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  1. Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters! "But that day belongs to the Lord, the LORD Almighty-- a day of vengeance, for vengeance on his foes. The sword will devour till it is satisfied, till it has quenched its thirst with blood. For the Lord, the LORD Almighty, will offer sacrifice in the land of the north by the River Euphrates." Jeremiah 46:10 Thoughts on this verse? Do you guys think it is in reference to Imam Mahdi (as).
  2. Salamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah. Recently, a profile which I am sure everyone is aware of, that was defending YH and HA presented me with a set of Hadith against revolution before the Qaim: Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 310, Hadeeth number 483: Omar ibn Handhala says, al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam said, “There are five signs before the rise of the Hujja ‘alaihissalam, the heavenly call, Sufyani, the sinking of the earth, the murder of the pure soul and Yamani. I asked, may I be your ransom, If anyone from your House should make an uprise (khuruj: uprise or revolt to topple the government), should we make an uprise along with him? He said, No. If you are a Shi’a, then remember, it is prohibited until you hear the Saiha and that Yamani has appeared, to make an uprise. That is unless the MI6 and CIA had paid Omar ibn Handhala to narrate this hadeeth. Al-Kafi vol 8, pg 264 Hadeeth number: 382 Our master Syed al-Sajjideen ‘alaihissalam said, “By Allah, no one makes an uprise from us before the Rise of the Awaited One, salamullahi ‘alaih, except that he will be like a nestling (baby bird), who flew off his nest before its wings grew, and kids pick him and play with him. Ibid # 383: Says al-Imam al-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, “O’ Sadir, stay at your home and be a rug of your house (as motionless and passive as a rug of your house). Don’t move and remain absolutely silent so long the earth and the sky are silent (sinking of the earth has not occurred and the heavenly call/saiha has not been heard). When you hear that Sufyani has risen, come to us, even if you have to walk. Al-Kafi vol 5, pg 22 Hadeeth Number 2: Says the Imam ‘alaihissalam, “Make pilgrimage to this House [the Ka’ba]. Does not each one of you like to be [safe] at his house, have his family prosper through his generosity, and wait for OUR RULE. If he should live to see Our Rule, he will be like the ones who were with the Rasool of Allah salla Allahu ‘alaihi wa Aalihi wassalam at the battle of Badr. If he should die, while waiting for Our Rule, he will be like the close companions of the Awaited One ‘alaihissalam who will be with him at his tent”… Al-ibid pg 23, Hadeeth number 3: Bashir al-Dahhan: I said to al-Imam as-Sadiq ‘alaihissalam, I saw you in my dream and I said to you in my dream, Fighting under the banner of someone other than the Infallible Imam, appointed by Allah, is haram like eating rotten dead animal, drinking blood, and pork. And you said in my dream, “It is indeed so”. Al-Imam al-Sadiq alaihissalam replied [in wakefulness], “It is indeed so, it is indeed so”. I can myself comment that some Hadith before Imam al-Sadiq about the Qaim refer to Imam al-Sadiq themselve as Shaykh Hamza Sodagar pointed out. As for the rest of the Hadith's I contacted the office of Grand Ayatullah Nasr Makarem Shirazi (H) on the issue and received the following answer: Answer: We also believe that any uprising in the name of Imam Mahdi before His reappearance is condemned to failure and belongs to the Tyrant. But if an uprising is for the sake of Allah and in order to pave the ground for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) and to implement the goals of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS), then it is approved and is consistent with jurisprudential certainties and the rulings of Enjoining good and forbidding wrong. According to the certain documents "Islam without government," is a disfigured Islam which is free of content, and in fact is an Islam without Islam. Again, a group resist opposing the issue of Islamic government. The source of this opposition is, in fact, two things including mental aspect, and the aspect of narrations. The mental aspect is that, they have a bitter memory of the governments and they believe that in the current situation no one is able to form a divine government and implement Islamic justice. But in terms of narrative, they follow some narrations in this field which are not restricted to what you mentioned. The concept of narrations is that "every flag, which is set up as a government before the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AS), is either a flag of delusions or condemned to failure." Pay attention to the interpretations of these traditions and they are as follows: 1. It means the uprisings which are carried out without the permission of infallible Imams (AS) or religious authorities or the general deputies of the Imams at the time of occultation. 2. It means the uprisings which are carried out to invite oneself and not to invite to the goals of the infallible Imams (peace be upon them), as mentioned in many narrations. The uprisings meant here is restricted to the ones that there was no preparation for such uprisings. So, the Imams (AS) talked in this way to prevent these premature or immature uprisings. Wishing you all the success Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi’s Office / Istifta’at section Allahuma Sali Ala Muhammad Wa Alee Muhammad.
  3. Mujtahid

    AOA, I have heard from XYZ that a mujtahid has direct or indirect connection with Imam Mehdi (A.S)? (They can ask a question or a masla or consult from them) Is this true??
  4. Asked if Saudi Arabia was ready to open a direct dialogue with Tehran, Mohammed said it was impossible to talk with a power that was planning for the return of the Imam Mahdi - whom Shi'ites believe was a descendent of the Prophet who went into hiding 1,000 years ago and will return to establish global Islamic rule before the end of the world. "How do you have a dialogue with this (Iran)?" Mohammed said in clips of the interview posted on social media. "Its (Iran's) logic is that the Imam Mahdi will come and they must prepare the fertile environment for the arrival of the awaited Mahdi and they must control the Muslim world." https://www.google.ca/amp/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN17Y1FK
  5. Sheikh Toosi book?

    Do anyone has link or book in English or Urdu of Sheikh Toosi about Imam Mehdi atfs
  6. The kunya "Abu Saleh"

    Why is Imam MahdiÚÌøá Çááøå ÝÑÌå ÇáÔÑíÝ called Abu Saleh? What is the meaning behind this? Does the ImamÚÌøá Çááøå ÝÑÌå ÇáÔÑíÝ have a son named Saleh? Wa salaam.
  7. #BREAKING Trump talked to several leaders about setting up safe zones in Syria: White House #BREAKING US military options on Syria in response to Idlib attack could include grounding Syrian aircraft: official to Reuters Thursday 06/04/2017
  8. Can imam be african descent?

    [Mod Note: Personal information was removed.] I want an honest answer to the ttle question ; Can imam mahdi be mixed race and not specifically Arab ? Thank you Peace
  9. @Fahad Sani has posed the following question/comment about the ability of Imam Mahdi (as) to help us: I think this is a legitimate question that deserves an answer:
  10. YOUR THOUGHTS? The Twelver Shia scholar admits that the Twelver Shias claim to follow ahlebait but in reality are following marjaas whose rulings are based on guesswork/conjecture. It can not be fully confirmed (may be this is the reason why they are not showing source for their rulings). Twelver Shias are following a marja instead of an actual Imam. This also justify above thread somehow.
  11. After all you're my soul

    After all you're my soul But sure you own it sole Can i pray and loudly say Do come with no delay Eyes and heart are so dark Fill it up with your spark Good days will come too Heaven is what but you I will cry but so shy Judge me from my eye Knowing you what shall I do Love, adore, and still due My only one under the sun Needy and lost; to you shall run Only if I; glimpse you and die Peaceful I can close my eye Question me for what i see Really you; not her, him nor we Seeing you but; eyes will not shut Truly from your face to glut (يشبع) Under my skins moving in my veins Vanished is myself and you reigns (يسيطر) When earth as a whole in your hands fall X-large or small you will own it all You’re my Mahdi my holy grandee (النبيل) Zoom in my heart you made dandy (مدهش) In every letter I wrote to you thy LOVE My Divine Lord just look above. Note: each line of this poem starts with the alphabetical letters from A to Z. Beirut in 20/6/2012 #عبد_الاشتر
  12. Salam Alaykum dear brothers/sisters I would like to share with you some information about believing in Imam Mahdi in religions: Futurism, which is to believe that a great divine savior will come, is a fixed and a prevalent belief that has been always with all nations throughout the world. It means to believe in a bright future that will put an end to distress and worries and to believe that due to emergence of a distinct and divine person, all sort of darkness will be erased from the face of the world and the base of oppression, negligence and degradation will be uprooted. In religious texts, there are some names and titles given to such a savior. Some of them are as follows: In Judaism he is called "M'ashih". In Christianity he is called "Messiah" In Zoroastrianism he is called "Svshyans" In Hinduism he is called "Vishnu", or "Klky" In Buddhism he is called "Maitreya, the fifth Buddha " And, in Islam he is called "Mahdi" and "Qa'em" It is understood from the history of the nations that to believe in the emergence of a potent, divine leader and a promised reformer at the end of this world, has been always a very fixed belief among all nations and all the followers of divine religions. This belief is so profound that people in their ups and downs used to always release themselves from hopelessness and disappointment through reminding themselves about the emergence of such a savior and they used to look forward to see him coming at a time. Here it should be noted that, what is understood from referring to this Savior in various religions is that each of them Believe in a single savior that will take the control of the world and will bring it into justice and tranquility. They do not believe in many different saviors and do not say that there is a savior among the Jews, one among the Christians, one in Islam, and so on and so forth. As a result, there are two facts: Firstly, to believe in a savior should be true belief since we see that all of the religions talk about it and it is impossible to say all of them are mistaken and say something wrong. Secondly, when again we see that all of them talk about a single savior there should be just a single one not many saviors. The conclusion is that, there is just one Savior, but every religion talks about him with a special name and traits and all point to a same man. The savior in Islam is the exact one that is the savior in Judaism and Christianity. But some of these religions mistakenly matched it with another man that is not in reality the Promised Savior. He is not the Lord and is not Jesus. He is al-Mahdi that is descended from the final prophet (Muhammad).
  13. What do you think of this website that tells us what Imam Mahdi would be like? http://www.islam.tc/prophecies/imam.html
  14. What should be our roles?

    Salaam Alaykum. During the occultation of the twelve Imam, Imam Mahdi (afs), what should be the roles of the Shiah and the lovers of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) in preparations towards his reapperance? Do share your view please. Thanks.
  15. Why Imam Mahdi is 'hiding'?

    By: Sayed Mahdi Yarahmadian, The occultation of the Imam of Time (afs) does not mean that the Imam is living a paranormal or different life. For example, he is not living in a cave and the likes of such places. In fact, according to some traditions, the Imam is living among the people in a way such that he is not recognized. The only difference between the Imam and the ordinary people is in the longevity of the former's life which is with the will and power of God, the Exalted. There are reasons behind occultation of the Imam (afs) some of which have been explained and some have remained unknown and unheard of. Also, there are certain conditions and requirements for the Imam's reappearance which have not yet been met. One of those conditions is that the Imam (afs) is in need of 313 special companions in addition to the ordinary followers. Finally, considering the narrations and that the present Iranian government enjoys jurisprudential and narrative legitimacy, the present government can be considered as favorable and conducive to the global government of the Imam of Time, may Allah hasten his reappearance. https://www.al-islam.org/fazail-ul-mahdi-ali-akbar-talaafi/short-biography-imam-mahdi-aj
  16. Is Sheikh Nimr, "Nafse Zaki"?

    More and more people are asking about if the holy warrior, "Ayatollah Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr" was the "Nafse Zaki" as prescibed in the prophecies of return of Imam Mahdi a.s (May Allah hasten his reappearance). To help out your curious mind. You'll witness the riwayats and hadiths related to "Nafse Zaki - Pure Soul". Note: Before reading below, beware that the signs of reappearance isn't explicitly the result for the return of the Imam Mahdi a.s except the 5 that are obligatory. 1. On the 25th Zil-Hijjah the announcement will be made and the announcer killed (This is the blood of Nafse Zakiyya - pure soul, those whose blood will touch the Ka'ba and who is mentioned in numerous prophecies). 2. His blood will be avenged 2 weeks later when Imam(a.s.) will appear himself at the Ka'ba. 3. In the 13th volume of Bihar-ul-Anwar, Imam Al-Baqir(a.s.) is quoted as saying that "The Qaim (Imam Al-Mahdi(a.s.)) will send one of his companions to Makka and will ask him to inform them that I'm sent by so-and-so to you and that we are the merciful Ahlul-Bayt and the Store-house of 'Risalat' (religious guidance) and 'Khilafat' and we are the progeny of Muhammad(pbuh&hf) and from the time that the Prophet of Islam(pbuh&hf) left this world until now, we've been oppressed and deprived and our rights have been usurped. So we call you to befriend us. When that young man will utter these words, he will be caught and beheaded between 'Rukn' and 'madam' (in Masjidul Haram) and this young man is the 'Nafse Zaki'.......... And between the death of the 'Nafse Zaki' and the re-appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi (A.S.) there will not be a gap of fifteen nights". 4. Nafs-e-Zakiyyah is a person by the name of Muhammad ibn al-Hasan (Allama Majlisi. Bihar al-Anwar 52) 5. He is a descendant of Husayn ibn Ali (Allama Majlisi. Bihar al-Anwar 52) 6. Duty of Nafs-e-Zakiyyah is mentioned in a hadith that narrated by Abu-Basir from Muhammad al-Baqir. According to the hadith when Muhammad al-Mahdi realizes, people of Mecca don't accept his reappearance. Therefore, he will send Nafs-e-Zakiyyah as an envoy to convey his oral message to people of Mecca (Majlisi, Muhammad Baqir. Bihar al-Anwar 52. p. 307) 7. He will be slayed by people of Mecca around the Ka'ba after impart Imam's message to them. (Hashemi Shahidi, Seyyed Asadullah. Introduce of promised person. Jamkaran Mosque Publication. p. 524.) 8. It will rise from the west; a pure soul (nafs zakiyya) will be killed in the outskirts of Kufa with seventy righteous men; a Hashimite will be slaughtered between the corner (of the Ka'ba) and the station of Abraham) 9. As well, before the advent of the Imam, a noble person will be killed during the Hajj rites in Makkah. In the traditions, this person has been referred to as the Pure Soul or an-Nafs al-Zakiyyah. 10. Upon the death of Nafs-e-Zakiyya, a voice will resonate from the skies declaring, “Be aware that your ruler is the Mahdi who shall fill the earth with truth and justice.” (Eqdud-Durar) (http://www.islamicinsights.com/religion/signs-of-the-return.html) 11. Five signs will be seen before the uprising of the Qaim: Arrival of the Yemenite man, Sufyani, Call from the sky, Sinking of the ground in Baidha desert and Killing of the Pure Soul (Nafse Zakiyyah).” 12. (Bihar Al Anwar Vol-51-52-53-( the-Promised-Mahdi-English v 13 -Translation ) Chapter Thirty book II, Ikmaaluddin- Shaykh Saduq) 13. After that Imam Mahdi (a.s.) would arise and his standard would be held by Shuaib bin Salih. When Syrians realize that their country has come under the rule of the descendant of Abu Sufyan they would go to Mecca. Nafse Zakiyyah and his brother would be killed at that time. 14. Nafse Zakiyyah (the pure soul) is a young man from the Progeny of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.), his name is Muhammad bin Hasan, who would be killed without any crime and sin and when they slay, him they shall neither have any excuse in the heavens nor would they have any friend in the earth. At that time the Almighty Allah will send the Qaim of Aale Muhammad with a group that in the view of the people would be softer than antimony. 15. Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.) said: And mutual discord in Bani so-and-so is inevitable, killing of Nafse Zakiyya is inevitable and the rising of Imam Qaim is also inevitable. 16. "When Nafse Zakiyyah (pure person) will be killed, a voice from the sky will declare, ‘Your leader is so and so!’ Then Mahdi will rise and will fill the earth with justice and equity." (Ammare Yasir) Summarizing the Ahadith/Riwayats mentioned above: 1. There are 2 nafs-e-Zakiyya mentioned in the riwayats i.e one would be killed in Kufa (Iraq) and the other would be killed in Saudi (Hijaz) 2. The Nafs-e-Zakiyya is not a name but a nick name meaning (A pure soul). 3. Nafs-e-Zakiyya name would be "Muhammad ibn al-Hasan" 4. Killing of Nafs-e-Zakiyya is among the 5 major signs of reappearance of the Imam Mahdi a.s 5. He would be Syed Hashmi (from the progeny of Prophet Mohammad s.a) (Ayatollah Nimr is not a Syed but a Sheikh) 6. Nafs-e-Zakiyaa would call upon people to introduce the Ahlulbayt but he would be killed for this. 7. Imam Mahdi a.s would rise right after 15 days of killing of Nafs-e-Zakiya. I've collected the above Signs from several websites. Thus the Ahadith mentioned may be Sahih or Zaieef (Strong or weak respectively) Hope you would conclude it on your own.
  17. All about the "Sufyani"

    We all have heard a lot about Sufyani and yet couldn't recognize it because of several reasons. Till today, there are mix stories about Sufyani so I thought to compile all about Sufyani in deep so that interested eyeballs could benefit from it. Importance of Sufyani Sufyani is a character and his appearance is one of the signs of reappearance that has to be appeared before the arrival of Imam Mahdi a.s. Rise of Sufyani, Yamani and Khurasani in the same year, month and day is one of the signs that is mentioned iteratively in many of the Ahadith which proves its importance as a proof of nearness of Imam Mahdi a.s. Sufyani's Traits and Appearance The mystical sufyani is named as "Usman bin Anbasa" and would rise from the deep Damascus (Syria). He would have small pox, a christian cross hidden in his neck and not much popular among the Syrians but identified as a person who would take revenge against the Ashab(Lion - Merely Bashar ul Assad) and Abqa()Patchy dotted face). He would be the most ferocious killer of the time and one of the Ahadith of Imam claims that Abu Sufyan was the man who hated Imam Ali a.s and killed him, Mawiya was the one who killed Imam Hasan, Yazeed killed Imam Hussain a.s and then the Sufyani who would appear to confront Imam Mahdi a.s. According to Imam Ali a.s that the man would appear from deep damascus (Wadi-e-Yabas), he would be illiterate, ill-mannered and ill-faced having small pox on his head. If you see him, he would then look like one-eye binded (Kana in Urdu), he would appear in Damascus and sit on the minbar of Damascus. Events mentioned before his appearance: According to Imam Ali a.s quotation (summary): Shaam (Syria) would be rattled by a horrific earth quake leading to the killing of 1 million people. After this, you would see white/black vehicles (vehicles without ears and tails) coming from the West (Magrib) having Yellow colored flags in their hands and they would start killing from the West part and reaches to Syria. When you see this, you should wait for the land (named as Marmarsa or Harasta) near Damascus to be buried into the ground. When this happens you would see Sufyani would rise from the deep of Damascus, Syria. Journey of Sufyani (RAJAB - RABI UL AWWAL) Sufyani will appear in the scenes to destroy Ashab and Abqa in islamic month of Rajab (as mentioned above). Riwayats says that the all of the 3 including Abqa and Ashab would create a menace just because they wanted to rule the Syria. Sufyani would kill the both parties and win over them. One thing to remember is that Sufyani wouldn't rule more than 9 months(mentioned frequently by imams). There is a gap of 6 months of his appearance and Imam's reappearance. Sufyani in Syria: Sufyani would be well received and supported by the majority and so does he win over Ashab and Abqa. Further more, Sufyani would be very powerful and the frequent Ahadith claims that Sufyani would be able to invade 5 places including: Damascus, Homs, Urdun (Jordan), Qansarin (Aleppo I think) and Iraq. Sufyani in Iraq: After taking over Jordan, Sufyani would then move to the Iraq where there will be many groups fighting including Rome (West - USA/Britain/France/Europe) and Turks (Russians) and Iraq forces. They all would lose man power because there would be a horrific bloodshed killing thousands. After this, Sufyani would enter Iraq, defeats Yamani and the lands where Yamani have already secured its positions till they reach Kufa where Sufyani would kill Shias ruthlessly and will call for people to bring them the heads of Shias to get a reward in return. There will be certain uprisings against Sufyani in Iraq but Sufyani would prove more powerful. Sufyani in Iran: After so much success, Sufyani would be greedy to attack Iran and hence move towards Shiraz, Iran where he would fight withSeyyed Khurasani. Sufyani in Hijaz (Saudi Arabia): Sufyani's faction of army would march towards Medina but Imam would have already appeared in at that time in Makkah and would wait till the Sufyani's army (Sufyani wouldn't be there in the army sent to Hijaaz) would grounded between Mecca and Medina. There are also claims that Sufyani's army would destroy Medina for 30 days. That army of Sufyani will then move to Mecca where they will be buried down into the ground. Sufyanis' End: Raamallah (Israel/Palestine) would be the last stop of Sufyani because after the reappearance of Imam Mahdi a.s he would leave Makkah and then move towards Raamallah (Israel/Palestine) recapturing every region under Sufyanis control. This would be the end of Sufyani's 9 months and the beginning of the world wide revolution of confronting USA (Romis) and Israel (Yahoodis). Get access to the map I've marked on Google Maps See ISIS live map (ISIS LIVE MAP)
  18. Assalam O Alaikum all dear brothers and sisters, I want to know, Why shia say this phrase "ajjil farajahum" (May Allah Hasten His Return). Is there any narration from Imams which confirm/support this? Plz share if anyone knows? While on the other hand there are narrations which are clearly against this phrase. Original source: https://www.al-islam.org/kitab-al-ghayba-book-occultation-sheikh-an-numani/chapter-16-forbidding-timing-and-naming-al-qaim#fref_63c9118a_1 (1) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Yousuf from Muhammad bin Ali from Sa’dan bin Muslim that Abu Baseer had said: I said to Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as): “Does this matter (the appearance of al-Mahdi) not have an end so that we relieve ourselves?” He said: “Yes, it does. But you (people) announced it; therefore Allah put it off.” Other reference: Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.117. (15) Muhammad bin Ya'qoob narrated from al-Husayn bin Muhammad from Ja'far bin Muhammad from al-Qassim bin Issma'eel al-Anbari from al-Hasan bin Ali from Ibraheem bin Muhzim from his father that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) had said when the (Abbasid) rulers had been mentioned before him: “People perished because they hastened this matter (deliverance). Allah does not become hasty just because that people urge on their matters to be achieved. This matter (the appearance of al-Qa'im) has a precise time that it must reach. If it reaches its time, it will occur neither an hour sooner nor an hour later.” Other reference: Al-Kafi, vol.1 p.369, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.118, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.418 Jazak Allah Khairan
  19. Assalam-o-Alaikum, wa Rehmatullah, wa Barakatuhu. ARE THESE NARRATIONS ABOUT 12TH IMAM AUTHENTIC? ANSWER WITH EVIDENCES? All below narrations are taken from Kitab al-Ghaybah or The Book of Occultation of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ibraheem bin Ja'far al-Katib Known as Ibn Abu Zaynab an-Numani, earliest and most important shia work on occultation of 12th Imam. Same book was totaly included by Baqir Majlisi in his Bihar ul Anwar volumes 51, 52, & 53. All prominent shia scholars have narrated from this book. Like Toosi, Hurr Amili etc. Online: https://www.al-islam.org/kitab-al-ghayba-book-occultation-sheikh-an-numani Download: http://alhassanain.org/english/?com=book&id=903 About the author (Numani) Sheikh Numani got most of his knowledge from Yaqoob Kulayni, author of Al-Kafi. He wrote many books, Jami’ul Akhbar, Ar-Radd ala (answering) al-Isma’eeliyya, Al-Ghayba, Al-Fara’idh, Nathrul La’ali. He finished this book till 342 AH, he died in 360 AH, much before Sheikh Sadooq and Sheikh Toosi. An-Najashi said about him: “He is a sheikh (teacher) from among our companions. He is great in position, noble in rank, loyal in faith and he has narrated many traditions.” Al-Mahoozi said: “He is praiseworthy, lofty and one of the sheikhs, who give permission (who evidence others’ knowledge or works).” About the book (Ghaybah) Al-Hurr al-Aamily said: “It is good and sufficient.” Al-Mahoozi said: “It has many benefits and unheard traditions.” From Chapter 13: Al-Qaim’s aspects and deeds (16) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed bin Oqda narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan from Muhammad bin Khalid from Tha’laba bin Maymoon that al-Hasan bin Haroon had said: Once I was sitting with Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) when al-Mu’alla bin Khunays asked him: “Will al-Qa'im (as), when he appears, act unlike the way, in which Ali (as) has acted?” He said: “Yes, he will. Ali has acted with leniency and forgiving because he has known that his Shia are going to be controlled after him. But al-Qa'im (as), when appears, will kill and capture because he knows that his Shia will not be defeated after him forever.” (18) Ali bin al-Husayn narrated from Muhammad bin Yahya al-Attar from Muhammad bin Hassaan ar-Razi from Muhammad bin Ali al-Kufi from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abu Nasr from al-Ala’ fro Muhammad bin Muslim that Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) had said: “If people know what al-Qa'im (as) will do when he appears, most of them will wish he would not appear. He kills great numbers of people. He begins with the people of Quraysh. He kills much many of them until many people say: He is not from Muhammad’s progeny. If he is from Muhammad’s progeny, he will be merciful!” (19) Ali bin al-Husayn narrated from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abu Nasr from Aasim bin Hameed al-Hannat from Abu Baseer that Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) had said: “Al-Qa'im will rise with a new task, new principles and new judgements. He will be severe with the Arabs. He will do not but killing. He will not forgive anyone and he will not care for any blame because he acts for the sake of Allah. (22) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed narrated from Yahya bin Zakariyya bin Shayban from Yousuf bin Kulayb from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Hamza from Aasim bin Hameed al-Hannat that Abu Hamza ath-Thimali had heard Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) saying: “When al-Qa'im of Muhammad’s family appears, Allah will support him with His angels. Gabriel will be in front of him, Michael on the right and Israfel on the left. Terror will precede him about a month-travel before him, behind him, on the right side and on the left side. The close angels will be beside him. The first one to follow him will be Muhammad (as) and the second one will be Ali (as). With his sword he will conquer Rome, Daylam,51 Sind, India, Kabul and the area of the Caspian. Other sources: (16). Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.353, Hilyatul Abrar, vol.2 p.628. (18). Iqd ad-Durar p.227, Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.539, Hilyatul Abrar, vol.2 p.629, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.354, Bisharatul Islam p.263, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.304. (19). Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.540, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.354, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.253. (22). Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.540, Biharul Anwar, vol.52, 349, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.183. From Chapter 16: Forbidding timing and naming al-Qaim (1) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Yousuf from Muhammad bin Ali from Sa’dan bin Muslim that Abu Baseer had said: I said to Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as): “Does this matter (the appearance of al-Mahdi) not have an end so that we relieve ourselves?” He said: “Yes, it does. But you (people) announced it; therefore Allah put it off.” (10) Muhammad bin Ya'qoob al-Kulayni narrated from Ali bin Muhammad and Muhammad bin al-Hasan from Sahl bin Ziyad and Muhammad bin Yahya from Ahmad bin Muhammad from al-Hasan bin Mahboob that Abu Hamza ath-Thimali had heard Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) saying: “Allah had timed this matter to occur in the year seventy (A.H.) but when al-Husayn (as) was killed, He became so angry and put it off until the year one hundred and forty. We told you of that and you announced it and uncovered the secret, so after that Allah did not reveal any timing to us concerning this matter. Allah said: (Allah makes to pass away and establishes what He pleases, and with Him is the basis of the Book).15” Abu Hamza said: “I told Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) of that and he said: “Yes, it was so.” (15) Muhammad bin Ya'qoob narrated from al-Husayn bin Muhammad from Ja'far bin Muhammad from al-Qassim bin Issma'eel al-Anbari from al-Hasan bin Ali from Ibraheem bin Muhzim from his father that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) had said when the (Abbasid) rulers had been mentioned before him: “People21 perished because they hastened this matter (deliverance). Allah does not become hasty just because that people urge on their matters to be achieved. This matter (the appearance of al-Qa'im) has a precise time that it must reach. If it reaches its time, it will occur neither an hour sooner nor an hour later.” Other sources: (1). Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.117. (10). Al-Kafi, vol.1 p.368, Tafseer of al-Ayyashi, vol.2 p.218, Ithbat al-Wassiyya p.131, al-Ghayba by at-Toossi p.,428, al-Khara'ij wel Jara'ih, vol.1 p.178, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.261.6. (15). Al-Kafi, vol.1 p.369, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.118, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.418. From Chapter 20: The army of anger (5) Abu Sulayman Ahmad bin Hawtha al-Bahili narrated from Ibraheem bin Iss’haq an-Nahawandi from Abdullah bin Hammad al-Ansari from Abdullah bin Bukayr that Abban bin Taghlub had said: “One day I was with Ja'far bin Muhammad as-Sadiq (as) in a mosque in Mecca. He said to me: “O Abban, Allah will bring three hundred and thirteen men in this mosque. The people of Mecca know that neither their (those men’s) fathers nor grandfathers have been created yet. They will come with their swords on their shoulders. On each sword the name of its keeper, his father’s name, his aspect and lineage are written. Then a caller will call out: “This is al-Mahdi. He judges with the judgments of Prophet David (as) and Prophet Solomon (as). He is not asked to show evidence for his judgements.” Other source: (15). Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.546, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.4 p.11. From Chapter 21: The Shia when al-Qaim appears (1) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed bin Oqda narrated from Hameed bin Ziyad from Ali bin as-Sabah from Abu Ali al-Hasan bin Muhammad al-Hadhrami from Ja'far bin Muhammad from Ibraheem bin Abdul Hameed from someone that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) had said: “When al-Qa'im (as) appears, those, who have thought themselves as his followers, will apostatize and those, who are somehow like the worshippers of the sun and the moon, will believe in him.” (3) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan at-Taymali from al-Hasan and Muhammad, the sons of Ali bin Yousuf, from Sa’dan bin Muslim from Sabah al-Muzni from al-Harith bin Haseera from Habba al-Orani that Amirul Mo'mineen (as) had said: “As if I see our Shia in the mosque of Kufa setting up pavilions to teach the people the Qur'an as it has been revealed but when our Qa’im appears, he will destroy it (the mosque) and level its mihrab to the ground.” Other sources: (1). Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.363, Bisharatul Islam p.222, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.501. (3). Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.364, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.126. From Chapter 26: The period of al-Qaim’s rule (1) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed bin Oqda narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan at-Taymali from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Yousuf from his father and Muhammad bin Ali from his father from Ahmad bin Umar al-Halabi from Hamza bin Hamran from Abdullah bin Abu Ya’foor that Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (as) had said: “Al-Qa'im (as) will rule for nineteen years and some months.” (3) Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed narrated from Muhammad bin al-Mufadhdhal bin Ibraheem bin Qays from Sa’dan bin Iss’haq bin Sa'eed, Ahmad bin al-Husayn bin Abdul Melik az-Zayyat and Muhammad bin Ahmad bin al-Hasan al-Qatawani from al-Hasan bin Mahboob from Amr bin Thabit that Jabir bin Yazeed al-Ju’fi had said: “I heard Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) saying: “By Allah, a man from us, Ahlul Bayt, will rule for three hundred and thirteen years and then for other nine years.” I asked him: “When will that be?” He said: “After the death of al-Qa'im (as).” I said: “How long will al-Qa'im rule until he dies?” He said: “It will be nineteen years since his rising until the day of his death.” Other sources: (1). Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.547, Hilyatul Abrar, vol.2 p.640, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.298, ar-Raj’a p.133, Bisharatul Islam p.187, 188, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.4 p.76. (3). Tafseer of al-Ayyashi, vol.2 p.326, al-khtisas p.257, al-Ghayba by at-Toossi p.478, Mukhtasar Basa’ir ad-Darajat p.38, 49, 213, Muntakhab al-Anwar al-Mudhee’a p.202, al-Eeqadh min al-Haj’a p.337, Ithbat al-Hudat, vol.3 p.557, Hilyatul Abrar, vol.2 p.640, Tafseer al-Burhan, vol.2 p.465, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.298, vol.53 p.100, 103, 146, ar-Raj’a p.71, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.3 p.329. JAZAK Allah KHAIRAN.
  20. im from india

    assalamualaikum brothers n sisters, Ashadu an la ilaha illa-llah, wa ashadu anna Muhammadun Aabduhu wa rasuluh.. . , im a born muslim.. im from india. .some hindu people who are courageous, do speculative thinking,driven by common sense not by emotions,feelings,anger,rage,love etc . . these kind of people use logic.They are not proud of their forefathers or ancestry,they dont believe in fairy tales.They argue with their parents and eventually they either become atheist or become muslim . my question is -people from every major religion go through some kind of test..These people from hindu religion will think which god is correct - murugan or vishnu or ram etc.. similarly in buddhism - they will have some kind of test. And in christianity, they believe prophet jesus as god . .hindus have some test which will test their faith , jews have some test which will test their faith, buddhist have some test which will test their faith, christians have some tests which will test their faith Now what kind of ´Test´ is there for muslims?.... we believe prophet muhammad(saw) as the last prophet and islam is the final and correct religion... are we special ? we ´muslim´ don´t have to go through any exams in this life ? so i don´t have to use my speculative thinking becuz i know islam is correct...right ? Sunni vs Shia ? How to find out which is correct . one way to find out is- finding ´errors´. please post- Details on Imam Mahdi ,return of Prophet jesus and Dajjal According to both shia and sunni sources if there are 90% errors in sunni or shia ,then i will know who is wrong n who is right. then in day of judgement - standing before god , i can atleast say i tried. please dont redirect me to other topic or pages.
  21. PLEASE READ! ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TAKFIRIS & ZIONISTS O the family of Saud! O the family of Zionism! Beware! Beware! You are listening to my voice and the voices of my friends, from Iran From between the mountains of Talighan and the city of Ray From where the armies of Islam will rise! Announcing the beginning of your end and destruction Conquering your castles and fortresses Just as our master, the Master of the Faithful Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb (a.s) defeated the fortresses of your grandfathers in [the battle of] Khaybar! O tyrants! O murderers! O vicious ones! Those who have taken pledge of enmity against Allah and Islam I’m speaking to you! [So] listen to me carefully! The promise of Allah is true! We will take revenge from you! We will chase after you and pull you out of your dens! We will destroy your palaces, the palaces of oppression and infidelity on top of your heads! We shall purify the two sacred shrines from your filth and impurities! A day will come when we shall see our Mahdi leaning on the wall of the Ka'bah announcing with an Alawid voice: “O people of the world! I am the Al-Qa'im (He who will rise)! O people of the world! I am the avenger!” O the avenger of blood of the martyr of Karbala, O the knight of Hijaz! O Baqiat-Allah, save us! Labayka Ya Mahdi! Labayka Ya Rasulallah! Labayka Ya Hussain! (source)
  22. What is the reason behind Imam of Mahdi's remaining in occultation despite there are Shiite governments in the world? The occultation of the Imam of Time (atf) does not mean that the Imam is living a paranormal or different life. For example, he is not living in a cave and the likes of such places. In fact, according to some traditions the Imam is living among the people in a way such that he is not recognized. The only difference between the Imam and the ordinary people is in the longevity of the former's life which is with the will and power of God, the Exalted. There are reasons behind occultation of the Imam (atf) some of which have been explained and some have remained unknown and unheard of. Also, there are certain conditions and requirements for the Imam's reappearance which have not yet been met. One of those conditions is that the Imam (atf) is in need of 313 special friends or companions in addition to the ordinary followers. Finally, considering the narrations and that the present Iranian government enjoys jurisprudential and narrative legitimacy, the present government can be considered as favorable and conducive to the global government of the Imam of Time, may Allah hasten his reappearance. To clarify the answer, we must make mention of the following points: 1. What the Shiites believe concerning the Imam of Time (atf), and which the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and also the infallible Imams (a.s.)[1] have pointed out is all the Imam's occultation, not hiding in a cave or a cellar. Some say only out of mockery that Shiites believe that the Promised Mahdi (pbuh) hid, after his birth in a cellar (the underground of Imam Hasan's house in Samarra) wherefrom he started his occultation and he is living in that cellar. However, if we examine the reported traditions in this regard, we will come to know that such allegations are baseless and unwarranted.[2] The concept of the occultation of the Imam of Time (atf) can never be in the sense that the Imam shall be invisible and illusory during the period of occultation. In fact, he lives an objective and natural life but his life is long and he lives amongst the people in the society. If there is an exception in his life, it is because he has a lived long life.[3] It has been said in our ahadith that the Imam of Time (a.s.) is living among the people in a way such that he is not recognized. He attends public gatherings and the hajj ceremony and he also helps people solve some of their problems.[4] 2. The reasons behind the occultation of the Imam of Time (atf): There are reason for the Imam's occultation some of which have not been made clear for us and some others remain unknown and hidden to us. Some of the reasons for the occultation of the Imam of Time can the following: 1. Test and examination of God's servants;[5] 2. Avoidance from giving allegiance to the tyrants;[6] 3. Protecting the faithful children of the unbelievers. It has been narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s.) that he said that God has placed in the unbelievers' loin[7] the sperm of faithful individuals. It is for the same reason that Imam Ali (a.s.) refrained from killing the disbelieving fathers so that faithful children might be born to them. Thereafter, if he got a hand on them, he would kill them. Also, the Rising of our Ahlul-Bayt will not reappear until the divine deposit comes out of the loins of the unbelievers and then he will reappear and kill the unbelievers.[8] As was said earlier, the entire reasons behind of the occultation of the Imam are not known to us. It has also been said that the infallible Imams are well aware of the reason behind the occultation but they have not been commanded to reveal it. For this reason, they have mentioned the wisdom and reasons behind the Imam's occultation in a general way. Shaykh Saduq in his book 'Elalush - Sharayeh' has narrated from Abdullah-ibn-Fazl Hashami as saying: «I heard Sadeq Aal-e-Muhammad saying: 'For the 'Saheb-e-Amr (Master of the Affairs) there shall occur an occultation during which every men of vanity will fall into doubt and skepticism.'» I said: May I be sacrificed for you. For what reason? He replied: For a reason which we are not at liberty to divulge. I asked: What is the reason for Hazrat's Occultation? He replied: The reason for Hazrat's Occultation is similar to the reason for concealment of the past Divine Proofs. The reason behind Mahdi's occultation will not be disclosed but after his emergence just as the reason of Hazrat Khizr's actions (meaning the drilling of a hole in the boat, the killing of a lad and the repairing of the wall) was not divulged until Musa and Khizr decided to part company. O son of Fazl, this affair is a divine affair, this secret is a divine secret and this concealment is a divine concealment. We must accept that all His actions are based on Wisdom, even if the reason for them is not known to us.[9] 3. Conditions of Reappearance of the Imam of Time: In order to create a global community based on peace and harmony through implementation of justice and fairness, the Mahdi will have to correct the situation from its origins so that all kinds of conflicts that have marred human society should be resolved. Such a task, even today with the creation of a world body like the United Nations, has not been easy to achieve. Such an international movement would have to do a tremendous amount of work to prepare people in every way to respond adequately to ensure its success. The religious nature of the revolution demands that it should arise from the depths of the people's souls. Consequently, the promised Mahdi will not appear so long as human beings have not attained the level of perfection that is necessary to accept the government of truth.[10] Hisham bin Sālim narrates that Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: “Hazrat Mahdi (atf) will not appear until all sections of the people have assumed power." Thus nobody will say "If we were in power and had formed a government we would have behaved justly. [11] Four kinds of preparations are necessary in order for the world to accept such government: A) Intellectual and Cultural Preparation: It means that the level of the thoughts of the people of the world develops in a way such that they understand the issue “race” and “different geographical regions” are not notable issues in human life; the difference in the colors, languages and lands cannot separate humans from each other. B) Social preparation: The people of the world should become tired of oppression and injustice and available systems and feel the bitterness of this material and one-dimensional life, and even become disappointed of solving current problems by continuing this one-dimensional way. C) Technological and communicational preparation: Contrary to what some persons assume that reaching the level of social perfection and a world full of peace and justice will certainly be possible by way of the destruction of modern technology, existence of these developed industries does not disturb a fair universal government and even, it may not be possible to achieve such goal without that. Miracle is a logical exception in the current system of the nature, for proving the legitimacy of a divine religion, not for governing the society forever. This act should be performed based on natural laws.[12] D) Individual preparation: The universal government of Mahdi needs ready and human-valued individuals, before anything else, who can bear the heavy weight of such expanded corrections; and firstly, it needs the increment of intellectual, awareness and spiritual and mental readiness level for cooperation in execution of this great program. The important point is that the one who is really waiting for such an important program cannot be the spectator, and should stand in the row of real reformists.[13] Also, the Imam needs 313 companions who bear special conditions. Imam Jawad (a.s.) has been reported to have said to Abdul Azim Hasani: “When 313 sincere people gather for him, God will reveal his matter.”[14] It becomes clear from the above as to why the Imam of Time (a.s) did not appear despite the presence of Shiite governments like Buwaihids and Safavids’. Additionally, we should say that according to the Shiite point of view, authority belongs to God and those who have been appointed by Him. During the time of the occultation of the Imam of Age (atf), only a qualified jurist can take the leadership of the Ummah (nation) not tyrant rulers and sultans, even though they may be Shiites. That is because such a government is the government of taghut (tyranny or devil).[15] It is for the same reason that the Shiite scholars and jurists have never endorsed these governments in a complete way. Of course, they preferred these governments over non-Shiite governments for promotion and consolidation of Shi'ism, Shiites[16] and their protection from any harms. For example, Shaykh Saduq (r.a) despite having relations with the Buwaihids and attending in their scientific gatherings did not consider cooperation with the tyrant governments as permissible.[17] Allamah Majlisi who lived in the Safavid period enumerates three conditions for the permissibility of associating with the rulers: Firstly the intention should be to do Taqiyah (dissimulation), secondly, the aim should be to avert harm from an oppressed person or to do favor to a Momeen (Shiite Muslim) in which case it will become obligatory also. Thirdly, the association should aim at guiding the tyrant and oppressive rulers.[18] Muslim scholars did not cooperate with the tyrants to the extent that they would hold E’tekaf (Worshipping in Seclusion) in the mosque which had been built by King Abbas.[19] Having said this, it becomes clear that although these were Shiite governments, they did not deserve to be endorsed and supported by Shiite scholars. In addition, they did not have the necessary power. What has to be said about Iranians and the present government of Iran is that according the sayings of the Infallibles, the Iranians have considerable contribution in helping the Imam of Time and in his reappearance. There are relevant narrations about the people of Qom and Taliqan and the Persian tribe in general. For example it has been narrated in Behar al-Anwar that Imam Sadiq (a.s.) recited the Quranic verse “We dispatched servants of Ours to inflict server violence upon you (all)”. The narrator says, I enquired the Imam as to who they are. The Imam then said thrice: “By Allah, they are the people of Qom.”[20] In addition, according to narrations reported by Shiite and Sunni reporters, Imam Mahdi (atf) will reappear after a preliminary movement (which is applicable to the Islamic revolution) and there will be Persian men in his army who pave the way for his government and leadership. There is an all out agreement in the narrations that the two promised figures e.g. Sayyid Khurasani or Hashemi Khurasani and his friend Shu’aib bin Saleh are Persians (Iranians).[21] Considering the narrations and that the present Iranian government enjoys jurisprudential and narrative legitimacy, the present government can be considered as favorable and conducive to the global government of the Imam of Time, may Allah hasten his reappearance because fear of the tyrants (which is desirable for protection of the religion not for fear of one’s life) is only one of the causes of the occultation. As we mentioned, there are also other reasons for the Imam’s occultation. [MOD NOTE: This post in English is from IslamQuest.net, where other languages are available. At the top of that page click on English to change to another language.] http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa1146
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