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Found 3 results

  1. SeekingHeaven

    Going to mixed gym

    Salam, i have been going to the gym for quite a while now and as you know the gyms here in the us are mixed and i cant help but every time i go there i can't stop thinking and worrying if im disobeying Allah swt by going because it is mixed, but on one hand i tend to over eat a lot and end up gaining weight when i stop going to the gym to lift and break my diet but one the other hand exercising and lifting is one of the few things i have to do in my spare time and keeps me occupied and healthy and in the gym are also hijabi girls and women that go and then im disturbed to see what they wear (tight clothes that is) and not really care, so through all that i find it also hard to focus while worrying about all this... please I need some guidance on this issue
  2. Hi All Need your urgent support regarding my fitness goal. I've got 6 weeks left and have to reduce a bit of body-fat percentage. While I am doing my best I thought of harnessing the power of community support. So basically the idea is for us to challenge and support one another. My request to you is to tag me in this thread with motivating quotes/messages/soldier-instructions and in return I'll do either 10 Push ups or 10 Squats. And if you're also looking for some support and reason to become active again, you can join the club by requesting members to tag/motivate you too. It's a win-win! My Fitness goal: 18% body fat. Currently: 22% body fat. Thank you and here's something to get every one motivated (halal police, for the love of God, please stay away. The context is motivation and fitness. No one shall InshaAllah fear falling into sin): @Marbles @starlight @magma @notme @Ruq @Hasnain Ali1 @johnnyjoy @DigitalUmmah @baradar_jackson @LeftCoastMom @hameedeh @StrugglingForTheLight @Chaotic Muslem @blu115 @abbas110 @mina @Bakir
  3. Salaam everyone. I'm somewhat of a fitness enthusiast, and I don't let Ramadan stop me from exercising. If anyone is interested in some of the science behind what's going on in your body when you're fasting, and how to exercise better while fasting, I plan on writing on such topics in this thread. To start things off, if anyone has any particular questions, please post them and I will try to incorporate them into my posts. First topic I plan on covering is what is happening in your body while you're fasting.
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