Ben White‏@benabyad Israel triples demolitions of Palestinian structures in Occupied West Bank | @LukeReuters http://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-palestinians-demolitions-idUSKCN0X41TA … RETWEETS135 LIKES33 7:30 AM - 7 Apr 2016 Reply Retweet Like More Ben White ‏@benabyad Apr 7 .@ochaopt: "The hardest hit...are at risk of forcible transfer, a clear violation of int'l law." - a crime against humanity in ICC statute. Like More Ben White ‏@benabyad Apr 7 An Israeli major general confirmed the discrimination to lawmakers concerned there aren't *enough* demolitions. More
  21. Iranian converts to Judaism in Israel

    EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Iranian Convert to Judaism Tuesday, March 10, 2015 | Elizabeth Blade RELATED STORIES France: Israel Will Attack Iran Ahmadinejad plays innocent: I would never nuke Israel! Israel nabs Iranian spying in Tel Aviv Topics: Iran As the events of the past few months have demonstrated, anti-Semitism hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s getting stronger. While many Jews prefer to hide their identity for fear of persecution, some people are ready to sacrifice everything they hold dear in order tobecome Jewish. Israel Today spoke to one such person, a young Iranian woman living in Germany who fell in love with Judaism and Israel. Her real name cannot be revealed for security reasons. Israel Today: You were born a Shia Muslim. How is it that you fell in love with Judaism and Israel? Tannaz: I was born in Tehran back in the 1980s to Muslim parents, though they never saw themselves as such. With the eruption of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 life became very difficult for them. My father, who’s an intellectual, felt particularly in danger given the fact that the new regime of the ayatollahs didn’t tolerate people like him. Witnessing public punishments, tortures, blood and executions, my parents didn’t want their kids to grow up in an Islamic state that radiated fear. That’s why they decided to flee to Germany, hoping that one day – when the Islamic clerics are toppled – they will come back to Iran. This, however, hasn’t happened. Even though I totally integrated into German society and identify myself as German, I never felt truly connected to this new home, although I am very grateful to this country for giving me and my family much needed shelter. I started looking for my real identity. IT: And you found it in Judaism, even though it’s so unpopular to be Jewish nowadays? Tannaz: I was never taught to hate the Jewish people or Israel, the opposite is true. My father has always told me stories about his Jewish friends that he left in Iran. IT: But to actually become a Jew? Tannaz: It was only the beginning of the process. My love for Israel intensified the more I learnt about this country. Six years ago, when I was still attending college, a friend of mine who was doing research about Israel invited me to visit the country and I couldn’t resist the temptation. But I was in for a bumpy ride because the moment I landed at Ben Gurion airport, I was taken in for questioning that lasted eight hours. The officer, who checked my German passport, noticed that I was born in Tehran and was convinced that I was working for the Iranian intelligence service. IT: How did you go through this humiliation? Tannaz: It was a very traumatic experience and at some point I called the German embassy in Tel Aviv and begged them to get me out of this horrible country. But that nightmare left me curious and I made up my mind to come back and explore Israel. This time around I applied for various internship programs, hoping that they would give me a glimpse of Israel. Ironically enough, the only internship program that agreed to take me in was a Palestinian NGO. IT: So instead of exploring Israel, you ended up exploring the West Bank? Tannaz: Correct. I stayed with a Palestinian family from Jerusalem and got very influenced by their powerful propaganda machine. I have to admit that for two years I was on their side. But that was also because I didn’t have the chance to “enter” Israeli society and to interact with Israelis. IT: How did that change? Tannaz: I have always been a thinking person. I never swallowed everything the media or the people around me were trying to feed me. I was extremely irritated by the fact that every time Palestinians would speak about Israelis, they would use the word “Jews”. It hurt me to hear that, simply because I was brought up in Germany where people are taught to remember the Holocaust. At some point I realized that I was tired of the Palestinian stance: the constant whining and pinning the blame on everyone but themselves. I was tired of their negative approach. At the same time, I was afraid to talk to Israelis, thinking they would push me away because of my origin. I overcame this obstacle only in 2012, when a group of peace activists launched the famous campaign Israel Loves Iran. Shortly after, Israelis started adding me as a friend on Facebook and several of them have even invited me over. IT: What was the most striking revelation for you when you got to know Israelis? Tannaz: That they are so much like Persians: they have the Middle Eastern flair but they are modern and open minded. I realized that Israel is the place I wanted to be. IT: Was it at this time that you decided to convert? Tannaz: I can’t put my finger on when exactly it happened but that was definitely before anyone told me that the process of conversion would be such a nightmare [laughing]. I made up my mind that I wanted to convert while I was on a trip outside of Germany but the moment I came back to the country I was paralyzed by fear. IT: What kind of thoughts were running through your mind? Tannaz: I was afraid to go through the process of conversion and immigration and end up having no decent job in Israel. This would mean that I would need to go back to Germany and live there as a Jewish woman, which often means that I would have to hide my real identity. But I didn’t want to live in a lie. IT: Is it that scary to be Jewish in Germany? Tannaz: Anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise in Europe. It got particularly fierce last summer during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. But apart from this, a lot of Europeans feel that they are losing their identity and that their countries no longer belong to them. Only recently thousands took to the streets to vent anger at Muslim immigrants, who – as they see it – don’t integrate into their society, but the truth is that the Jewish people are also on their target list. They might use their anti-Islamic stance as a cover, in a bid to gain more supporters, but their ideology goes against everything non-German. IT: In your opinion, what’s the root of this anti-Semitic sentiment? Tannaz: It is natural for people to sympathize with the weak, the underdog. Palestinians are winning the media war because they successfully managed to create the image of the oppressed people. Unfortunately, many people in the West don’t have the time or the energy to understand the conflict, to dig and ask inconvenient questions, so they end up relying on media, which is largely biased. IT: Where do you currently stand with the process of your conversion? Tannaz: I am struggling with my dilemma but if (or when) I convert, I will make sure to keep it as a secret from my family in Iran whose lives would be endangered. Link/source: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/26211/Default.aspx
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