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  1. Walking is a good way to get fit and stay healthy. Post your steps, miles or kilometers. Please don't compare yourself to others. If you haven't been walking regularly, start with five minutes and try to do a little more each day. If you don't have a pedometer, google the distance you walked and compare to this chart:
  2. Lifting Weights Doesn't Make You Short

    So don't stop your kids from doing strength training. FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS Strength Training by Children and AdolescentsPediatrics Vol. 121 No. 4 April 1, 2008 pp. 835 -840 (doi: 10.1542/peds.2007-3790)
  3. Salams All, Any views about listening to the Quran whilst working out / Exercising / Jogging / Weightlifting? I'd really like to listen to Quran / Dua whilst exercising (rather than music), but i'm concerned that I may not be able to give the recitation my full attention whilst panting and sweating, and therefore worry about disrespecting the holy words of the Allah (swt). Just curious what others think? Thanks R
  4. Exercise

    Anyone exercise? Whats your workout? Anyone tried insanity?...
  5. Salaam everyone. I'm somewhat of a fitness enthusiast, and I don't let Ramadan stop me from exercising. If anyone is interested in some of the science behind what's going on in your body when you're fasting, and how to exercise better while fasting, I plan on writing on such topics in this thread. To start things off, if anyone has any particular questions, please post them and I will try to incorporate them into my posts. First topic I plan on covering is what is happening in your body while you're fasting.
  6. [NOTE: THIS ARTICLE HAS BEEN WRITTEN FROM MY OWN KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE. SOME INFORMATION MIGHT BE INACCURATE. USE THIS INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISK. AND ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR BEFORE STARTING ANY EXERCISE OR DIET ROUTINE.] Sallam Alykum, I have been obese for most of my life but in the past few months I have changed my habits and have lost over 20 pounds with weight shedding off weekly. I have found a way of losing weight though it is no secret, no pills, no magic formula, or anything like that. It is the only way of losing weight besides surgery and requires dedication and time. It could either take you weeks, months, or years to lose the weight depending on many factors including age, body type, activity level etc. But once you get started, trust me you don;t want to stop. Also please be kind in replying to this thread lol. This is my first article on weight loss. It might not be as organized or detailed as I hope but should be sufficient for general understating of weight loss. I will update this thread with more information Inshallah. Now there are two main principles to losing weight the first and most important is the food and nutrients consumption; the second is exercise. Food and Nutrient Consumption One of the most important nutrient your body needs during weight loss is protein. Protein serves many functions one being the repair of muscle tissue. Now you might ask, why is protein important if I want to lose weight? Well the answer is protein will help build muscle mass (which is a good thing) and also retain the muscle you already have. You wouldn't want to go on a diet and lose muscle mass instead of fat mass. Muscle is very good for weight loss because the more muscle you carry the more calories you body burns throughout the day. Best food choices for protein would be chicken, fish, eggs, and if you must protein powder. Now when dieting, it doesn't really matter how much carbs, fat, sodium, etc you eat. All you need to worry about is calories. Weight loss is simply calories in vs. calories out. I am sure you have heard this before but I will briefly explain it. Calories in vs. calories out means that the calories you consume through eating and drinking verse the calories you burn through your daily activities and exercise. This alone will determine weight loss. If you consume too many calories but do not burn enough, you will gain or simply stay the same weight. If you burn enough calories then you will lose weight gradually. Your body burns a specific amount of calories daily according to it's Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). The BMR is determined by age, gender, height, and current weight. For example, a 20 year old female weighing at 200 pounds and a height of 5'8 has a BMR of 1750 calories. This means that the body needs exactly 1750 calories to function normally for whatever reason including immune system, movements, muscle contractions, etc. If the female eats 1750 calories she will retain here weight if no exercise is involved. If a female eats lets say 2000 calories a day she has an excess of 250 calories. 3500 calories equals a pound. So if the female keeps having an excess of 250 calories, once they add up to 3500 calories she will gain a pound. To lose weight, let's say she exercises and burns 500 calories a day. This means that 2000 calories eaten - 1750 calories for BMR = 250 calories - 500 calories burned will equal the final calorie count of -250 calories. This is 250 calories she has burned, not gained. At this rate, it would take the female 14 days to lose one pound. Because 3500 calories divided by 250 is 14. To lose more weight, she would need to eat a bit less or exercise more or for better results, a combination of both. Here is one website out of many to determine BMR: http://www.bmi-calcu...bmr-calculator/ Now this doesn't mean you should go on a diet which only allows you 500 calories or 1000 calories, this is dangerous and the diet will fail most likely. Eat a healthy amount of calories determined by your age, height, gender, weight, etc. I personally use measuring cups and a food scale to better determine the calories of my food. Always read the labels too. At the end of the day, you shouldn't have a feeling of starvation or hunger. You should feel satisfied with the amount you have eaten. If you do feel very hungry by the end of the day it means you did not eat enough food and should up the calories a bit. You could even eat junk food all day and still lose weight as long as it fits well within the calories in vs. calories out. Though healthier foods do tend to offer more nutrients, more filling, and contain less calories. Exercise Exercise is either the most enjoyable or most despised part of this whole thing. But one thing is for sure, it plays a major role in weight loss right after food and calorie intake. Exercise allows you to burn off calories and also improves your strengths and cardiovascular activities (?). One mistake many people make when attempting to lose weight is only doing cardio. While cardio is good at burning calories and all, you should really be lifting weights. Lifting weights (whether for a guy or a girl) will build muscle mass and also burn calories. Actually most people with knowledge on weight loss skip cardio altogether and just do weight lifting and have successful results. I personally believe that a combination of both aerobics and weight lifting would be the best option. Cardio has many great options including walking, jogging, swimming, hiking, or even going to the gym and using the treadmill, elliptical, stair climber, rowing machine, biking, etc. Lifting has even more options whether it is benching, squats, free weights, resistance machines, or the dozens upon dozens of lifting machines designed to hit target areas of the body. Using both cardio and lifting is the best option. This will burn calories, allow you to gain muscle mass and strength, and improve cardiovascular health such as jogging for longer periods of time. For cardio, you should aim for about 45 minutes to an hour a day about 4-5 times a week. Weight lifting should be broken down into a program of certain body parts on certain days but you should lift only 3-4 times a week allowing the body to rest in between lifting days. Myths: Diet Pills, Sauna/Steam Room One thing you should always avoid are these diet pills! They do not work at all, and even if they did they produce insignificant results. All they do is give you diarrhea (seriously). They cost as much as a gym membership for one month. If anything, they are dangerous. I have personally tried diet pills for a month and saw no results at all in weight loss, the only result I saw is having $40 less in my wallet lol. Another misconception is that saunas and steam rooms will burn fat. This is completely wrong. What these two do will burn water weight. Sure you will weigh less but within a few days the water weight will return. Though they are relaxing and nothing wrong with using them at the end of a long workout.
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