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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the counterjihad! Why Non-Muslims Should Avoid Halal Food http://1389blog.com/2011/06/29/why-non-muslims-should-avoid-halal-food/ they of bad Imagae of Jahadist(Wahabist) a campaign started against halal food
  2. My husband works in the resident association of our area as a committee member. Basically the work is voluntary and their main work is to arrange one program each month or so. (programs like book/magazine sales, 'learning english as 2nd language', training for housewives to maintain kids, annual potluck dinner etc) . The job for the committee members is unpaid. The money for maintaining the programs comes from the community who pay a small yearly fee for the association. Another source of the money comes from rental of a hall in community office. Also, sometimes, some food shops donate food for this community. What other committee members do is whenever they bring some food for the community ( bakery goods etc), they keep some of the best tasting food items away from others' sight, so that when distribution is over, the committee members will take the saved food home. My question is : is this right thing to do? or will it be considered disloyalty towards the community? Will such food be considered halal for the committee members (or for their family)? My husband finds it irritating but, he feel pressurized to bring his share of food home. What will be the right thing to do in such case?
  3. Asalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters I have recently met a person at my university who is consuming meat that isnt Halal. This person has claimed writing to Sistani and receiving advice that allows one to eat such foods when Halal Meat isnt available to you. By this I think It was meant that Halal meat isnt accessible in the local city area. This does not seem right to me and I have not been able to find anything backing it up on sistani.org. It is of note that Halal meat is available in our city, actually available at many outlets. Of course I have notified this person of the places to shop etc. but I would like to see if there is actually a ruling in favour of the claims. Please reply quickly with your thoughts and If there are any such rulings as claimed, please provide a reference. -Thanks in Advance!
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