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  1. Salam everyone I need some advice from both men and women. Especially those who are married. Let me just start by saying my husband is a very good muslim and he trys to follow all islamic laws. And he does treat me really well. Ok so I got married about 5 months ago and before we got married we went through alot of ups and downs. So before we got married there was this girl that my husband was talking to. Initially he was talking to her to help her out and give her advice. But then the girl got attatched to him. (Which i warned him will happen). So many times he told me he would cut contact with her and he didnt do it. So finally when it came down to getting married i left America and went to Europeto get married. And we had an agreement that he would cut complete contact with this girl before i came to marry him. So long story short, on our honeymoon he was texting and on his phone alot and i got very suspicious. And when i tried to see who he was texting he got upset. So finally when we went back home, while he was sleeping i went through his phone and sure thing it was her he was talking to, BUT it was worse then i thought. They were telling each other they love each other all kinds of things, like how they wish they can be with each other. Imangine you are a new bride, and you open ur husbands phone and u see this kind of conversation with another girl. The whole time he was telling me that he was just giving her advice for thawab. His explanation for that was that she was attached to him and everytime he tries to end it with her she says she will hurt herself. So he talks to her in this way because she is sick and he doesnt want her to hurt her self.. so after that he ended it with her but i continued to feel paranoid as this wasnt the first time he told me it was over.. so we continuted fighting about this. Because of her our marriage is falling apart and we are on the verge of divorce. So anyways after some time it was time for me to go visit my family in america i was gone for about 1.5 months. And while i was there i found out he was talking to her again. And his excuse was he didnt get the chance to say bye to her the right way. So we fought and fought. The thing that bothers me the most the more we fight about it the more he makes me seem like im the crazy one and what he is doing is perfectly ok. So finally we came to one last agreement that he should end contact with her before i came back to him. So i came back and i asked if it was over and he said no. And now he refuses to end it with her, he says he will end it on his own time when he feels it is right. I just dont know what to do anymore i tried everything, he doesnt understand how woman are, he wants me to be ok with this and trust him. He is a good muslim and i know that but this is too hard for me to handle, ive been married for 5 months and all we do is fight about this. I dont think its fair, every girl deserves the chance to feel like a bride. Pls help i dont know what todo anymore..
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