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  1. Hadith proving Wives are Ahlulbayt

    Man times sunnis say that ayat tatheer was revealed for the wives. However, we show them the hadith where it was revealed for ahlul kisa. Then they show hadith that try and prove that the verse was revealed for the wives. They argue first with the hadith from ikrimah to ibn abbas which I think is a weak argument because ibn abbas was not present at this event unlike umm salama who said the verse was not revealed for the wives. However, then they bring hadith about umm salama claiming that the verse was revealed for the wives. Can knowledgable brother give the gradings of these chains? حدثنا عبد الله حدثني أبي حدثنا أبو النضر هاشم بن القاسم حدثنا عبد الحميد يعني ابن بهرام قال حدثني شهر بن حوشب قال سمعت أم سلمة زوج النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم حين جاء نعي الحسين بن علي لعنت أهل العراق فقالت: قتلوه قتلهم الله غروه وذلوه لعنهم الله فإني رأيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم جاءته فاطمة غدية ببرمة قد صنعت له فيها عصيدة تحمله في طبق لها حتى وضعتها بين يديه فقال لها: أين ابن عمك قالت: هو في البيت قال: فاذهبي فادعيه وائتني بابنيه قالت: فجاءت تقود ابنيها كل واحد منهما بيد وعلي يمشي في أثرهما حتى دخلوا على رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فأجلسهما في حجره وجلس علي عن يمينه وجلست فاطمة عن يساره قالت: أم سلمة فاجتبذ من تحتي كساء خيبريا كان بساطا لنا على المنامة في المدينة فلفه النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم عليهم جميعا فأخذ بشماله طرفي الكساء وألوى بيده اليمنى إلى ربه عز وجل وقال: اللهم أهلي اذهب عنهم الرجس وطهرهم تطهيرا اللهم أهل بيتي اذهب عنهم الرجس وطهرهم تطهيرا اللهم أهل بيتي أذهب عنهم الرجس وطهرهم تطهيرا. قلت يا رسول الله ألست من أهلك قال بلى فادخلي في الكساء قالت: فدخلت في الكساء بعد ما قضى دعاءه لابن عمه علي وابنيه وابنته فاطمة رضي الله عنه ..."He sat them (i.e Al-Hasan & Al-Husien) on his lap, and Ali sat on his right, and Fatima sat on his left. Umm Salama said: he pulled a cloak (a Kisa) from under me … and then he [Salah Allah ‘Alaihi wa Salam] wrapped it around them all, taking the edges of the Cloak by his left hand, and pointing with his right hand towards his Lord [Exalted and Glorified is He] and said: “O Allah, remove from them the Rijs (evil deeds and sins, etc.), and purify them with a thorough purification”, three times. She (umm salama) said: [So] I said: O Messenger of Allah, am I not [also] from your Ahl? [So] he said: Yes, Indeed, [you are]. He said: So enter the Kisa (the cloak) [too]. She said: So I entered after he completed his supplication to his cousin Ali, his sons, and his daughter Fatima" في بيتي أنزلت : ? إنما يريد الله ليذهب عنكم الرجس أهل البيت ويطهركم تطهيرا ? قالت : فأرسل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم إلى فاطمة وعلي والحسن والحسين ، فقال : هؤلاء أهل بيتي ، وفي حديث القاضي والسمي : هؤلاء أهلي ، قالت : فقلت : يا رسول الله ! أما أنا من أهل البيت ؟ قال : بلى إن شاء الله تعالى Umm Salmah said: in my house these verses were revealed ” God wants to remove all kinds of uncleanliness from you Ahlul-Bayt and to purify you thoroughly.” So the Prophet PBUH called for Ali and Fatima and Hassan and Hussein and then said: These are Ahlu-Bayti, In the Hadith of al Qadi and al Summi: They are Ahly. So I said: O Messenger of Allah! aren’t I also from your Ahlul-Bayt? He said: yes you are Inshallah. دثنا أبو كريب، قال: ثنا خالد بن مخـلد، قال: ثنا موسى بن يعقوب، قال: ثنـي هاشم بن هاشم بن عتبة بن أبـي وقاص، عن عبد الله بن وهب بن زمعة، قال: أخبرتنـي أمّ سلـمة أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم جمع علـياً والـحَسنـين، ثم أدخـلهم تـحت ثوبه، ثم جأر إلـى الله، ثم قال: ” هؤلاء أهل بـيتـي ” ، فقالت أمّ سلـمة: يا رسول الله أدخـلنـي معهم، قال: ” إنَّكِ مِنْ أهْلِـي On authority of Abd Allah bin Wahb bin Zam’ah, Umm Salamah informed me that the Messenger of Allah SAWS assembled Alii and the two Hasan’s (Husayn and Hasan), he brought them under his thawb, then supplicated to Allah and said: “These are the people of my household”. Then Umm Salamah said: ‘Oh Messenger of Allah, bring me in with them’. He said: “Indeed you are from my household
  2. Tawassul Question

    Many people have argued that saying ya ali and doing tawassul is shirk because it makes the prophet/imams all hearing and makes them able to hear people all around the world in different languages and so on. This seems like a strong argument against tawassul. Thoughts?
  3. wilayat.net

    Why is this website down? Does anybody know who the creator was?
  4. Kheira

    Can someone please do a kheira for me. I am very desperate for one.
  5. How the Islamic Society can be formed?
  6. I was wondering what happens at midnight because there are so many things that refer to midnight they say people get more creative after midnight we have the midnight prayer and some more things I can't think of off the top of my head. Is there any Qur'an or hadith of Ahlul Bayt that talk about what happens at midnight?
  7. How Often Do You Listen to Music?

    Salam Everyone, Just curious to see people's opinion about this, I have listed the responses I have usually heard from people in this regard. Your votes will not be public and will only appear as numbers. Inc.
  8. Watch this share it is important that all muslims have their basic human rights to practice their religion. http://ctv.news/IAkDkzTN.S. woman claims potential wedding venue violated her religious freedoms A Dartmouth woman claims a local hotel is infringing on her freedom of religion by not offering appropriate food for her wedding reception.
  9. Shia Islam for kids

    Children AB TV Prayer for kids Nazar Al-Qatari & kids Moharam cartoons Heroes of Karbala Princess of Rome:
  10. Wikipedia notes: as well as: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahweh So, is YHWH the same as Allah? As a Christian, I certainly consider him my God, the only true God of all things, and the only one deserving of worship. I would consider Allah the Islamic "spin off" (I don't mean that in a rude or offensive way) of YHWH. Thoughts or other opinions/viewpoints?
  11. Islam and Video Games

    Salam Aleykum, my brothers and sisters in religion and my equals in humanity. What is the perspective of some religious scholars on electronic video games? When I say video games I don’t mean Pac-Man either lol, I’m talking about games like Grand theft Auto 5, Battlefield and you know all the other big mainstream adult restricted ones. I have researched from both Khamenei and Sistani as best as I could but could only find them giving their opinion about games like Chess and other activities that can involve gambling.
  12. #metoo

    What can I say about this movement. There is alot of truth and a lot of falsehood at the same time. First, the truth There are many powerful men who use their position in order to take advantage of women. They oppress them, treat them unfairly, degrade them, and sometimes even rape them. This is true and these men should definitely be exposed and punished. We as muslims know that if they are not punished in this life, they definitely will be in the next. I especially feel sorry for our sisters who do not do anything to encourage this and do not play games to trade 'this for that' and despite being modest and not playing games they still end up becoming victims of these corrupt men. All I can tell these women is that Allah(s.w.a) definitely hears the dua' of the oppressed muslim/a and responds to it. The response may not come immediately, but it is guaranteed to come and Allah(s.w.a) will turn these dua' into additional reward for these sisters who stay within the haqq. We are living in a world where power is concentrated more and more in the hands of a few, and this is a big part of the problem. There are fewer and fewer opportunities for women (and men also) who are not wealthy and do not have the right connections so they are forced to endure degradation and humiliation at the hands of corrupt men. Noone deserves this and it is a very sad commentary on the times we live in that there are so many who have to endure this. The Falsehood The bad part of this movement is that it is reviving a bad sort of feminism that says that all men are perpetrators and all women are victims when it comes to sexual harassment. They are promoting a sort of cartoon like reality in which it is little red ridinghood against the big bad wolf. The actual reality of harassment is usually much more complex than that. There are many women who use their 'feminine charms' in the workplace and other situations to gain an advantage over their male colleagues and increase their own power and influence and then when any man calls them on it or does something they don't like, they cry 'sexual harassment'. There are just as many corrupt, power hungry women as there are corrupt, power hungry men. So now you hear that the solution is to put more women in positions of power. This is of course ridiculous. You want people who are not greedy, power hungry, corrupt , and selfish in positions of power whether they are women or men. It is their character that matters, not their gender. In Islam, we are taught that the more power you have, the more accountability you have before Allah(s.w.a). We want people in positions of power who believe in Allah(s.w.a) and are just and knowledgeable and realize that they are accountable and act accordingly. If they focus is other than this, on gender, political party, etc, we will just be trading one set of problem for another set of problems and ultimately not get anywhere. IMHO.
  13. Shia Islam Dawa

  14. no Shia no Sunni just muslim

    what is your idea about no Shia no Sunni just muslim ? In my opinion it must first define True Muslim then we can accept it.
  15. As someone who grew was a child in the days before social media was 'a thing'. I can't help but think social media is forcing us to live in a 'bubble' surrounded only by those who agree with us. When you go on facebook, youtube, even google news, these sites show you content by default that matches with your past viewing / searching habits. So, for example, if you are a democrat, you will see links from Washington Post / NY Times at the top of your search pages. If you are a Republican, you will see Fox News, NY Daily News, Washington Times, etc. You will start to think after a while that everyone agrees with you, because that is all you see. Then become shocked and annoyed when you hear another point of view. Is social media making us not only less intelligent, but less tolerant ? I was at our holiday lunch at work and I sit next to this middle aged white lady who I have worked with for almost a year. We got along very well / had a good working relationship. Then one of my other coworkers and I were having a political discussion and I said something about Trump and how he seems to do things mostly for his own benefit. It didn't seem like a strong or outrageous comment, but I could see this lady's face turning red and she has been avoiding me since that lunch about 1 week ago. So I started thinking, 'There are alot of people, even alot of Americans who don't particularly like Trump, she must of heard something like this before. But then I thought, Maybe she hasn't. Got me to thinking. BTW, I don't think any different / less of her because now I know she is a Trump supporter. But maybe not everyone thinks like I do ?
  16. The teachings of Islam: Believe in God and the Prophet and obey them. Believe in divine justice and judgment after death and model your life so that you can survive the judgment satisfactorily. Honour, respect, help and obey your parents, even if they do not fulfil their obligations to you. But do not obey them if they ask you to commit a wrong. Help those in need financially and otherwise but without a motive and as far as possible, on the quiet. Do not let your generosity be commonly known. Have special consideration for disadvantaged groups, such as orphans, women, old people, strangers in town etc. Don’t deceive anyone in a private or in a trade transaction. Stick to patience in all adversities. If someone arouses your anger, forgive that person. Try and forgo your right to retaliate. Don’t treat a woman in distress as your heritage. Do not take advantage of women or of anyone weaker than you. Do not charge interest on a sum of money you lend someone. If a debtor finds it difficult to pay back the loan on the due date, reschedule the debt so that he has more time. And if you write the debt off completely, it is even better. Never let your courage fail you. Be brave. You live only once. If you have slaves, treat them as family. It will be better to let them go. And if they want to go, you must not stop them. But if they wish to stay, share your wealth equally with them. Be firm. Do not allow yourself to be unduly influenced. Behave in a manner where your behaviour is described as graceful, even if someone tries to bully you or acts unjustly to you. Judge justly. If you know that your son has committed an offence, speak against him in court, if you are asked to give evidence. Do not allow your love for your relatives to lead you to injustice. Always speak kindly, even if you wish to avoid a person, who wishes to mislead you or is otherwise a pest or a nuisance. Place your trust entirely in God and no one else. Do not bear false witness. Do not gamble. Do not consume intoxicating drinks. Reflect deeply into the mysteries of life. If you have committed a sin, ask for God’s forgiveness. If you have sinned against a human being, ask the person to forgive you before you seek divine forgiveness. And repent, that is, promise never to repeat the sin again Respect your guests and neighbours even if they are atheists or agnostics or belong to another religion. Be the first to greet people. In other words, when you meet someone on the street or elsewhere, greet him first, that is, before he tries to greet you. Repel evil with good. In other words, if someone does evil to you, do not respond to him with evil, rather with good. Do not engage with those who mock your religion. Leave them alone but depart from them gracefully. When your eyes fall upon a person of the other sex, lower your gaze or at least turn your eyes to something else. Sex outside a legal relationship is not permitted. Homosexuality is a very grave sin. Don’t be scared to go to battle in self-defence. Do not attack anyone except in self-defence. Always seek a peaceful solution to your problems. Do not resort to violence until your adversary does so. Give the other person the privilege of a first strike. Live simply. The Prophet’s own simple life is confirmed by the following scholars: Barnaby Rogerson, The Prophet Muhammad, 2003, p. 73: (1) Muhammad made no use of Khadijah’s wealth (other than to give alms to the poor) and maintained his same simple existence and his life as a merchant. Karen Armstrong, Muhammad – A Biography of the Prophet, 1993: (2) Muhammad gave a large proportion of the family income to the poor and made his own family live very frugally. (p. 81) (3) Muhammad himself always lived a simple and frugal life, even when he became the most powerful sayyid in Arabia. He hated luxury and there was often nothing to eat in his household. He never had more than one set of clothes at a time and when some of his Companions urged him to wear a richer ceremonial dress, he always refused, preferring the thick, coarse cloth worn by most of the people. [Sayyid means leader] (p. 93) (4) He hated to be addressed with pompous, honorific titles, and was often seen sitting unaffectedly on the ground in the mosque, frequently choosing to sit with the poorest members of the community. (Page 230) Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ix, taken from the digitised version of Google Books, p. 324: (5) The good sense of Mahomet despised the pomp of royalty; the apostle of God submitted to the menial offices of the family; he kindled the fire, swept the floor, milked the ewes, and mended with his own hands his shoes and his woollen garment (6) Many weeks would elapse without a fire being kindled on the hearth of the prophet. Washington Irving, Mohammed, Hertfordshire: Wordsworth Editions Limited, 2007, p. 94: (7) The style of living of the prophet himself was not superior to that of his disciple . . . He swept his chamber, lit his fire, mended his clothes, and was, in fact, his own servant. Syed Ameer Ali, The Spirit of Islam, Delhi: Low Price Publications, 1923 (1997): (8) Mohammed was extremely simple in his habits. His mode of life, his dress and his belongings, retained to the very last a character of patriarchal simplicity. Many a time . . . had the Prophet to go without a meal. Dates and water frequently formed his only nourishment. (p. 120-121) (9) Modesty and kindness, patience, self-denial, and generosity pervaded his conduct, and riveted the affections of all around him. With the bereaved and afflicted he sympathized tenderly . . . He shared his food even in times of scarcity with others, and was sedulously solicitous for the personal comfort of everyone about him. He would stop in the streets listening to the sorrows of the humblest. He would go to the houses of the lowliest to console the afflicted and to comfort the heartbroken. The meanest slaves would take hold of his hand and drag him to their masters to obtain redress for ill-treatment or release from bondage . . . At night he slept little, spending most of the hours in devotion. He loved the poor and respected them, and many who had no home or shelter of their own slept at night in the mosque contiguous to his house. Each evening it was his custom to invite some of them to partake of his humble fare. (p. 120)
  17. Everday i hear different things from both sides but i think as a muslim we have the most strong bond. Please avoid to blame each other and live in peace. Basically i am suni but i respect shia and every other sect in circle of islam and i also have shia as my best friend. Everyone should play his part and love each other i make islam strongest thats the most important thing.
  18. Job Question

    Salam All, A question on behalf of a brother. I wanted to know that if you work in a sales job and part of your job role requires you to pass customers onto the finance department who would then provide customers with finance (With interest rate) is this job acceptable according to islamic Jurisprudence? Jazak'Allah
  19. Getting Drunk Was Considered a Sin in Medieval Christianity بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم TIL that getting drunk was considered a sin in Medieval Christianity. Alcohol itself was considered permissible, but drinking to the point of inebriation was considered a subset of the deadly sin of gluttony. The full reddit thread on r/askhistorians can be found below, although I’ll quote the relevant parts: Click here to continue reading.
  20. Salaam alaikum, I wanted some opinions on a method of approaching a girl for marriage. A little bit of background: I am a revert and not so much embedded into a Muslim community. I am looking to get married but finding it difficult to find someone. I am largely resorting to online Muslim matrimonial sites but not finding any luck on there either. I have slowly started making friends with a lot of great brothers who have welcomed me. So I add them on social media and so on. Those who are on Facebook know about the 'people you may know' feature that displays a list people to add. A few girls have come up on this - they are friends with the brothers I know so I know they are likely to belong to the local community. My question for the ladies in this forum is what are your thoughts on being approached and receiving a marriage proposal by some via social media? ***At this point I just want to say that I have no intention to go around messaging loads of girls with proposals because I think that is a bit silly and immoral and breaches social hijab*** I have been a Muslim for 3 and a half years and I remember a girl whom I approached via social media. I sent her a message asking her if she is in a position where she is looking to get married and if so, is she interested in getting to know me and if so I wanted a contact detail of her parent or legal guardian to request their permission to get to know her. She rejected but was very polite and nice about it. Did not show any annoyance or offence by what I said. I was just wondering how a lady would feel, if approached on social media from a male with respect and good etiquette with a proposal along similar lines to how I approached the lady. Given my circumstances, I am just trying to think outside the box (but staying within the box of Islam of course ) Thoughts appreciated Thanks
  21. Belief in Islam

    I’ve always been religious and started praying at a young age by myself. It was just me and Allah- like Allah was my only friend. One day I watched a video on YouTube and it said that how Allah is so far away. I felt like Allah was really faraway. Slowly it started becoming is Allah really there? I know it says that Allah’s closer to our jugular vein but I just I don’t know. My Imaan is so weak that the belief in Allah is going up and down. One minute it’s there an the next minute it’s not. It’s like my heart doesn’t want to accept like I feel a tightening in my chest. I want to have that connection again. I’m 18 and people usually come to me for advice like my cousins,aunties, school mates and friends. I feel SO fake. They will go to heaven not me. It seems like my heart wants to accept other fake religions but I know that if I do I will go to hell. I can’t get these shirk thoughts of Jesus being the... I can’t even say it. It’s like I’m starting to believe what’s in my head. Help! The religion Islam feels like a burden but I’m constantly asking Allah to guide me to the right way. I want to understand Islam simply. It’s like other people believe and I don’t because my heart is blind. I see so many Christians convert to Islam but there I am. Was I doomed from the beginning? I have a very low tolerance for pain and really don’t want to go hell. I’m scared. I want to die a shaheedan! Why is this happening to me? I know that if I were to die right now I would go hell. Yet the people around me who take advice from me and benefit from me will think I’ve gone heaven. I cry so much and try to have hope but I can’t. I haven’t told any family members or any friends. I really can’t.
  22. How do you debunk the claim that the kaaba is pagan and the word "Allah" was used pre-Islam and with pagans? If anyone can link me shia sources debunking these claims I will appreciate it since I had discussed this with non-muslim friends and do not know how to answer them when they ask about it. [Mod Note: Link to a banned website was removed.]
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