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  1. Islamic Empires

    Salam alkum everyone. Hope you are all well. insha' Allah. I hope someone can help me out or advice me please? In the Shia traditions, divine leadership based on god's laws was meant to be from Prophet Muhammad (saw) then to Imam Ali (A,S) How do we understand the empires that were formed after this such as: The Ababsid, The Ummayad, Ottomans, Slejuks and the Mughals ect? My personal thoughts is that these were not actual Islamic empires or based on divine leaderships as such , but clan, family or based on leadership and conquest. The Sunni's believe it to my based on the :four rightly gudied Khlaifs" Question 1) is did any of the above empires have good role models of governance, and religious decrees that helped the people of that time? And, can we as people, use the success of these historical empires as a way to improve our social, religious and political development as countries? Thank you for your help and support. That will fine too. God bless you.
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