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  1. Well Just read this and thought it was actually quite interesting.. so here goes :D Let’s start with the basics… THIS: Yes, it doesn’t take genius to figure this one out but many people seem to forget how vital water really is for your body, one of the main factors concerning the eye bag area is commonly caused due to water retention and dehydration – drinking water is already one step closer to waving goodbye to your eye bags or dark circles. We’ll get into the main parts but here is yet another basic peace of advice people decide not to use effectively: Remember you are not a robot, your body needs to recover and whilst doing so your tissues are recovering including those eye bags & dark circles so give yourself a break… by this I do not mean eating a Kit Kat, a nap if possible during the day otherwise the vital 7-9 hours of sleep is a must! … If we haven’t sent you sleeping by now – keep reading as we reveal the first natural remedy: These are no ordinary potatoes… well they are but if you didn’t know already, many skin lightening products out there use potatoes in a very small amount due to the starch it contains acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. You can now control that amount by simply placing half-moon cut potatoes under your eyes for 20 minutes and watch the magic take place moments later! With this next one you are going to kick yourself for throwing away those precious green tea bags, after making yourself a cuppa: (My personal favourite) Normal black tea bags can work too but the advantage of buying green tea bags is simply because it contains more herbal goodness’ also this method can get messy so you can save yourself some of that mess by purchasing colourless tea bags i.e. the clippers brand sold in majority of the supermarkets. The green tea bag method doesn’t get any more simple: 1) Put your kettle on (with the magical water we already spoke about) 2) Pour the water in the mug along with the green tea bag, stir the same way you would when making a normal cup of tea – after you’re done place the 2 green tea bags onto a plate (squeeze all the water out) followed by placing them in the fridge to cool down (only 5 minutes needed to cool down). 3) You are now ready to place these babies under your eyes, keep them flat covering your whole eye whilst laying back & enjoy the cooling sensation the green tea bags let off as it does its job, leave this for 10 minutes. 4. Rinse, Repeat & Enjoy – as this will not only reduce the swelling under the baggy eyes but also restore any discoloration known as dark circles under the eyes, you will notice a difference gradually. It’s time to list out the more common methods – when you think reducing eye bags / dark circles the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is CUCUMBERS! There’s a reason why these are known to reduce eye bags & fade away those dark circles. The cool feeling as you lay back, the cucumber slices placed on your eye will allow blood vessels to constrict allowing your eye bags/dark circles to ease up and tighten. You might want to shower after using this next method… Yes, that’s egg! The Natural Eye Care website has stated that egg will tighten the pores of your eyes as well as reducing the puffiness. The Egg White remedy is a great way to reduce inflammation & will improve the circulation around the eye bag area. You are only using the egg white in this method, nothing else. Half a tea spoon is required; simply use your finger tips to dip into the egg white followed by covering up a layer on the eye bag area, and it should go stiff within 15 minutes then rinse it off with warm water. Now, I have 1 word for you – SPOON My least favourite method, logically thinking what good is a spoon under your eyes? That’s what I thought myself at first but a cold spoon placed under your eyes will shrink puffiness almost instantly, this method should be done with 4 to 6 spoons – put this in the freezer for 30 minutes or so. Lie down & place one spoon on each eye with the curved side faced downwards, when you feel the spoon is getting warm change to another cold one. Other boring… yet important facts you might want to know: 1) Try to use two pillows to keep your head up whilst sleeping, so fluid doesn’t end up coming up to your eyes. 2) You’ve heard this one before but were going to have to say it again, do NOT rub over your eyeballs in the morning in fact avoid touching them during the day. 3) If you are a woman, beauty products may be causing your eyes to puff out, things such as nail polish, hair sprays and make up contain “ formaldehyde” if a product you have contains this we would suggest you bin it straight away 4) My very own mother dearest told me this one: Give your eyes a break. If you are working in an office type of environment or even a student your eyes need a break, for every hour you spend at a computer give yourself a 5 minute break. 5) Fragrance-free & colour free soaps should now be your best friend along with hypoallergenic soap too! 6) Lastly, human check. We know how busy the life of a human can be however you need to take time out to ensure that your bedroom is free from both dust and pollen; simply wash your bed sheets in hot water TOP TIP: Go easy on the salt, as it causes those eye bags to creep up. LINK - http://blogs.yabyab.com/reduce-eye-bags-dark-circles-days-264/
  2. Turning A Blind Eye To Problems

    Salam Brothers and Sisters, To start off this is a serious topic and I don`t want this topic to become a burden upon me. Over time I started realizing that Muslims have a tendency to turn a blind eye to topics, such as being gay etc and how its not okay or natural and why. Instead of teaching kids how to deal with it we only tell them its wrong. We think that kids aren't involved in these problems so we have a tendency not to mention it. IN SHORT HELP KIDS WHO ARE FACING WITH PROBLEMS TELLING THEM THAT IT'S JUST BAD ISN'T GOING TO HELP THAT MUCH. Personally i think the theory that "we should turn a blind eye to problems" is wrong. We should give kids the skills to counteract the Western ideology. The Main point of starting this is that we can take action. That we can change even 1 person's life, that we can respectful bring this up with our mosques. So that our mosque is firm when Imam Mahdi (aj) comes out. However, we need to work on ourselves before we work on others. Please leave your opinions about this, and problems that your community is dealing with. Also leave ideas of how we can solve these problems and if your mosque already dealt with this problem tell us what the solution was so we can all benefit. If I have offended anyone please forgive me. Duas Salam
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